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As a manager, you can tell thirty-nine stories. How many will you talk about?

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One, by the way. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

Went to the temple know, one into the temple, first Amitabha Buddha, the welcoming smile, and in his North, black population is up in the monastery. But the long ago, they are not in the same temple, but were in charge of the temple.

Mi Le Buddha warm happy, so very many people coming, but what he doesn’t care, absent-minded, not good management accounts, so still make ends meet. Although king is an ace, but overcast with a face, too serious, and made fewer and fewer people, the burning incense is broken off. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

The Buddha in check when I discovered this problem of incense, placed them in the same temple, the MI Le Buddha responsible for public relations, with eight side guests, so incense big. The Whitfield just and stern, niggardly, then let him responsible for finance, strictly. In two of the division of labor cooperation in the Temple thriving scene. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


In fact, in the eyes of the master, not useless, as the martial arts master, without precious sword, defloration Fei ye can hurt, how to use the key.


Two, parrot

A person to buy a parrot, see the sign before a parrot: this parrot will be two languages, the price of two hundred yuan. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

Another parrot before the standard: this parrot will be four languages, the price of four hundred yuan.

Which to buy it? Two bright color are very flexible and lovely. Ah turn to this person, undecided.

The result of a sudden found out the teeth of an old parrot, scattered bleak color, the price of eight hundred yuan. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

This person will quickly call the boss: the parrot would say eight languages?

The shopkeeper said: No.

This person strange: Why are old and ugly, and no ability, will value this number? China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

The owner replied: because the other two parrots parrot called the boss.


This story tells us, the real leaders, not necessarily how strong their skills, as long as the confidence to understand, to understand power, know how to cherish, can unite the strength of stronger than themselves, so as to enhance their value. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

On the contrary many ability is very strong because people are too perfect, hands-on, what people are not as good as their own, and finally can only do the best technical staff, sales representatives, to become a good leader.


Three, the kangaroos and the cage

One day the zoo administrator found kangaroos run away from the cage, and then met to discuss, agreed that the height of the cage is too low. So they decided to put the cage height from 10 meters to 20 meters in height. The results of the second day they discover a kangaroo or come out, so they decided to be to the height of 30 meters. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

I did not expect the next day I saw the kangaroos went outside, so administrators are nervous, decided to do two endlessly, raising the cage to the height of 100 meters.

One day a giraffe and a few kangaroos in the chat, “you see, these people will go on raising your cage?” asked the giraffe. “It’s hard to say.” said the Kangaroo: “if they continue to forget to close the door!”


Management experience: “the thing”, “weight”, “priorities”, this is closed, the cage is heightening the end rounded by the end of course will miss the point. What is management? Management is the first analysis of main contradiction and secondary contradiction of things, to see things “outs”, “weight”, “then, according to” start from the important aspect.


Four, Bian Que skill

The king asked the famous doctor Bian Que said: “you have three brothers at home, are skilled in medicine, which one is best?” China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

Bian Que said: “the best brother, brother of times, I was the worst”

The king asked again: “then why are you the most famous?”

Bian Que replied: “elder brother treatment is medical treatment in the disease before the attack. Because most people do not know him prior to the eradication of the causes, so he cannot pass; brother treatment is a disease in the beginning. Generally believed that he can cure minor ailments, so his name gas only in this village. I was seriously ill treatment at the time. Most people I can see the needle bloodletting in the meridians, the skin dressing and other large operation, so I thought my skillful, so reverberates nationwide fame”. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Management experience: after control than in control of things, things in control as the control in advance, but most enterprise managers fail to realize this point, when the wrong decision caused great losses to seek to make up for the. Often even if invited to a big reputation, “falling soldier”, the It doesn’t help the situation..

Five, a sudden salary

There is a guest house, to see the master of the kitchen chimney is straight, next to a lot of wood. The owner told the guests that chimney, wood should be removed, otherwise there could be fire, the owner didn’t make any representation.

Owner of the house was near the fire, neighbors rushed to put out the fire, the fire was extinguished, so the master cook a sheep to slaughter cattle, invites the neighbors, for they were made, but had suggested that he did not ask to be removed wood chimney Song people. China Edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

Some people said to the master: “if we had listened to the gentleman’s words, do not prepare today’s feast, and there is no loss of fire, now as a reward, give you the original proposal was not Thanksgiving, but the fire was the guest of honor, is really a very strange thing!” the owner realized immediately, go to the invitation was given advice of the guests to eat.


