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The different destiny of three birds (depth:)

A long time ago, there have been three bird, they were born together, grow up together, when fully fledged, together to find local marry and settle down.

They flew over many mountains, rivers and forests, fly to a hill. A bird on a tree said: “this is really high. You see, the flocks of poultry and sheep, and even the famous horse in envy. I hope to be able to live here, we should meet.” it decided to stay here, no longer fly forward.

The other two birds shook their heads in despair and said, “if you are satisfied, stay here. We also want to go to a higher place.””

The birds to fly, their wings become stronger, finally flew to the colorful clouds. Ya LAN one to sing intoxicated, unable to restrain the emotions, it is pleased with oneself said: “I do not want to fly, this life can fly up to the clouds, is the greatest achievement, you don’t think that has been very great?”

Another bird said sadly, “no, I’m sure there must be a higher state. Unfortunately, now I can only pursue it alone.””

With that, it fluttered, headed toward the sky, and flew towards the sun

Finally, the birds on the tree became sparrows, and the geese in the clouds became Eagles

Sparrow, wild goose and eagle, why are their fates different?


A very clear answer: they have different requirements for self satisfied. The sparrow tree, so it’s only a few feet high in the world; geese meet in the clouds, so it will not fly out the winding layers of clouds; the unremitting pursuit, and strive to the highest, so its world wide and the universe.

Three birds are different in their pursuit of life, just like the three kinds of people in the enterprise

The first man is like a sparrow

The same with others starting point, but flies the lowest. This is because they are in the process of work, blindly to meet in the same line, work is not in place, everywhere looking for excuses, delay, burnout, default has become their habit, finally can only become the enterprise in the “rotten apple”. The enterprise was kicked out.

This type of employees to continue to be based in the workplace, we must change the idea, correct working attitude, will be the target of “overstating” efforts to move forward, so it may reverse the unfavorable situation in the workplace, win development opportunities.

The second kind of person is like wild goose

The sparrow’s “tree height” is full of disdain and regret, so they chose to fly, but only on the surface very beautiful clouds. Although these people work hard, as far as possible the completion of the task, but it is easy to be satisfied with the status quo and lose the initiative, also can only be reduced to ordinary employees, the moment in a deleted edge, once relaxed, it is possible to like “sparrow” is the enterprise “kicked out.”

This type of employees to avoid being removed from the moment of doom, it must actively improve their work style, set up the higher work requirements, due diligence, loyalty, positive charge, become the evergreen tree in the workplace.

The third kind of man is like an eagle

An ambitious, it is the goal of the sky, the sun, there is no limit to the height, so it can only fly the highest, see farther. And this is also the enterprise employees who most need of competent staff. They fulfill their duties, work as the life of faith; they spontaneously the boss, is always beyond expectation; they do things in place, with the most perfect execution; their pursuit of “credit”, take the results to it; their excellence, making themselves irreplaceable; they work efficiently, busy busy to the point; they were thinking, thinking to work with their goal, everything; the enterprise is the pursuit of the best, the most popular one.

Which one of the three employees do you have?

Dear sirsre

Such as the title

A world famous hotel manager, a lot of people come to candidates. The boss wants to test them, will be out of the question: “one day, when you go into the guest room, found a female passenger is was. What should you do?”

All hands answered, some say “I’m sorry, miss, I’m not intentional.” some said: “Miss, I did not see what the boss shook his head.” after listening to not stop at this time a handsome young man said a word, was hired on the spot.

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