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[career Story] The experience of developing from Small-scale to Big Enterprise–The boss’s Self-report

Retain 20% of the backbone

Since I can’t get everyone satisfied, I’ll only meet the 20% backbone of the company. edm metal cutting

The development of the backbone of the staff shares first: I will buy a shares of the company to send a half price sales, to key employees, within five years of retirement only refund the principal, five years more than three times I back redemption. 60% dividends annually produce profits. Anyway, the money we earn, but once the shareholders do a sorry company, double punishment, deduction from the capital. This is it, in the past 5 years, none of the shareholders and the company turnover, key positions are shareholders, saved me a lot of energy.

Empowerment must be forbearance and tolerance

Remember when only a dozen companies, I am busy the whole company, with two or three sales calls, often at the same time, still have to arrange delivery, billing, purchase, the day came first, go to the night. The company also has four or five years of development, more than a dozen individuals, companies and employees feel much depressed, no space for development. Later, I finally understand the decentralization to decentralization, even if the employee could only do 70%. sometimes really anxious ah! You can talk about the sales staff is a bit to talk down, immediately rushed to the oneself, but also have to endure, or staff how to progress. edm metal cutting

The process of the development of small companies in 15 is a ridge, 50 people is a ridge, 200 people is a ridge, management method is not improved, to further development. The boss everything, very sad 15 people Kan. A person ability, can directly manage the seven or eight person, ability in general, only the direct leadership of four or five people.

Now the customer is looking for me to buy something. I often say, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I don’t know the price. I’ll introduce you to a salesman. I’ll let him get in touch with you.” edm metal cutting

Some money can’t be saved

The beginning is one or two, my own sales, purchase, maintenance, go to the bank. At the time, no registered capital, business license by themselves to the outside friends. A few months began learning accounting statements. The end of the month to do blind Tax Bureau tax report, a cross member, saw two, began to ask ask questions. I don’t understand, let alone answer.

The second day I found a January accounting company, 300 yuan of money, then do not run their own tax bureau. Until the company ten person, I still let the accounting company account, the company only a cashier, no full-time accounting and warehouse. In subsequent years the business is good, no less money can be earned. By the end of the company’s account funds did not increase much. The micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

Later, I found a company as long as 10 people, a people do not see the boss, the entire company is like a sieve, there are holes everywhere, can the rest of the money before strange. Expect the company employees are Jiao Yulu and Lei Feng, no way, even if the Commission to the 70% employees, he will miss the rest of the 30% a fool, not corruption! edm metal cutting

The only sound system, let the hearts are not perfect, in order to manage the company. The next life to run the company, as long as the company has 4 people, is a boss, an accountant, a cashier, a warehouse, and then killed not provincial money. This sentence on 90% the company who is right, of course, if you feel that the rest of the 10%, but also give it a try.

The boss wants to sing red

Every day, there are many things that happen in the company. Some should be praised, others should be criticized. Who should carry out the criticism and praise? Later, there are more contacts with Japanese enterprises, and many mysteries are discovered. edm metal cutting

The general manager of the Japanese company rarely called ordinary employees, the company employees are very kind, but he often when the face of employee at the company middle-level cadres, and ordinary people to make mistakes by the direct leadership of the staff responsible for handling, of course, the end of the month wages when the general manager was not ambiguous, so the company not only management arranged in good order, and the staff was more balanced.

Outside the box can do our little, somehow there are several charge. So the meeting clear responsibilities, men who deal with their own problems, what problems do not come to me here. I usually only praise good deeds, encouragement, and in charge of its mistakes I rarely criticized in public, usually is a private exchange. Not for a long time, the company management smoothly, my image in the company also has employees more respect for me.

Can a friend or a friend use it or not? edm metal cutting

I according to various types of the usual sense of the decision, do not try to relatives and friends. Then the company to a certain scale, a local elders call, said her son (my cousin) graduated a year, in a small local company in our industry as a salesman, the income is not very high, hope to the development of Beijing thought. Companies are lack of people, who is not used, so I readily agreed.