Management experience: most people think that all enough to settle or resolve business process difficult problems, and is of high quality, but it is questionable, as the saying goes: “prevention”, to nip in the bud before, even more than things in the end, from this point of view, enterprise the problem of prevention, in fact, is to solve the problem of enterprise are better than


Six, save people

In a fierce battle, the captain suddenly found an enemy dive down to the position. As usual, found the enemy dive down without hesitation. Captain can not lie down immediately, he found he had four or five meters away there is a small soldier who still stood there. He didn’t want to. Flying a small fighter flying tightly under pressure in the body. Now a loud noise, splash up dirt rained on them. Captain patted the dust, a look back, suddenly shocked: just his that position was blown into a pit. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Seven, go out

In ancient times, there were two brothers who are taking a trip with a suitcase. Along the way, the brothers who have heavy luggage will be overwhelmed. They had left tired for the right hand, right hand tired for the left hand. Suddenly, the older brother stopped in the street to buy a pole, will two boot right and left hanging on the pole. He was two on the box, they started to feel a lot easier. China EDM electric Wholesale Manufacturer.


The two stories are linked together and maybe some far fetched, but they do have striking similarities: the story of the little soldier and his brother are lucky, but the more fortunate is the story of the captain and the eldest brother because they help others also help yourself! China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Management experience: in our life on the road, will encounter many difficulties. But we all know, on the road ahead, move others feet stumbling blocks, sometimes just pave the way for their own!


Eight, the son of the king of fish

There is a fisherman who has a first-class fishing technique, which is called “fishing king”. However, “Fisher King” is very distressed when he is old, because his three sons are very mediocre in fishing skills

So often people complained of pain in the heart: “I really do not understand, I am fishing techniques so well, my sons why so poor? My ignorance since their fishing techniques taught to them, from the most basic things to teach, tell them how to weave the most easy to catch fish, how to row a boat does not disturb the fish, how the net most likely to please the fish into the jar. They grow up, I also teach them how to know the tide, differentiate fishing season… Who… I have summed up years of hard experience, I have no reservation to teach them, they can catch fish technology even worse than I miss the technology of fishermen the son of!”

A passerby listened to him and asked, “have you taught them hand in hand?” China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

“Yes, in order to get them first class fishing skills, I taught them very carefully and patiently”

“Did they follow you all the time?””

“Yes, in order to make them less detours, I’ve always asked them to follow me”

Passerby said: “so, your mistakes are obvious. You can only pass on to their technology, not to teach them a lesson, for in order, no lessons and have no experience, can make the person chengdaqi!”

Nine, the apple beside the river. China EDM electric Wholesale Manufacturer

An old monk, who gather around with a bunch of devout disciples. On this day, he went to make a load of firewood back Nanshan told his disciples. Each go to the river not far from the mountain, everyone is terrified. I saw the flood pour down from the mountain, in any case could not cross the river of firewood. No, disciple are some become dejected and despondent. Only a little monk and master unperturbedly. Teacher asked why, the little monk took out an apple from the arms, and gave Master said, he had not, firewood can not play, see the river there is an apple tree, I threw an apple tree only to pick. Later the little monk, became the inheritor of the master.


There are endless way to go, also had no river. Never turn around and return to the river, is also a kind of wisdom. But the real wisdom, but also in the river to do one thing: the kite thought, off an “apple”. Reviews the ancient and modern, making it a life of faith people, finally achieved a breakthrough in life and beyond. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Ten, right hand holding left hand

The table is popular a doggerel: holding his wife’s hand, as if the left hand right hand.

When people read: familiar or not familiar with a table of people knowing laughter, the atmosphere immediately relaxed. Of course, this is the people of the jingle consistent understanding — feel accurate, based on the description in place.

One day in the table are read this paragraph of jingle, the men laughed as usual.

