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The Important Role of Frontline Leaders in Production Management

The important role of front-line team leaders in production management

The leader of a team is the leader of the team. The leader of the team is the direct commander and organizer of the production management of the team, and also the responsible person of the grassroots level in the enterprise. It belongs to the top of the team and is a very large number of teams. Team management refers to the various management activities that must be done to complete the production tasks of the team, that is, to give full play to the subjective initiative and production enthusiasm of the staff of the entire class, to unite and cooperate, and to rationally organize human and material resources, and to make full use of all aspects of information. Make the production of the team work in a balanced and effective manner, and produce the effect of “1+1>2”. In the end, it will be able to complete the production plan indicators issued by the superior according to quality, quantity, schedule and safety. edm machining

In actual work, the decision-making in the management level is no better. Without the strong support and close cooperation of the team leader and the absence of a group of leaders with effective leadership to organize and carry out the work, the management policy is difficult to implement. The leader of the team is not only the organization leader of product production, but also the direct producer.

The special status of the team leader determines that he must take different positions on the personnel of the three strata: face the subordinates should stand on behalf of the operator’s position, speak with the leader’s voice; in the face of the operator he should stand in response From the standpoint of the Ministry of Foreign Ministers, speak with the voice of his subordinates; the direct supervisors who face him should also speak in the position of the subordinates and the auxiliary staff of the superior. edm machining

Team leader’s responsibility in production management

Simply put, there are the following aspects:
First, improve product quality
Quality is related to the market and customers. The team leader must lead the staff to work hard to produce high quality products on time and in volume.
Second, increase production efficiency
Increasing production efficiency refers to the production of more and better high-quality products by continuously innovating and excavating the enthusiasm of employees, improving operational methods and management processes under the same conditions. edm machining
Third, reduce production costs
Reducing costs include saving raw materials, saving energy, reducing labor costs, and so on.
Fourth, prevent work injuries and major accidents
With security there is not necessarily everything, but without security there is nothing. We must adhere to safety first, prevent work-related injuries and major accidents, including efforts to improve the safety performance of machinery and equipment, and supervise employees to strictly follow the operational procedures. Many accidents are caused by illegal operations.

The Role of Team Leaders in Production Management

The team is the smallest production unit of the company, and the team management is the basis in the enterprise management. No matter what industry or type of work, its common characteristic is that it has common labor methods and objects and directly bears certain production tasks, including service products, so the head of the team has three important roles:

First, the class leader affects the implementation of the company’s production decision-making, because the decision is no better, if the enforcer is not effective, decision-making is difficult to implement. Therefore, the team leaders influence the implementation of the decision and influence the ultimate realization of the target profit of the company. edm machining

Second, the team leader is not only a bridge that links up and down, but also a link between employees and leaders.

Third, the team leader is the direct organizer of production and the laborer of production, so the team leader should be both a technical backbone and a generalist in business.

Team leader’s responsibility in production management

The leader of the team is a very large number of employees in the company. The overall quality of the team leader determines whether the company’s policies can be implemented smoothly. Therefore, it is very important that the team leaders perform due diligence. The duties of the team leader include:

I. Labor Management

Staff deployment, scheduling, service, strict attendance, emotional management of employees, technical training for new recruits, and safety operations, hygiene at the production site, and team building are all part of the labor management. (TPM, overtime management)

Second, production management responsibilities

Production management responsibilities include on-site operations, personnel management, product quality, manufacturing costs, material management, machine maintenance, and more. (operating standards, false warehouse inventory, quality accidents)

Third, auxiliary superiors

The team leader shall promptly and accurately reflect the actual situation in the work at the higher level, and put forward his own proposal to do a good job as a staff assistant to higher level leaders. However, many class leaders currently only stay in the usual staff deployment and production schedules, and they have not given full play to the leadership and demonstration role of team leaders. edm machining

With the development of the times and the need for work, more and more young people have embarked on the posts of team leaders, but most of them rely on their masters to take apprenticeships or rely on their own ways of learning and accumulating experience to understand and comprehend what It is management and therefore lacks systematic management knowledge. Experience is very important, but after all, the experience is not systematic, there are some blind spots, so we must go through systematic theoretical training to improve the management level, so that the management work from spontaneous rise to a conscious level.

So how do you do a good team leader?

First of all, you should know your role in the business. Accurately grasp their rights and obligations, the company’s leadership expectations and employees’ expectations of you. There are three aspects precisely:

I. Accurate understanding of the norms, rights and duties of one’s own role

The leader of the team should represent three positions: the position of the representative manager, the position of the representative producer, and the position of the direct supervisor who represents both the employee and the superior.

If the team leader is not clear about this nor knows how many rights, duties and responsibilities he has, what role he should play, then although he occupies the position of the team leader, he fails to play the role of the team leader and is not practical. Value team leader. Of course, the grasp of one’s own role must not be overestimated. The West calls this phenomenon the impression of the whole, and the more popular one is the “garbage”, and it does not know or understand the subordinates. edm machining

Second, understand the expectations of leaders

As a subordinate, it is necessary to understand accurately the direction of the leader, as well as the background, environment, and leadership style of the leader’s instructions. Sometimes as a subordinate, you spend a lot of effort to do something, but it is not what the leader wants. The result is that the effort has not achieved the desired effect. Of course, it is also possible that you are correct, but leaders do not understand. At this time, you must choose the right time to present your suggestions and let the leaders accept or adopt your suggestions more comprehensively and accurately. Now there is a saying in the West that if you manage your leadership well, you must understand the style of leadership in order to better coordinate relationships and carry out good work.

Third, understand the lower level of your expectations

The lower level has the following five expectations for superiors:

1, to be fair. It is easy to do things to be fair, but it is very difficult to do. Equity is often mistaken as an egalitarianism. Therefore, it is necessary for the team leader to do justice in the distribution work, make clear rewards and penalties, and be fair when allocating interests. Only in this way can he be convinced.

2, concerned about the Ministry. Lack of care and understanding of employees in work and life. Naturally, employees will not be satisfied with you.

3, the goal is clear. A clear goal is one of the most important and basic prerequisites for leadership. As a team leader, the goal should also be very clear, otherwise it is purely a stupid officer.

4. Accurately issue orders. As the commander of the front line, the leader of the team should be as accurate as the controller at the airport to issue the order to the pilot. Otherwise, the team leader is prone to ambiguity. In the course of the communication of the order, one or more mistakes will inevitably result in the work. In the accident.

5, timely guidance. In work, subordinates always hope that they can always get timely guidance from their superiors because the timely guidance of their superiors is the concern and training of their subordinates.

6, need honor. As a team leader, you should also be very generous to assign honors and bonuses to everyone. The more worker models you have, the better your work will be. edm machining

In general, the team leader who is responsible for the production site should understand the above issues, but this is far from enough. It must also be more careful and accurate to understand the company’s corporate culture, leadership habits, and the character of the employees. Present and future situation, the use of equipment.

Team leader is the main communication bridge between the company and production employees. The management of the company team leader will directly affect the company’s product production schedule and product quality. edm machining

The team is the basic unit for the organization of production and business activities, and is the most basic production management organization for the company. All the production activities of the company are carried out in the team. Therefore, the quality of the team work is directly related to the success or failure of the business operation. Only if the team is full of vitality, the company will have a strong vitality and can stand long in the fierce market competition. Invincible. The squadron is like a cell on the human body. Only if all cells of the human body are healthy and the human body is likely to be healthy, it will be full of vitality and vitality. edm machining

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