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A bowl of beef noodles brought management inspiration, beef cattle!

1. First consider the two options used by the small business compromise, namely: basic salary plus commission method, commission according to each bowl of profit distribution. This will not only prevent him from dropping beef, but also prevent him from consuming more beef madly. edm cutting services

2. Later thought of this article is conditional. The question is how to allocate the profits of each bowl? How much can a bowl of noodles earn from masters, and if the interest of both parties can not be balanced at some point, everything will be restored. And to achieve that kind of balance involves a complex correlation function problem, maybe use the game theory.

3. The noodle shop contracted to the master, the boss took home after the commission to raise flowers to get birds. Of course, they all had short-term blush after making this proposal.

4. Then they talked about corporate culture, justice, morality and human nature. They agreed that management science should be broad and profound, and that being an excellent manager would have to go through all kinds of tempering to achieve solid results and advanced management theories would not be applicable.

The story of this little veal noodle reflects the problems in the management of a small business. edm cutting services

The first is a question about the master incentive. You can design an incentive mechanism that is the cumulative reward for sales or profit under a quota constraint.

According to each bowl noodles customers can accept the effectiveness of the development of a material quota, Master’s salary or sales commission, but only if the monthly material consumption deviate from the quota too much, for example, to allow fluctuations of 20%, or only the basic wage.

Or each bowl of noodles provisions need to add the number of grams of beef, the total amount of a group of beef is fixed, the amount of sold ramen can be calculated, how many bowl of noodles put a few pounds of beef limited to live, which dare to add beef More or less plus, the salary is sorry.

Or the basic salary plus commission salary, the boss’s own mind to figure out how much the cost of a bowl of noodles? What is the profit? If the beef put more, more customers to the maximum amount of beef for quantitative, noodle amount as a variable to control the release How much noodles to make their own profit earn, this would have a value of the process!

Although the benefits of the company are now linked to the interests of employees, equity allocation is a good way, but for a store, what the incentive stock ownership, a bit impractical.

Second, the hotel is also manufactured, there must be working procedures, fixed consumption and institutional norms, there can be no written things, but the boss must know the best job.

Ramen shop for this little boss, in fact, is the way the technology shares with the boss and the profit distribution, we all win-win situation. Two people do partnership, the cost of two stalls, the planning of management.

In the work process: For example, sop (SOP is StandardOperationProcedure capitalize the first letter of three words, the standard operating procedures, is the standard operating procedures and requirements of an event described in a uniform format, to guide and regulate daily Work), including the amount of noodles, the amount of water, the amount of meat, etc. bom (bill of materials) clearly stipulates that the manufacturing method, technology master please standardization. edm cutting services

On the fixed consumption, but also with the above incentives are closely linked; pay salaries: reference to the average wage of the community and the restaurant’s profit level, combined with the amount of labor, the results of the work (lower turnover, customer feedback, etc.) Conduct a comprehensive assessment.

In addition, the complexity of things simple: the boss did not have beef? Key resources must be in the hands of key people! The key resources are the most important.

The boss mastered the ownership of the storefront, it may be master work for him; the boss mastered the distribution of beef, it is possible to prevent the waste of materials and abuse. However, the boss should also master the core of human resources master, how to master or a problem … … alas, human resources … … And, as a small-scale shops, the boss should be familiar with every aspect in order to be well managed.

If the beef noodles boss is very familiar with the production of beef noodles, the master did not dare to chaos. This is the case for effective business supervision.

In addition, any work in addition to supervision and control, the rest can be resolved through communication. edm cutting services


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