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Please filter these three sieves before speaking!

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Once, a student of Socrates hurried to find Socrates, panting and excitedly said: “tell you one thing you can never imagine.” Competitive EDM service China Manufacturer

“Wait a minute!” Socrates stopped him without mercy. “Did you tell me, did you filter it with three sieves?”

His students were not aware of the situation and shook their heads in confusion. Competitive EDM service China Manufacturer

Socrates continued, “when you want to tell someone something, you should filter at least three sieves. The first screen is called real, and what you’re telling me is true?”

“I heard it from the streets. Everybody says that and I don’t know if it’s true”. Competitive EDM service China Manufacturer

“Then you should use your second sieves to check, if not true, at least it should be good, what you want to tell me is goodwill?”

“No, it’s just the opposite.” his student hung his head in shame

Socrates was not bored to say, “well, let’s check with third sieves. Is it important to tell me what you’re so anxious to tell me?”

“It’s not very important”

Socrates interrupted and said, “since the news is not important, it is not from kindness, not to know whether it is true or false. Why should you say that? It will only cause trouble for the two of us.” Competitive EDM service China Manufacturer

Socrates once said: “don’t listen to people or stir up enmity slanders, because he is not well-intentioned to tell you, he will not disclose the privacy of others, of course, will treat you the same”

Therefore, he ordered the three sieves before speaking, not to be the initiator, and certainly not to be used as a transmitter of the right and wrong

Gossip than the sword terrible, can hurt a person in the invisible, the hearsay, is equal to his own happiness on the suffering of others.

To reflect a person’s wisdom, cautious, wisdom is the highest criterion having substance in a speech to speak, will make your life greatly

Competitive edm service China Manufacturer

Competitive edm service China Manufacturer

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