Later found on the table of a woman did not laugh. The men he played don’t take it seriously. Unexpectedly, the woman says seriously: the best is the “right hand left hand”. First, the left hand is the right hand can be trusted; second, the left and right are his; third, the other hand any call you a pleasant and exciting stigmata, later can be stopped, only the left hand, away from you is incomplete, isn’t it? Table men admire praise of women, a profound understanding of the original, the woman said dismissively: what is the profound and unique, may wish to go back to your own wife to see, they said what. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

The man had the courage to go back and try his wife, and the wives understood the same as the lady on the table

They are left handed, and men, of course, count on the left hand

And they’re all right-handed, and of course they’re right-handed


Eleven, choice

A farmer rescued his wife from the flood, and his child was drowned

Later, people. There were many discussions. Some said he did right, because the child can regenerate a wife but not the death and resurrection. Some say he was wrong, because the wife of another child, but not the death and resurrection.

I listened to people’s comments, but also puzzled: if only save one person, should he save his wife, or save the child?

So I went to see the farmer and asked him what he thought

He replied, “I didn’t think of anything. The flood came and my wife passed me, and I grabbed her and swam to the hillside nearby. When I returned, the child had been washed away by the flood”

On the way home, I wondered if farmers, said to myself: so many choices in life is the case.


Twelve, simple truth

Once upon a time, there are two hungry elderly people has been a gift: a fishing rod and a basket of live fish. Among them, one to a basket fish, another person a fishing rod, so they get the fish people part company each going his own way. Place the fire with dry boiled up fish, he devoured, have not tasted the meat and fish, suddenly, even the fish soup with which he ate, soon, he starved to death in the empty side. Another one is carrying rod to starve, difficult step by step to walk to the beach, but when he has not seen the blue sea, he was the last bit of strength and make out, he can only afford to strip endless regret.

There are two hungry people, they also received the elderly gift of a fishing rod and a fish basket. But they did not separate, but agreed together to find the sea, they only cook a fish, they go through the distant journey, came to the seaside, since then, the two began a day of fishing and a few years later, they built a house with their families, children, have built their own fishing boat, live a happy and healthy life.


Only the immediate interests of a person, will eventually get the joy was short-lived; a lofty goal, but also to face the reality of life. Only when the ideal and reality combine, it is possible to become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth, but enough to give people a meaningful life.


Thirteen, it’s not what you think it is

Two travelling angels to the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let them spend the night in the comfortable guest room, but in the cold basement to find a corner for them. When they make the bed, the older angel saw a hole in the wall, he repaired it. The younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, “things aren’t always what they seem”

Second evening, two people went to the house of a very poor sleepover. The couple they are very enthusiastic, only a little food out to entertain guests, then make your bed for two angels. The second day early in the morning, two angels found the farmer and his wife in tears, their only the source of life, a cow died. The younger angel was very angry and asked the older angel why, what are the first family, the old angel also helps them to patch the hole in the wall, the second family though poor or hospitality guests, while the older angel did not stop the cow’s death.

“Some things are not what they seem.” the older angel replied. “When we stayed in the basement, I saw the wall from the hole in the wall filled with gold. Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his wealth, so I fill the hole in the wall. Last night, the God of death to call the farmer’s wife, I gave him the cow instead. So some things are not what they seem”


Sometimes the surface of things is not what they should be. If you have faith, you just need to trust that the rewards will always come back. You probably won’t find it until later……


Fourteen, the way cattle

We travel to the countryside to see a farmer to forage for cattle to shovel a small cottage on the roof, I feel strange, so he asked:

“Husband, why don’t you put the cow’s grass on the ground and let it eat?””

The farmer said: “this matter hastily is not good, if I put it on the ground but a contemptuous disregard; I can put it barely reaching the roof, it will try to eat, eat until all of forage naked”. China EDM electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Fifteen, lover’s heart

This is a true story that happened in England

A lonely elderly, childless and infirm. He decided to move to a nursing home. The old man announced the sale of his beautiful house buyers. Hearing the stampede in. Housing price of 80 thousand pounds, but people soon it will be up to 100 thousand pounds. The price is still rising. The elderly deeply stuck on the sofa, full of melancholy. Yes, but health situation is not good, he is not to sell the company he spent most of his life in the house.

A simple dress youth to the old man eyes, bent down and whispered: “Sir, I want to buy this house, but I was only 10 thousand pounds. But, if you sell me the house, I’ll make sure you still live here, and I drink tea, reading, walking, every day happy lele: believe me, I will care for you with all my heart!”

