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(lean school) action analysis (1)

Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer. Action analysis is another content of the method research. It mainly studies and analyzes the body movements when people are doing various operations, so as to eliminate redundant actions, reduce labor intensity and make operation easier and more effective, so as to formulate the best action procedure.

The difference between program analysis and action analysis:

The 1 is from the program analysis according to all kinds of waste program pay attention to important points, analysis of the production process, to seek ways to improve work efficiency from the reasonable arrangements for the program. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

The 2, action research is in the program after the decision, the study of human various operation for waste, labor saving, time saving, the most economical method of safety.

The essence of motion analysis is:

In order to improve the work efficiency, we can analyze and analyze the subtle movements of people in all kinds of operation, delete the invalid movements, make the operation simple and effective. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

The content of action analysis:

We find operators’ ineffective actions or waste phenomenon, simplify operation methods and reduce workers’ fatigue. On this basis, we develop standard operation methods, and make technical preparations for developing the standard of action time.

The content includes three parts.

As of 1, dynamic analysis

– 2, image analysis

As of 3, the principles of motion economy and so on.


The specific implementation methods of process flow and operation, for example, for finding, holding, moving, assembling the necessary objects, every activity of the operator’s body and parts can be roughly divided into the following four categories.

1, processing – the action of changing the shape of the object and assembling the object

2, move – change the position of the object

3, holding – the act of keeping the form of the object

4, waiting – the free hand of the operator

Definition of action analysis: Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

According to the implementation of the action sequence operator on the action, with specific mark records to hand movement content of various parts of the body as the center of the eye, grasp the actual situation, and the record charts, on this basis, to judge the quality of movements, find out the improvement with a focus of analysis method.

The purpose of the action analysis:

1, understand the movements, sequence and methods of each part of the operator’s body. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

2, understand whether the two hands – centered parts of the body are able to move at the same time as possible and whether they are interconnected.

3, the purpose of a variety of actions, the necessary movements and unnecessary movements in the course of action. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

4, understand the balance of both hands in the necessary action

The function of action analysis:

1, in order to reduce the work fatigue and improve the work efficiency, find out the problems of action.

2, explore the most appropriate action sequence, method and the action of each part of the body at the same time. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

3, discuss the work fixture and the layout of the operation most suitable for the action

4, compare the sequence of action, improve the situation before and after, predict and confirm the effect of improvement

5, a clear description of the order and method of action with a mark and chart

6, improve the action sequence and methods, and formulate the most appropriate standard operation methods

7, improve the action consciousness that can analyze the action and judge the good or bad.

Action analysis method:

1, visual action observation: the analyst directly observs the actual operation process and records the observed situation directly to a specific form on a special form.

(1) the method of kinetic analysis

Two hands operation analysis

2, image motion observation: through video and photography, recording the implementation process of the work with film and tape, and then observing and analyzing the operation method through the method of placing and displaying. Competitive edm manufacturing China Manufacturer

High speed photography analysis (fine motion image analysis)

Constant velocity Photography Analysis

Low speed photography analysis

VTR analysis

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