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These employees are immediately expelled from the company. They must be quick, never be weak! electric discharge machining

First, those who have a moral quality defect cannot use it. (The villain can not use)  electric discharge machining

In today’s society, when we review a person’s good or bad, the first thing we see is his moral qualities. This aspect defines the human nature of this person. A person whose moral nature is not good or bad is collectively referred to as a villain.

The nature of the villain is selfishness, self- interest, intoxication, sinisterness, rhetoric, hypocrisy, episodes, hypocrisy, etc…. Such people cannot make positive energy in any way. If he seems to be taking the path of the Eight Pasties now, sooner or later he will reveal his original purpose and face. electric discharge machining

The so-called “long-term see people’s hearts, Lu Yao know horsepower” is such a truth. Sooner or later is the bad apple of the corporate team, bringing your team into the abyss of unrepentant. Such people can never use it.

Second, a person who does not understand gratitude cannot cultivate. (“White wolf” people cannot use)

To “read” clearly such people, only by looking at his face in several key incidents can fully reflect the essence of his “white-eyed wolf.” Those who do not know how to be grateful will naturally not be grateful for their own platforms, nor will they thank anyone who once supported and helped him. Naturally, he will not become a “device.”

Such people often think that they are inherently arrogant (self-conceited). They think that everything they have obtained is taken for granted and that all their achievements will be treated as their own efforts. He will forget that he walked along the way to others for his guidance and hard work. Nature will not be grateful! electric discharge machining

One such “white-eyed wolf” person, even if his ability is stronger, I believe there will not be a boss, the boss will go to him how to train.

Third, a person whose quality is not high, but lacks acceptance of other people’s training is not worth cultivating. (Students can’t be trained)

Its quality is not high, including cultural quality, professional skills.All these can be improved through learning and training the day after tomorrow. However, if you do not have a deep understanding of your own flaws, you do not have the ability to accept and change them with humility, and you cannot afford to train or appoint them. electric discharge machining

Fourth, people who have low ability to accept and understand are unwilling to train. (The person who “decays wood” cannot cultivate)

“The stone from other hills can be used to attack jade”. It is a piece of jade material that can be carved into a jade. Deadwood is hard to come by! electric discharge machining

A subordinate who is not sufficiently “bright” is difficult to entrust with the important task. Bringing such a subordinate will only make your boss physically and mentally exhausted.He often did something wrong. He still felt innocent. This kind of person is only suitable for simple, repetitive work and requires more attention. Unusable.

V. A person who is not loyal to him can’t be appointed (the people who live in the wall are unfit for use). electric discharge machining

From the point of view of the company and the boss, the company’s employees must be loyal to the company and must not do damage to the interests of the company or the boss. At the same time, we must not ignore the phenomenon that damages the interests of the company and the boss. Standing in the position of the boss, it cannot be tolerated that the subordinate’s betrayal of his own.

Such people can be attached to A today for their own benefit, and tomorrow they can still rely on B for their own interests. Those who do not stand firm are unwilling to use it.

Ability is very important, but one thing is more important than ability. That is a character. electric discharge machining

Characters are the highest academic qualifications of people, and they are the foundation of human capabilities. They are scarce and precious quality labels in today’s society. Characters and abilities, like left and right hands:

Only ability, no character, people will be incomplete. Character determines attitude, attitude determines behavior, and behavior determines the final result. The character is far-reaching. No one will be willing to trust and reuse a poor-quality employee. electric discharge machining

The good character has become a solid foundation for modern career promotion and a solid foundation for successful life.

Twelve characters more important than the ability

First, loyalty

Standing on the company’s position to think about issues and loyalty to protect the interests of the company, it will stand the test of temptation. electric discharge machining

Second, dedicated

The purpose of the job is not only to pay, to provide services that exceed the reward, and to be willing to make personal sacrifices for work.

Third, automatic spontaneous

Do not confess everything to others, from “dome” to “do it” and take the initiative to do something “extraordinary.” High demand: one step and three steps. electric discharge machining

Fourth, responsible

The core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility. Every small thing is done well. There is absolutely no excuse for the promise of good fortune so that the ball of the problem ends with you. It is not because of negligence that it makes a big mistake. electric discharge machining

Fifth, pay attention to efficiency

With no distractions and dedication to quantify the daily work, procrastination is the most vicious killer of the cause; focusing on priorities and preventing perfectionism become the enemy of efficiency.

Sixth, result oriented

From the outset, we must think about how to get things done. There are always more ways to solve the problems than before. We must create conditions to accomplish the tasks. We must do the right things the first time and accomplish tasks that exceed expectations. electric discharge machining

Seventh, good at communication

Face to face, on the spot to solve, communication and gossip are two different things, not to say and speak too much is a mistake, with plans to ask questions, cultivate emotional intelligence to accept criticism.

Eighth, cooperation

The team advances in advance, retreats to itself, integrates drip into the sea, personally integrates into the team, obeys the overall arrangement, and observes discipline to ensure combat effectiveness; improper team “shortcomings” are mostly considered by others and allow the ability to be amplified in the team. electric discharge machining

Ninth, aggressive

Always keep up with the pace of business, to learn with empty cups, to grab, squeeze time to charge, develop their own “comparative advantage” and challenge themselves.

Tenth, low-key

It is not high-confidence to overcome the “overkill,” the psychology, do not put on the shelf to play qualifications; give people a respect, and strive to achieve a consistent name, performance is only the starting point, honor can be used as the driving force. electric discharge machining

Eleventh, economy

Don’t put your boss’s money into improper use of money, be honest and not clever, don’t waste every piece of paper, don’t waste every minute of work time; spend every penny of the company, you must receive the maximum benefit: all profits are saved. electric discharge machining

Twelfth, Thanksgiving

Think of who made you today? The company gives you work, work gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, coworkers give you cooperation, customers help you create performance, opponents let you see the distance, and critics make you perfect. electric discharge machining

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