The old man smiled and nodded, the house with the price of 10 thousand pound to sell him. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


To accomplish your dreams, you don’t have to fight and cheat coldly. Sometimes, as long as you have a lover’s heart, you can


Sixteen, give

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire, he told the boss, say to want to leave the building industry, home with his wife and children to enjoy the happiness of a family union.

Don’t go, asked him if he could help to build a house, the old carpenter said. But we later see, his heart was not in his work, he uses a soft material, is out of work. When the house has been built, the boss handed him the key to the door.

“This is your house,” he said, “the gift I gave you.””

He was terrified, shame. If he had only known he was building his own house, so how could he? Now he had to live in a crudely made house!


We did not like this. We build our lives, rather than positive action, but to cope with the negative, and they refused to excellence, at the crucial moment can not do their best to. So we realized their situation, already built deep trapped in their own “house” in the. Take you as the carpenter now, think about your house. Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall, use your wisdom to build! Your life is the only life you create, can not smooth the reconstruction, even if only one day to live, the day to live a beautiful. Noble, wall plaque reads: “life is his own creation”


Seventeen, remind yourself

An old lady sitting on the road not far from a wall, always feel that it will collapse soon, someone to the wall walk past, she gently remind: “the wall is going to collapse, far point go.” remind people to be puzzled to see her in an ostentatious manner. Along the wall next to go – there is no back wall. The old lady is very angry: “listen to my words?!” and it was coming, the old lady and be advised. Three days later, many people went over the wall, and no danger. The fourth day, the old lady was a little strange again, a bit disappointed, he went to the foot of can’t help under the careful watch, but at this time, the wall collapsed, the old lady was buried in the brick dust, 


It’s always easy and sober to remind others, but it’s hard to remind yourself at all times. So, a lot of dangers come from you, and the old lady’s grief comes from it

Eighteen, window

There is a lady over the years continue to complain on the opposite side of the wife is very lazy, “the woman’s clothes will not wash clean, look, she was hanging on the outside in the courtyard of the clothes, there are always spot, I really don’t know how she even clothes are washed into the way……”

Until one day, a friend as to her home, that is not the opposite of the wife is not clean laundry. Careful friends took a piece of cloth, the wife of the limed erase, said: “look, this not clean?” China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

It turned out that the window of his house was dirty


Nineteen, habits and nature

A small post, a thin chain, tethered to a head heavy elephant, it is not ridiculous? Can this ridiculous scene in India and Qin everywhere. The mahout, when an elephant or a small, with an iron chain to tie it in concrete or steel column, no matter how small elephant struggles to break free. The elephant was used to gradually do not struggle, until blossommed elephant, can be an easy job to do to get rid of the chain, also do not struggle.

A tiger who would also like the mahout as successful, he let the tigers from a vegetarian, until the tiger. The tiger grow up fearful, nature will not hurt. Domesticate tiger person fatal mistake he had made after the tiger net he licked the blood flow to the ground, the tiger can not receive a lick, finally the devil will eat. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Elephants are bound by chains, and elephants are bound by habit

The tiger was once tied to the habit, and the tiger tamer died of habit

Habit can almost bind everything, but can’t tie it by chance. For example, the tiger who accidentally tasted the blood

Twenty, leave a gap for others

A famous entrepreneur is making a report, and an audience asks, “you have achieved great success in your career. What is the most important thing for you?””

Entrepreneurs have no direct answer, he picked up the chalk to draw a circle on the blackboard, but did not paint a complete, leaving a gap. He asked: “what is this?” “zero”, “circle”, “unfinished business”, “success”, the audience answered all sorts of gossip.

He did not comment on these answers: “in fact, this is not a draw full stop. You asked me why I made a brilliant performance, the reason is very simple: I am not going to do very well, just draw a full stop, must leave a gap, let my staff to fill it”

In fact, this is a kind of management wisdom, which is a higher level of global integrity


Give a monkey a tree, let it climb ceaselessly; give a tiger a mountain, let it free and horizontal. Perhaps, this is the highest level of enterprise management personnel


Twenty-one, horse

The horse, originally free in mountain wild, thirsty to drink mountain spring, tired sleep in the sun, on the ground in the light of heart from care. But since the bole, change the fate of the horse, give it the head on the cage bridle, on its back placing saddlery, tied to it, the horse the mortality rate has been ten to two or three, and then forced it to transport things, forcing it to butter, nail plates on its feet, the horse’s mortality rate by more than half. The horse is useless without rules of the animal, let it absorb the essence of the sun and moon, the nimbus, useless inaction, was also able to enjoy age, education, let him understand etiquette, but the lives of its victims.


