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Don’t let your emotions drag down your life

“People should not live in a group of emotions,” and if they are controlled by the chaotic mood, what ability to control their own life?

American social psychologist Festinger once told a story.

A man named Kasdin wash in the morning, will own high-end watch on the washing table, the wife is afraid of water wet, it is easy to watch away on the table. After getting up to the table son bread, accidentally met the watch broke. Steen watches the love card his son, beat his wife, after seeing, accusing him of temper, two people quarrelled for a long time at home.

In a hurry, Kasdin drove directly to the company. When he got to the office, he found he forgot his briefcase and went home immediately. But no one in the family, Kasdin had to call his wife to ask for the key.

His wife covered with confusion to get home, knocked a roadside fruit stand, she had to pay a sum of money before leaving the door open. To get the briefcase, Kasdin has 15 minutes late, and the boss a harsh criticism.

Before the end of the day because of a trivial matter, he and his colleagues had a quarrel. His wife also detained for being late month attendance award. Moreover, the son of Kasdin day baseball game, the same bad mood because of poor play was eliminated.

One day, after calmly looking back on everything, I found that all the problems were actually on the table. If I hadn’t been angry, I would not have done a series of things later.

This is what the famous festingen rule in life happen to you by 10% components, while the other 90% is up to you of what happened to the reaction.

In other words, a person’s mood is unstable, and his life is often a mess.

Most of the time, knowledge, wealth and improve the level of life does not come with a good mood, is a blessing, the largest family. When you’re feeling the mire, is in her own life level step by step down.

Some people are dissatisfied with their work and bring low emotions to their home, which not only affects the mood of the family, but also discounts the quality of his life.

Some people are always in love over trifles, would laugh things, the results do we always part. The bad feelings, also hurt his own life.

People who really understand life must be those who have the ability to control their emotions. A friend once said, “instead of constantly releasing their emotions, it’s better to spend these time on things that really interest them, so that they can not only escape from bad feelings, but also improve their taste in life.

Many years ago I met during the trip to volunteer at a Qinglv little flower.

I just remember that Qinglv, two men are surrounded by a small flower debate, a large stains on the sheets that they pointed to the hotel hygiene, deposit requirements, and two of them occasionally say something so ugly, but a small flower always smile.

Later, Xiao duo told me that their sheets and sheets would be changed every day. The stains on those two sheets must be caused by their carelessness. Moreover, the monitoring could also see that in the evening, two people bought the instant noodles to go back.

I asked her why she was puzzled, it don’t argue, I still remember the duo’s words: too many unreasonable person in life, if I because of the emotional control, will only make the scene more chaos. And we were still open, like the customers too much, because of the small lose value when can. Bring the mood, but the mood does not solve the problem.

It is not their wanton mood, how confidently, but a manifestation of the low level. Everyone has their own emotions, and not a small flower do not know how to express, but she know in addition to mood, there are more important things worthy of their pursuit.

Rob White also said: “any time, one should do their own emotional slaves, should not make all actions are subject to their own emotions, and should in turn control the mood. No matter how bad the situation, you should go to try to control your environment, save yourself from the darkness.

The high hand of life will never be depressed by his emotions.

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