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[HR] Performance System Construction (3) How to choose a performance appraisal tool?

The use of performance appraisal tools is the key to promoting performance appraisal implementation. Through the use of performance tools, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive assessment of employees’ work performance, workability and work attitude for different departments and jobs, so as to ensure the objectivity and effectiveness of performance evaluation. electro discharge machining
So, please ask:
1. During the construction of the performance system, did your company use assessment tools?
2. How to choose performance appraisal tools to ensure the objectivity and effectiveness of performance appraisal work. electro discharge machining

Reference resolution:
Due to the work experience relationship, there are not many performance appraisal tools that I have used in the actual work. The management methods of the company where I work have been relatively developed, with more continuation and less innovation. The current performance appraisal tools used are mainly 360-degree performance appraisal, KPI performance appraisal, and key event method appraisal.

First, promote the use of assessment to the mid-level rank: 360-degree performance appraisal.
360-degree performance feedback refers to the understanding of individual performance from all angles including employees themselves, supervisors, direct subordinates, colleagues, and even customers: communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership capabilities, administrative capabilities, etc. Through this ideal Performance appraisal. The appraisers can not only obtain feedback from multiple perspectives from themselves, supervisors, subordinates, colleagues, and even customers, but also can clearly understand their own shortcomings, strengths, and development needs from these different feedbacks, enabling future career development. Smoother. electro discharge machining
Because the 360-degree assessment is relatively cumbersome, it will be taken when only the key personnel of our company are promoted. In the process of implementation, the supervisory leader, two senior-level personnel, and four directly subordinates shall conduct multi-dimensional assessment and evaluation once. As the result of the assessment does not play a decisive role in the promotion of the employee, it is rarely used at present. From my experience, the method is good. The key lies in the suitability of your company. I think that only companies in a stable period are suitable for the high-level people to use this method.

Second, the assessment of all non-business employees: KPI performance appraisal.
KPI performance appraisal is to use key indicators as evaluation criteria and to compare employee performance with key indicators in a comparative evaluation method. To a certain extent, it can be said as the target management method. Key indicators must meet the SMART principles: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. The advantage of this method is that the standards are clear and easy to evaluate. Its disadvantage is that it is more difficult to establish standards for simple work; it lacks a certain degree of quantification; performance indicators are just a few key indicators, and they lack some evaluation of other contents. electro discharge machining
In the enterprise, the appraisal of the management department is more applicable, because the work performed by the management department is often difficult to quantify. Therefore, it is more practical to use the key performance indicators made according to the specific job responsibilities of the employees as the assessment criteria. From the perspective of my operating experience, we must pay attention to the following points in the process of making key performance indicators for employees: First, there must be specific requirements for the formulation of indicators, that is, the SMART principles mentioned above; second, there must be explicit agreements on evaluation criteria; Third, the data support for evaluating its completion must be true and reliable, and the best source of data should come from outside this department. electro discharge machining

Third, other methods have been used: critical event assessment.
The key event method is a method of examining the performance of the appraisers through the analysis and evaluation of the events that the appraisers were extremely successful or extremely failed in their work. Obviously, the key event of a job is the difference between effective work and invalid work. It is recorded by the supervisor when each person does these things. These records provide a performance-based starting point for performance assessment. electro discharge machining
In the year-end appraisal of our company, one year of implementation of the key event appraisal has not been very satisfactory. The reason for the failure lies in the fact that the understanding of this appraisal method at all levels is biased, the degree of attention of the employees is not high, and the accumulation of key events is not done daily. Well, it was later replaced by the KPI performance appraisal method. At present, this method is only used as an aid to 360-degree performance evaluation when employees are promoted.

There are many kinds of performance appraisal tools. This is not the best but the most suitable thing. As the HR department, we must choose the right way and method according to the actual situation of each company.electro discharge machining

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