Who is it not so? Under the constraints of the rules we also lost the ID, he follows others set the etiquette, forced to do things, how much is left in the limited life?


Twenty-two, the director useless

A Lu who is good at making shoes, his wife is good at weaving white silk. He wants to move to the country. A friend said to him: “you go to the country, will be poor.” “why?” “is used to wear sandals, walk, but the more people used to walk barefoot; white silk, is used to do a hat, but more people are accustomed to. With unkempt your strengths, to less than the place where you go, so, to make their own poor, is possible?” China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Tell people this story: a man to play its specialty, must be adapted to the social environment needs. If you need from the social environment, their expertise will lose value. Therefore, we must according to the social need, decide their action, better to play to their expertise.


Twenty-three, the mouse on the pagoda

A wandering mouse built a house at the top of the pagoda

Pagoda where life is extremely happy, it can be freely crossed between the layers, and can enjoy the rich offerings. It even can not imagine that others enjoy the privilege of those little-known tips, it can be free to chew; people dare not face up to the Buddha, it can be free to leisure, rise time, you can even leave some excrement in the Buddha’s head.

When believers burn incense and kowtow, the mouse is always at the intoxicating smoke slowly rose, it jerked his nose, chuckled to himself: “funny man, the knee is such a soft, kneeling on his knees!”

One day, a hungry wild cat came in, and it caught the mouse

“You can’t eat me! You should bow to me! I represent Buddha!” protested the noble prisoner

“People bow to you just because you are in the position, not because of you.”!”

The wild cat sneered, and then he broke the mouse into two halves like breaking a hamburger


Twenty-four, the story of steel glass

A farmer, only two years of junior high school, the family had no money for him to continue to go to school. He dropped out of school to go home and help his father farm three acres Susukida. When he was 19 years old, his father died, the family all the pressure on his shoulder. His mother to take care of poor health, and a a paralyzed in bed grandmother.

In 80s, agricultural household contract. He dug into the pond to a puddle, like fish. But the village cadres told him, paddy fields can not fish, can grow crops, he had to put up the pond. It is a joke, in the eyes of others, he is a fortune but very stupid people.

I heard the chicken can make money, he borrowed 500 dollars to relatives, raise chicken. But after a flood, the chicken had Newcastle disease, all died within a few days.500 yuan for others may not be what, rely on a life of three acres Susukida families, like astronomical figures. His mother parents can’t stand this stimulation, even melancholy.

He later brewed wine, caught fish, and even made holes in the cliffs of stone mines, but they didn’t make any money

At the age of 35, he had to marry daughter-in-law. Even divorced women with children can not see him. Because he was only a mud hut, could collapse in a heavy rain. The wife not to marry men in the countryside is no one can afford.

But he also wanted to fight, they borrow money to buy a tractor. Unexpectedly, the road less than half a month, the tractor would carry him into a river. He had a broken leg, crippled. The tractor was scooped up, has been reduced to fragments, he could only open it and sold for scrap.

Almost everyone says he’s done his whole life

But later he became a company in the city where I am in the hands of the boss, there are two hundred million yuan of assets. Now, many people are aware of the suffering of the past and legendary entrepreneurial experience. Many media interviewed him, many reports in the literature describe him. But I only remember this one the plot:

The reporter asked him: “in the suffering of the day, you what again and again not flinch?””

He sat behind the luxurious boss and drank a glass of water in his hand. Then he held the glass cup in his hand and asked the journalist, “if I let go, what would this cup be like?””

Reporters said: “fell to the ground, broken.””

