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No! HUAWEI 8 year science Gongnv Shuo (heart: reflections leaving)

A year ago , I left Huawei , and I was not salty . In the past year , I also said that Huawei is our company because I am still a family of Huawei .  electronic contract manufacturing services. I still have a familiar taste of Huawei in life , and I have the opportunity to skate on the beautiful campus of the Institute . But since then , it is true that there is no relationship between Huawei and Huawei , so it is really good to say goodbye .

This paper is divided into five parts:

01 graduated.

02 the years of chicken blood

03 looks beautiful

How is a strong girl made

You have abused me a thousand times, and I have treated you like a first love. electronic contract manufacturing services

01 graduated.

 Huawei Wireless 20 Anniversary Ring, cast with the first generation of base stations, engraved with the name of the staff. In the company, this is a period of burning years like a good proof of fire!!!

Photo: Huawei P7 phone.

Every Huawei person has such a feeling: when someone around you leave, you can’t help asking yourself, when is I? Yes, for us, Huawei is just another university, with a large number of fresh meat coming in every year, refined or returned to society after destructing martial arts. We call it graduation. I have an eight and a half years of schooling. Research and Development Department of several transfers, comprehensive grades B, regular honest students. electronic contract manufacturing services.

When asked about the reasons for leaving, I said, “because I’m not calm. It’s true.” Bai Yansong said that if there is no peace, there will be no happiness. I am really experiencing a dull sense of happiness. Because of the inner peace of mind. electronic contract manufacturing services. People roam in the heart of work, feel floating, no root, no nutrition, no enthusiasm, only numbness and day after day mechanical work.

Why not calm?

I ‘ m curious to kill the cat . From the school , there is a deep abyss of Huawei , and so many years have not looked up . In the university of Huawei , the grass – roots infantry , like a screw nail , cultivated his own mu of three fields and dared not slacken . And the company also offered a full range of services like a body – sitter. electronic contract manufacturing services

It is these good and convenient to make a batch of ” Huawei people ” with special labels . electronic contract manufacturing services. Everyone enjoys the convenience of the company to improve the working efficiency , and has a longing for the flower world outside . For those who have already seen it , Hi , this is enough , why do you waste their energy on it . But _ Everyone is a river of desire . It ‘ s shallow and shallow . But Huawei , its special place is just , simple and closed . Of course , plus the time that takes up a great majority of people , let this experience enrich the life of the link missing . So , the cat who heard the story of a star at half – point finally couldn ‘ t help jump out , what was it outside of it . electronic contract manufacturing services

External cause 2: the natural conflict between wolf and lamb.

Huawei’s wolf nature is well known. One year, when my chicken blood was not cool, I made a small supervisor, trying to transform himself into a wolf to obtain a promotion pass. electronic contract manufacturing services. He bought all kinds of classic management books and tried to be an elegant wolf acting according to the rules of civilized society.

There is a famous rule in the pack: “endure, be hard, roll.” when you first entered the pack, the foundation was shaky and you could only endure it. Then there were two options, either to train yourself into a more ferocious wolf, and not just to be a fierce opponent. electronic contract manufacturing services. To each link of the cooperation chain ruthless, must be ruthless to oneself; Either go. Three different, endure from the intolerable. Then go away.

Lamb hit the heart or more like warm like jade, want to enjoy a hundred flowers autumn moon, a handful of red mud Yue body and mind.

Internal cause 1: food, clothing, and lust.

Once, at dinner with a customer in the Philippines, a small group asked me to teach him how to speak Chinese. I asked, “what do you speak in Chinese?” “Food and clothing, thinking about lust,” he taught, pointing to a face across the street with a bad smile on his face. electronic contract manufacturing services. “what do you mean, you know?” “is to eat and dress warm start to think not to think of”.

When man thinks, God laughs. But what can he do if he is fed and clothed?