Cousin people is very clever, in the business sector was very well done, the total Commission on top. Later I found that my cousin often in the company to express their special status, colleagues, other staff great response. Therefore, I talked to him a few times, he said some corrections, but with little success.

Later, his cousin introduced several friends, and his cousin and his friends lived together. They only spoke home dialect, but no one in the company understood it. Besides, although they were in different departments, they were perceived by the department directors to collaborate with each other to make money. edm metal cutting

My cousin and I talked to him, paixiong Fu said never make the same mistake. Less than a month, and the Department in charge of my cousin to reflect small gangs in black and dry live, not only did not care about other employees, and even encourage others to do it together. It’s really hard for me to keep, regardless of the tiger for the patient, I also expect the company bigger and stronger, so that shareholders do poineering work together old age yet. Pain, a bite, my cousin and his gang will be out of business for the company. The shock for half a year.

The relatives and friends can not use it or not, or the last relatives and friends do not have to do it.

Have heard other company executives told him how to treat relatives in after the company bigger. His five or six relatives in excluding gains and losses to help him do his business, the bigger the relatives to keep up with the company’s development pace, and occupy high bad management. Then, he take the method of preservation of affection: sacrifice money to a great age money to help the other business, the little company money to study abroad and bear all expenses, read into MBA after its help to find a job so as to solve this thorny problem, high! edm metal cutting

Management means directly related to operating efficiency

With the increasing number of sales outlets, the office locations are becoming more and more dispersed, and management is also getting more and more troublesome. Sometimes, a commodity can’t be sold for half a year, and then the second order will be restocked.

Later, the company spent heavily purchased online version of financial software, the company store, real-time communication between the company and Beijing do field branch company. All goods inventory at a glance, each clerk of each business can be checked at any time, accounts payable as clear as noonday with so, all kinds of statements, I don’t need to ask the old accounting: now how much inventory account? How much money? How much a salesman sales this month? As long as there is a computer, no matter when and where, the touch of a finger, I need data will immediately appear in front of us. edm metal cutting

In order to improve the quality of the telephone customer service in the service sector, reduce disputes with customers, companies in the group are added on the telephone recording card, every day all incoming and outgoing calls all customer service service record, customer service staff meet regularly to listen to the telephone recording, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each phone call, we can discuss the micro signal: lean improvement. The production promotion center. After a period of time, I found that not only improve the level of customer service staff to answer the phone, but also save a lot of phone fee, probably a telephone recording and company employees feel shy telephone for personal call, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Using technology to manage companies is not only highly efficient, but also avoids the bias caused by all kinds of human factors. Now the labor cost is higher and higher. Buying advanced equipment instead of people to complete work is a good way to save costs for the company. edm metal cutting

From result management to process management

All along, the company basically uses is the result management, each task index set at the beginning of each year, and then according to the company’s total annual task allocation down to the various departments, departments to continue down assigned to each person, each person will be a year of task refer to last years of history to the new subdivision of each month one year, the company according to the task per month assessment standards. The monthly financial department at the beginning of last month to calculate the actual summary of each employee to complete the task, will report to the Department Manager and general manager at the end of last month, the manager report and then develop the new policy and individual counseling or adjustment of the unfinished task of the staff.

More than the traditional method, follow the prescribed order, but because the competition is more and more intense, the market changes quickly, the company’s existing management methods don’t follow rival rhythm. If the problem is in the earlier this month, at the beginning of next month to response to the report, according to the report manager change sales policy and then arranged a meeting on 40. The day has passed. Sometimes 40 days to bring small problems dragged into big problems. edm metal cutting

So, we will report to the business sector Monday summary, every Monday will be the last week each business and summarize and verify the actual completion of the task, immediately take measures for the abnormal phenomenon, for the poor staff to complete the task immediately separate exchanges, to ascertain the reasons and solve the problem. The new measure is implemented for a period of time later, I feel the company on the market reaction speed is greatly improved, the actual situation of the business managers also do the bottom of my heart, do not have to issue the backlog at the beginning of the month was discovered and solved. edm metal cutting

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