“Let’s try it.” he said

He hand a loose, the cup fell to the ground with a clear voice, but is not broken, but intact. He said: “even if 10 people are present, they will think that the cup will be broken. But undoubtedly, the cup is not an ordinary glass, but glass steel production”


So, I remember this wonderful conversation, a man who, even with only one breath, tries to hold on to success unless god deprives him of his life……

Twenty-five, opportunities

A is a white-collar worker in a joint venture company. He feels that he is ambitious and doesn’t get the approval of his superior. He often thinks: if one day he can see the manager, he will have the opportunity to show his talent!!

A’s colleague, B, had the same idea, he further, to ask the CEOs to work time, reckon he would probably be when he went into the elevator, the elevator at this time, hoping to meet the boss, have a chance to say hello. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer

C further their colleagues. He struggle to learn more about the boss, find out CEOs graduated from the school, interpersonal style, concern, well-designed a few simple but has the weight of the opening, to take the elevator in good time with the boss, played several times after the call, and finally one day the boss had a long talk, soon to secure a better job.


Fools miss opportunities, wise men seize opportunities, winners create opportunities. Opportunities give only those who are prepared. Two words are prepared, not words


Twenty-six, madmen and nerds

A professor of psychology to the madhouse visit, understand the life state of a madman. The end of the day, find that these people are crazy, acting is eye-opening. Beyond all expectations.

Never to return, found themselves under the tires were lost. “Which must be a madman!” professor so angrily thought, to take the spare tire to mount.

The thing is serious. The person who gets down the tire will also screw down. There is no screw, the spare tire can not go up!

The professor was helpless. When he was in a hurry, a madman came bouncing up and singing an unknown happy song. He found the professor in trouble and stopped to ask what had happened

The professor was too lazy to talk to him, but he told him out of politeness

The madman laughed and said, “I have a way!” he got a screw from each tire, so he got three screws to put the spare wheel in

The professor was surprised and grateful. He was curious: “how did you come up with this idea?””

The madman laughed and said, “I’m crazy, but I’m not a nerd.”!”


In fact, there are a lot of people, because they have discovered the fun of work, always shown with the ordinary people not the same enthusiasm, make it difficult to understand. Many people in the joke when they are crazy, others might still laughed at him.

To be a man and to be smart, especially in China, is a good attitude


Twenty-seven, Dr.

One doctor was assigned to a research institute and became one of the most educated people

One day he went fishing to the back of the unit to the small pond, deputy director of the just on his left and right, also in fishing.

He just nodded, the two undergraduate students, what is left to talk about?

Not for a while, is director down rod, stretch, Cengceng rub on the water like to go to the opposite side of the toilet.

The doctor’s eyes are falling fast. Floating on the water? Isn’t it? It’s a pond

Is director of the toilet came back, but also rubs from water wave back.

What’s the matter? The doctoral student is not good enough to ask, he is a doctoral student!

After a while, deputy director of the stand, walk a few steps, floated through the water to the toilet. At this time the doctor is nearly fainted: not, to a “master the place?

Doctoral students are anxious. The pond side walls, opposite to the toilet to have around ten minutes, and return to the unit is too far, how to do?

Doctoral students do not want to ask the two director, after half a day, he also got up in the water span: I do not believe that undergraduate students can pass the water, I can not be a doctoral student

Just listen to the clunk, doctoral students planted into the water.

The two director pulled him out and asked him why he was going to the water, and he asked, “why can you go?””

Two appearance as a smile: “there are two rows of wooden pegs in the pond, because these two days of rain water right at the surface. We all know the stakes, so you can walk past them. How are you asking?”


Education represents the past, only learning ability to represent the future. Respect for the experience of people, in order to avoid detours. A good team, should also be a learning team


Twenty-eight, job hopping

A said to B, “I’m going to leave this company. I hate this company!”

B suggested, “I’ll give you a hand with your revenge!” the company must give it some color to see. But it’s not the best time for you to leave now”


B said: “if you leave now, the loss of the company is not big. You should take advantage of opportunities in the company, trying to pull some of their own customers, a company figures, and then abruptly left the company with these customers, the company would suffer heavy losses, very passive”

A thought B was very reasonable, so he worked hard, and he was willing to do it. After half a year of hard work, he had many loyal customers

When meeting again, B asked A: “now is the time, jump, act quickly.”!