The most common thing I’ve been thinking about in the past two years: what kind of state will I be in ten years from now on at the current pace? Look around the elderly colleagues, endless overtime, time can not be self-control; Grumpy, entangled in numerous fine events; After a meal, I complain about the company, and then continue to do things with patience. With this qualification in my field, I can really see the future. This is not what I want to see myself. If a moment of patience can be exchanged for later sublimation, it may still be able to insist, but I can not see. electronic contract manufacturing services.

When this idea flashes, I can not calm down: this is the legend of life, ah, let the rest of the good years continue to spin around?

Internal cause 2: the so-called physical and mental differences.

There have always been coworkers around him: when you talk to him about new technology, his eyes shine. He works like a fireball. Gleaming. It’s so beautiful to envy. electronic contract manufacturing services. That’s what you call doing what you love. Fuel for yourself. You don’t have to stir up fire outside. But I’m not. I know more and more that my talent is not here. From the bottom of my heart, I do not love science, but also want to “pick chrysanthemum under the hedge, leisurely Nanshan” farming life. I love words far more than numbers. This seed, which has been carefully buried by me, has been expanding rapidly in the past two years.

An article by Taiwanese writer Hsiao Yeo, “even if you make a wrong choice, life won’t ruin it,” has caught on with Moments, probably because everyone has gone through such a change of consciousness. Only through experience and internalization can we become one with ourselves, and only when we return inside and outside, can we find peace in our hearts.

So I wanted to stop and look for something that would bring me back to life and glow all the way. Many people say that giving up years of accumulation to start over is too expensive. And this age is also awkward. I have no confidence, can only serve chicken soup: “every day is the youngest day of the rest of my life.” electronic contract manufacturing services. “Life is never too late to start”. Never again when 28 or 8 years of age to choose a new life, from the heart, let alone-

The past years are not meaningless, this is the most important stop in the journey of life, to solve the food and clothing, exercise the ability to solve complex problems, macro, micro things, careful thinking. Pressure. These are the bases for survival. electronic contract manufacturing services.

As I wrote in my farewell letter: “when the time to leave finally arrived, it was calm, those usual grievances or complaints with the passage of time to calm down.” electronic contract manufacturing services. All that remains is the habitual frown that seems to have to wait for enough sunshine to stretch out. The company / job is not good or bad, only suitable for yourself, accompanied all day long. “it’s really like a partner. You breathe and connect here, and the atmosphere ultimately shapes what we see each other, we’re each other’s magnetic fields. It’s not so good here, it’s not so much that you don’t see a better self here.”

So, goodbye, Huawei! The most beautiful years meet, have not failed. From then on after the new life of youth, meet happiness, meet a better self!!!

02, those who sleep and the chicken years

Many years ago, after a seven day holiday, I asked the group of colleagues, what holiday. “Sleep seven days”, moritomo said. What is “sleep”? Is lying in bed awake every day, play the game the movies, sleepy sleep, hungry called a takeaway. electronic contract manufacturing services.

Enough sleep, although exaggerated, image! Just graduated is a single HUAWEI man of real life. But why? At the age of 26 have a little marriageable age!

One, two.

I tried to remember to pull back in 2006, it was the beginning of the April, the northern spring. The first plane, went to the headquarters in Shenzhen brigade training, is the outside world that’s brainwashing. Humidity and heat in the southern part of the country coming together, green grass, blue sky, so warm and so beautiful. HUAWEI Bantian base has good width. The African continent gorgeous segmented European manor. My heart is a little shook.

Get up at five in the morning, wearing shorts and T-shirts with tall and handsome instructors running strength to challenge my limit, anyway, every day people fainted. Then rushed in the recent cafeteria breakfast. All the way back to the dormitory BaiCaoYuan again close to eight points. In the shower dress, high heels skirt suit pianxian jingle road in the HUAWEI university training center. The spring breeze to willow fiber, then prostitute no color. The class content is nothing more than corporate culture, information security, military training. Members of the state, and go to sleep quietly, talk about which class instructors more handsome. These legendary guoqiban retired soldiers, but Yan burst table values.

