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【HR】Examination and refinement of assessment indicators (3) How to set index weights

The assessment indicators have been established, but what is important and which is secondary, and how should the proportion or weight of their respective scores be determined? How much more appropriate? And so on, we must clearly and clearly prior to the development of the assessment scale; otherwise, we cannot count the assessment results. In this regard, the practice of many companies is decided by their superiors based on experience. electrical discharge machining
Then, how do you determine the weight of the assessment indicators?

Reference resolution:
The distribution of weights for evaluation indicators is mostly judged by human experience, but it is also not possible to arbitrarily shoot the head. Usually, the general rules and principles must also be followed:

1. Generally, there are 5 to 8 assessment indicators for a job, and the weight of each indicator is generally set between 5 and 30%. It cannot be too high or too low. If the weight of an indicator is too high, it may be It will make employees only pay attention to the high-weighted indicator while ignoring others. If the weight is too low, it cannot attract enough attention to give up the indicator. This indicator is meaningless. electrical discharge machining

2. The more senior positions, the greater the weight of the financial business indicators and performance indicators he assumes; the lower the level of jobs, the smaller the weight of the process indicators they undertake, and the greater the weight of the work results in indicators. Big.

3. For most posts, according to the principle of “quantitative, qualitative, and qualitative, followed by qualitative”, it is generally preferred to set the weight of quantitative indicators, and the weight of quantitative indicators is more important than the weight of qualitative indicators.

4, according to the 20/80 rule, usually the most important indicators are often only two or three, if there is one, then its weight is generally more than 60%; if there are two, then the weight of each indicator is generally more than 30% If there are 3, then the weight of each indicator is generally above 20%. electrical discharge machining

5, In order to facilitate calculation and comparison, indicator weights are generally multiples of 5%, the minimum is 5%, too small is meaningless.

The methods for setting index weights are “simple sorting coding method (human-defined coding value, too simple and subjective), multiple number ring method (requiring the support of historical data), preferential order comparison method (more practical), and analytic hierarchy process (too complicated ), etc. According to our practical experience, we use the Delphi method and the pairwise comparison method to determine the index weight.

During the specific operations, we will ask the incumbent of the position, representatives of upstream and downstream colleagues, direct supervisors, department heads, HR and members of the company performance committee to form an expert group. Follow these steps:

In the first step, the importance of the indicators is first compared and ranked in pairs, and the ranking of the indexes with the highest number of votes is the final order of the importance of the indicators. The higher the degree of importance is, the higher the weight is, and vice versa. electrical discharge machining

The second step, according to the principle of index weight setting, the weight of each index is set by the members of the expert group, and then the HR carries out the aggregated average and returns the result to each “expert”. Then, the expert based on this feedback result. , Adjust the weights of the indicators that have been set up respectively, and finally the HR is responsible for summing the averages (taking an integer), which is the final weight of the indicators.

Among them, HR will try to collect more historical data and organize strategic objectives and requirements for “experts” to use for reference, and provide relevant training for experts on the “universal rules and principles of weight setting” before assessment.

Therefore, even if it is artificial to determine the index weights based on experience, it must be based on laws and regulations. It should be determined by multiple people who are closely related to the job being assessed, rather than being handed over to one person. electrical discharge machining

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