A smiled calmly. “The manager talked to me for a long time, and he was going to be my assistant to the general manager. I didn’t leave for the time being

In fact, this is the original intention of B. A person’s work is always just for his resume. Only pay more than get. China edm electric Wholesale Manufacturer


Let the boss really see your ability is greater than the location, will give you more opportunities for him to create more profits


Twenty-nine, three Jin men

Once a small country came to China to pay tribute to three identical gold, resplendent and magnificent, the emperor happy broken. But this small country is not sincere, and at the same time a question: which of the three gold is the most valuable?

The emperor wanted to many way, please check the jeweller, said the weight of the work to see, are as like as two peas. What’s the answer? Angel also waiting to go back on it. The great country, not even all the things you do not understand?

Finally, a retired minister said he had a way

Emperor envoy will go to the great hall, veteran chest successful enough to hold three straw, insert the first Jin’s ears, this straw ear out the other side. The second straw Jin directly from the mouth off, while the third Jin, after the straw get into the stomach, what does not ring. The minister said: the third most valuable Jin! Messenger was silent, the right answer.


This story tells us that the most valuable person, not necessarily the most people can say, God gave us two ears and one mouth, that would have let us listen more and speak less. Listening is the most basic quality of a mature man.


Thirty, shoelaces

Before a performance master came on the stage, his disciples told him that his shoelace was loose. The master nodded his thanks and squatted down to be careful. When the disciple turned around, he squatted down and loosened his shoelace

There is an observer to see all these, puzzled and asked: “master, why do you have the loose shoelace?” the master replied: “because I played a hard journey, travelled to his shoelace loose, you can show the details of his tired pined away”

“Why don’t you tell your disciples directly?”

“He can carefully discover my shoelace loose, and eager to tell me, I must protect his passionate enthusiasm, in a timely manner to give him encouragement, as to why to untie the shoelace, there will be more opportunities to teach him to perform, can next time”

A person can only do one thing at a time, grasp the key point, is the real talent


Thirty-one, I’m Chen Atu

ATU is the farmer of Taiwan, never too far out of the door. The second half to save money, finally to a tour of the country.

Everything abroad is very fresh, the key is that Chen Atu participated in the luxury group, a person living in a standard room, which makes him new

In the morning, the waiter knocks on the door and says, “GOODMORNING SIR.”!”

Chen Octogene. What does this mean? In his hometown, to meet the general strangers asked: “what’s your name?”

Chen Octogene loudly exclaimed: “my name is Chen Atu!”

If so, even three days, all the waiter knocked on the door, every day saying: “GOODMORNING SIR!” Chen Octogene also shouted back: “my name is Chen Atu!”

But he’s very angry. This service is too stupid, what to ask ourselves every day, and told him not remember, very vexed. Finally he could not help but ask the tour guide, “GOODMORNING SIR!” what do you mean, the tour guide told him that day!! it is a disgrace to death.

Chen Octogene practice “GOODMORNING SIR!” this word, in order to deal with decent service.

The next morning, the waiter came knocking on the door. As soon as the door opened, Chen shouted, “GOODMORNING SIR.”!”

At the same time, the waiter called, “I’m Chen Atu.”!”


This story tells us that human interaction is often a battle of willpower and determination. You are not affected him, that he affected you, and we want to succeed, we must develop their own influence, only the influential people who can become the strongest.

Thirty-two, dumpling skin tip

There is a rich child who loves dumplings and eats it every day. But he is very special. He only eats the stuffing, and the sharp points at both ends are thrown into the stream behind him

Good times don’t last long, when he was sixteen years old, a fire burned his family, parents have died in anger. This time he was penniless, and feel shy begging. Neighbor sister-in-law is good, each meal for him to eat a bowl of noodles paste. He is hard study, obtain the position after three years back, must thank neighbor sister-in-law.

Sister told him: don’t thank me. I didn’t give you what, are you lost the dumpling skin tip that I collected, dried and loaded good every sack, wanted to prepare. You just need a possible period of want or need, and then back to you.

Official thinking for a long time for a long time……


There is a famous 38 theories: eight hours sleep, eight hours of work, all the same. The differences between people, is how to spend spare time. Time is the most love, also the most heartless thing, every one has the same, very fair. But with the resources are not necessarily successful, make the best use of the resources of the talent will be successful. The day of survival, night for development, which is in twenty-first Century the demand for talents.