What about the bright spot?

The day before the first class, the instructor named, called the name must immediately stand up, with the pubic region of the gas to emit the most powerful “.” it can be difficult for the princess like delicate reserved girls and high cold sad little prince, often hold back flushed and even cried many times before they can call through. Can become a shadow?! the first female man and beast practice. The roll call, began to show the learning content grouping the day before. Eighteen Wu Yi on the same stage, comic sketch Chuiladanchang, I was once the head arrangement recited a poem she wrote, up to now have the blush.

The blood surging wildly beating gongs and drums for two weeks, ending with a debate and a magnificent art show. The theme of the debate is still Affirmative: “dry line love line”, the “dry line love line”. Of course it is where I won Affirmative, culture oriented company. electronic contract manufacturing services. The point is, we change to twelve o’clock every night. Later, the lack of sleep, lack of sleep! But I later found out that other members of the debate team that we also participated in the theatrical festival, midnight to Ganchang. Not to enter the working state, has pulled the bow crossbow.

At the beginning of the training, instructors told the points deduction rules, and threatened five percent behind is to be eliminated. But the fact is that the training is not over yet, take the initiative to leave people occupied places. The company is more afraid of you go. But I think the brainwashing extremely successful, the school has a lazy bones from in a push lightly out of temper, and poured a brain with blood, and full of passion, with unchanging devotion to the motherland to the chrysanthemum.

Back to the Institute, began a three month internship. The first few days, I was eight to company leisurely and carefree, every day, and then the six flash. Not the legendary and the smoke of war without limit overtime. Until Friday, Agui euphemism said to me: “we Tuesday and Thursday is the default work overtime, internship, the best every day, learn more.” Oh, I just wake up, my tutor is away on a business trip, no one told me about rules. Well, this life began to work overtime.

The tutor developed a three month study plan for me, Excel table details focus of study per week, to output. So, every Monday with the theme, collecting information from the seniors, Monday to Thursday watching summary, Friday to write study notes. The next week will arrange a night to of course, the main share, is the senior question, it is to test the learning effect. In that three months, there is no doubt that I am playing foot chicken, all material intensive summary, study notes detailed specification. From the beginning of the second month, also took some simple work, no matter tedious or boring, as I have the same decree seriously. Then come the end of the internship, positive defense grade A, plus 500 yuan of salary, named outstanding new employees. The practice at the beginning of the said five percent elimination rate? Perhaps they paipaipigu gone.

Two, three

After the above two was independent there are opportunities for children to go left. Left to be root seedlings are red: accept the HUAWEI culture, the key is hard, there is no other optional retreat, to continue practicing in this great melting pot, not two years like a “HUAWEI” hereinafter referred to as the “HUAWEI. Male Tingshi quick trick”:

The first one: the company can not cut off. Outside the network, can not use the camera mobile phone (HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone turned out to cancel), of course it will not work for non internet mobile phone, phone can not exceed five minutes. So we only entertainment, is before the lunch administrative service window, mainly dating column tasting together beauty. When HUAWEI male is very popular, there are several good qualities: women love less money Mensao. And so, the social aesthetic are limited slowly in this small circle. Rumors: if you have a long-term relationship to students, either dead, or in HUAWEI. With certainty.

Second strokes: not nap. Lay on a table. Each one inch size desk bottom under a blanket, after lunch, a blanket, turn off the lights, the men and women of adjacent and sleep, and there is a spectacular ceremony, think of junior high school in the school desk chair nap event. From a medical point of view, it is good on the body. For the company, can guarantee the afternoon nap full of go, this energy can also continue to work overtime at night. Anyway, nap time is long deducted from work, Why not?. the perfect realization of all the waking hours are handed over to the company.

The third measure: black shoes. Don’t know why a formal training unit, installed B two weeks later, came to his office, dumbfounded. People are dressed in black trousers black shoes, your entire suit and tie and white shirt, should not work card hanging like this outfit from sellers. The pressure from the bottom of the box, with Byebye. in the pit in the fashion that a few small woman I would not move to dress the idea. This can save a lot of money, the number two shopping hand can count that time. People say I look like a student, only now the implication is that you react, soil.

In the way of uniting the retreat, every day can only be faster in the eyes of the opening and closing to remember. All over to the company, learning ability is strong. With hitherto unknown project learning by doing, one running the supplier’s production line now sell, establish brand contacts in their field. This feeling is the bamboo in the underground rhizome stretch after four years, roared out, one day the sky. Tired is tired, but have a gas Dantian heart kind of hope, is blooming. It is said that this time the growth of a year for five years, this is true. In the past two years, HUAWEI male Tingshi work practice. electronic contract manufacturing services

One of the children of ordinary people in the HUAWEI platform on the chicken struggle of a period of history. On the surface of silent, bleak, but internal quietly harvest, also with pleasure. So when I look back, my heart hot, clearly see is the glow of youth, in the dark, slightly shining a. This is perhaps HUAWEI can give the most worthy experience of a period of years.

03 it looks beautiful

Picture story: HUAWEI’s “rotten foot” advertising on a large scale in the early years of this year, our life, pain, and happy.

Sleep over two years later, little meat has described the full time to the best. Stock dividends, income rise. Every chicken was not cool when it is full of confidence of the potential, is unmatched in the martial arts of the heart. The president of the gold medal colleague looked at the annual party, standing in the ring in Western dress and leather shoes. Next, oneself also smug. If the story goes, everything looks very beautiful!

Just like this afternoon, the sun just came to the edge. I held a lemon black tea from HUAWEI Coffee Inn, and sat down at the window of the dining hall, spreading the paper and pen.

At present, while a fall, the whole face of the glass window out of the window by a landscape of lakes and mountains: abundant artificial lake, the weeping willow brushed the surface, Shiba waves, Lake placed a stone, as the fish swim lake. The gentle slope, lush green grass, colorful trees in their respective places. A stone beams thatched quietly fell on the hillside, rustic atmosphere. The sun looked up and down from the glass roof poured warm and soft.

The huge dining room very quiet. The operating room in an enclosed area, can not see the chef cooking scene also smell the smoke. Several aunts in mopping the floor, the distant display plate collision sound, dozens of different flavors of food for people.Coffee Inn line small corner some lively, high chair on coffee colleagues or customers, and talked quietly or discuss the issue.

The canteen center on the wall, a poster with the P7 team’s hero photos, wireless Fellow, senior experts. A wise, a pair of bright achieve success and win recognition.

The first time on the sidelines from the outside look, if the heart suddenly. It really is a legend in the labor intensive, rich grass root large chrysanthemum plant? If I were a new job seekers, the short glance may fall in love with the chrysanthemum. If I is the identity of the reporter. Then this glance, text and public opinion what will happen.

Your quick glance looks very beautiful. I lived among them, see what?

As the mainstay of good physical strength, frequent off-site development, ranging from three months to more than a year. It is the deep separation and his loneliness and remorse, unable to change into the abyss. “Don’t let me go back to my wife to divorce” can’t become the chips, there’s no shortage of screws nail;

As a key module is responsible for people, often late into the night without a clue of helplessness, and the fear of tomorrow can not cross anxiety. No project was completed by follow the prescribed order to seize the initiative, is the flesh and blood of the the Great Wall;

As the project manager, to a sentence, “to deal with the leaders of the I as long as the result”, “don’t tell me the reason.” down, fighting in various fields, open the unit wall, stir the rigid process, which is always pushing the passing through a sense of reduced to fragments. Each project is a badly bruised from flogging after rebirth;

The so-called office spaces, a large table ten people, sitting side by side eye is awkward and noisy;

Regular overtime on Saturday at the end of the month extends to the company every Saturday, and will always owe his family a company and a holiday.