Thirty-three, requirements

Three people were sent to prison for three years, and the warden gave them three, one person and one request

Americans love to smoke cigars, and they have three boxes of cigars

The French are the most romantic. They want a beautiful woman to accompany

And the Jews said he wanted a telephone to communicate with the outside world

Three years later, the first one came out of the United States, stuffed with cigars in his nostrils, and shouted, “give me a fire, give me a fire!” he forgot to fire

Then came the Frenchman. He saw a child in his hand, a beautiful woman holding a child, and third in her belly

Finally, it is the Jews, he firmly shook the hands of the warden said: “this is three years my daily contact with the outside world, my business has not stopped, but an increase of 200%, in order to thank, I send you a laoshilaisi!”


This story tells us what kind of choice to decide what kind of life. Today’s life is from three years ago, our choice of the decision, and today we will determine our choice after three years of life. We should choose to access the latest information on the latest trends, to better create their own in the future.


Thirty-four, when the tiger comes

Both men in the forest, encountered a large tiger.A hurried from behind to take sports shoes lighter under a pair of change.B sudden death, shouted: “what are you doing, then running shoes are also a tiger but ah!”

A said, “I just want to run faster than you.””


In twenty-first Century, there is no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis. Especially in approaching, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and even those we think that the civil service is very stable and secure business, will face many variables. When the tiger comes, we are not ready to own shoes?

Thirty-five, first place

At the graduation ceremony, the president announced the first grade students to accept the award,

But after a few loud calls, the student slowly stepped onto the stage

Later, the teacher asked the student, “what’s wrong? Is he sick or not?””

The student replied, “no, I’m afraid the other students didn’t hear it clearly.””


How many people were tied up, how many people knot? We are educated to live up to expectations, to succeed, but in the U. S., but is one of the few people, the most popular yet silence.

Think about it, there are so many people like you and me, isn’t it a very exciting thing?


Thirty-six, sufficient reason

A bus carrying passengers was speeding along the downhill road, and a man was chasing the car closely behind him

One of the passengers out of people chasing the car from the window: “brother! Come on, you can’t catch on!”

“I have to catch up with it,” gasped the man. “I’m the driver of this car”


Some people have to work very hard, because if not, the consequences will be miserable!

However, because of the necessity to go all out, the latent instinct and the unknown character will eventually fully display


Thirty-seven, So that is what it is.

A: “the new neighbors moved in good and evil, in the dead of night when the night last night, so I came home the doorbell.

B: it’s really hateful. Did you call the police immediately?

“No, I think they’re nuts, and keep blowing my trumpet.”


There is a reason for everything, and if you can see what you are not, the answer will be different

When you face conflict and conflict, think about whether you have a loss in your heart, or you’ll soon get over it


One day, Zhang three drives in the mountain path

He leisurely enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sudden oncoming truck,

And the driver with black teeth also shook his window and scolded him: “pig.””

Zhang three more think more puzzled, more think more angry, so he also rolled down the window, back to scold: “you are a pig.”!”

Just after scolding, he hit a group of pigs crossing the street head-on


Don’t mistake the kindness of others, that will make you suffer, and make others insulted

In the unknown so, first learn to restrain emotions, patient observation, in order to avoid after germinal remorse.

Thirty-eight, houshengkewei

The little boy asked his father, “is it better to be a father than a son?””

Dad replied, “of course.”!”

The little boy asked, “who invented the light bulb?””

Dad: it’s Edison”

The little boy asked again, “why didn’t Edison’s father invent the light bulb?””


Very strange, people love yilaomailao, especially easy to fall.

Authority is often an empty shell that can not stand the test, especially in today’s pluralistic and open age


Thirty-nine, don’t be nervous

Take a shower when he accidentally swallowed a small piece of soap, his mother Huanghuangzhangzhang to call to the family doctor for help.

The doctor said, “I have a few patients now. It may take half an hour to catch up.””

Xiao Ming’s mother said, “what should I do before you come?””

The doctor said, “give Xiao Ming a cup of boiled water, and then make a jump, you can let Xiao Ming blow the bubble with his mouth and kill time.””


Take it easy. Why should life be too stressful? Since it’s already happened, why don’t you face it freely?

Worry not relieved, nervous poorer than happy.

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