Drag off quickly expired day dare to ask, just to give an account of partner;

Reluctant to sign the “striver agreement”, he claims to voluntarily give up the humiliation of paid annual leave and overtime.

No social without friends heart full, left in the world the confusion……

One hundred and sixty thousand people, one hundred and sixty thousand is not easy. The story of love hate, glory is lost, there is growing numb spirit.

And I, also because of split sector business, began almost a year of life in Shenzhen. It is the last day of the honeymoon, I am in Lijiang, received a telephone from direct supervisor: leadership, on top of me. In the official standard thought prevailing China, already is a good thing. So at the end of a holiday to Shenzhen. Just one year, has experienced three director, business confusion situation emerge in an endless stream.

Then one day, on his way to work, ride to some urgent thing, in the underground garage is full of fine edges even when the slope did not get off, remember that the brake brakes were broken. Then I will fly out, face down, suddenly bloody I’m a little scattered. Was standing in the basement entrance guard, ran over and gave me a big ball of toilet paper, and then help me to call a taxi. A colleague be strangers to each other from the side of indifference and, with the typical HUAWEI entirely absorbed expression. Own a taxi to the hospital, the car leave messages account. Cleaning needle shooting, I finally saw his face: the left half of the face is almost all the injuries, six stitches. A lost piece of meat, no seam, the doctor said let it go, leave scar. And then check the other place can hardly be avoided, hands, arms, legs shoulder. The Department also has many traumas, green a piece of purple.

Later an expert I respect very much talk, he was once a day in the morning, home to be held up for a while, in order to catch up with your important meeting presided over the car, riding fast, then fly in the corner when the hip was broken. The magic is back at home after a year, found that he believes that the most important thing is no progress in his hand. It seems that we have overestimated their importance.

What a painful understanding!

Back to the topic of “rotten feet”, the foot looks beautiful, elegant and beautiful shoes is soft and slender ankles, and dancers to see it is a left foot, to change the shape of the support system. Like friends left to Dali writing business inn, what you see is the Erhai lake and pleasant afternoon reading time, but a friend eyes is a housewife trivial work and life away from the main channel of the unrest.

The boss said: “we drink less coffee than others, do some work, in fact we do not have what advantage than others. It is because we are too late, the growth of our life is too short, the accumulation of little things, we have a little more hardship than others, so we have a ballet foot, a only bad foot, I think it is HUAWEI, pain and happiness, HUAWEI is a rotten feet.”

Romain Rolland said: “life is hard. It is a day and night of struggle not mediocrity ordinary people, is often tragic, not Sinorama, no happiness, loneliness and quiet start in the struggle. They can only rely on their own, but sometimes even the strongest people not from wasted in suffering.

Any one behind the things are beyond the ordinary, extraordinary pay. Jobs’s “only the paranoid survive, not only from abuse. Foxconn also extremely accurate and efficient production line, production of luxury electronic products at the same time, also killing a young child of the industrial age and HUAWEI the light of life. And in the growth of national pride and trample on the road, how many ordinary people’s dignity and dreams. They are in a different dimension to promote the development of civilization, enriching people’s life. It is great.

The sun falls away, to work, well, pen pen, finally a glance out the window of the amazing. How wonderful life, such as spring forest Chusheng, at the beginning of spring, spring is ten in longitudinal as well as the joys of spring you. Along the way, good self care!

04, how do women men practice it

Busy all day, meeting, telephone, problem confirmation, scheme analysis… Feeling brain is like a three-dimensional transportation hub. All kinds of transportation tools are hurting by, dangerous and heavy breathing.

Suddenly raised his head, subconsciously glanced at the time, at five o’clock in the afternoon. The office is busy with colleagues, wake up just as exhausting from a dream, is not true. I stood up, trying to stretch the stiff neck, a female colleague has attracted my attention. She was being discussed and a group of tall male colleagues, a fierce, thin and small she stood in the middle, trying to keep the scene. It’s always the same day, I was in such a male army fighting. I look at her face, this is a yellow face, pale, lack of moisture my mind suddenly emerge a word leaves. Yes, like countless finished the night, I see in the mirror near his face. No whitewash on the face, not even lotion moist traces. Maybe in the morning is a senior nurse Daub skin products, after nearly ten hours of computer screen and close the eye, now already failure. This face in addition to thin profile, wearing a ponytail, can’t seem to find other female qualities. I began to pay attention to her clothes, preppy sweater, jeans, flat shoes, baggy, tone dim. No bright and graceful, not to mention the fashion, like most of the R & D girl.

Eyesight, or other activities of female colleagues figure, I salute one sweep line. A new promotion mom, rushing from the water pump room had rushed into the next room, one sent over from the foreign research institution of the couple joy in their marriage. girl, with a white mug boiling water left. As the eyes are less preoccupied by some troubles, look, is who said that, as if covered with a layer of ash. Oh, just fresh recruits across the field. Helen of Troy, extraordinary neotenous face filled with glory, the eyes of a little but still braved the light with profound respect and humility, I can not help but smile. See, like the fresh for many years before his.

Jingle bell, the phone rang, three minutes out the end time. Pick up the phone side, while the small heart soothing Appropriateness. The wolves melee six years, slowly learn to let yourself. The all things must have a solution, time opportunity. Facing the phone roar or argue: good, calm.

In an instant, the time to work, the office does not appear instantly the noisy scene, anyway, night training is not a kind of trembling little darling thing is not waiting for work. If you are determined to work normally, it must make the corner quietly leave, otherwise you will carry the bag in the corridor in the elevator hear and so on blessing: “good happiness ah, do not work overtime at night”, “go so early”, “home”… Sometimes… Quite envious of isolation office girls, on which high extrusion punch in machine, Jiji twitter, then meet the shopping ah delicacy ah, a secular the fireworks taste, but also reeky. And we, walk a few steps away from the company cafeteria food to complete it, and then work.

Remember the initial day, in the office received a phone call, I went, people asked me if I was a secretary. “No, why do you say that?” in addition to this department secretary is male ah. “I know, more than 100 departments, from the beginning of our year. Recruited three women. Since then, a batch of high degree of Gongnv, young father bosom gentle little lover, studying the way the Curve Wrecker, one after another, into the full male wolf Legion. Skim the femininity, the convergence of beautiful wings, a hidden emotional, and men. Roll up sleeves carry instruments alone overseas site commissioning, research all night…… from a point of view, this is another kind of beauty, I have a deep yearning for beauty, economic independence, equal pay for equal work and men, working with the baby two not mistake, dubbed social woman man. How to listen to the great leap forward” iron Gu “The mother” is a bit of a source. It is a hundred years’ efforts by women, sir. From another perspective, like I am jumping out of a nightmare today, as a bystanders, I see a flower that has lost its sunshine and dew and is prematurely withered.

If the high pressure work wheting, gave the woman a tough shell, disguised as a man, then the mother of this identity, female man. An established fact graduate work for five or six years, has been standing, the children. Others said a pregnant three silly, we are pregnant for three years. No time to destroy you silly, the pregnancy doing what, lactation that is fighting life. HUAWEI provides women from pregnancy within three years from the date of issue is not. Since then, the female man’s occupation career. The child is a sudden turn for the worse, not in my stomach, but also born in the same family Dad, was vacuum. The mother can be a night to sleep and then repeated lactation for second days, to work harder, so as not to be seen in a company. Since Dad clean place to sleep soundly. Parents, that is the interest class of mothers.

It is said that a woman’s motherhood is born, after a close resonance of the ten month of pregnancy, a get out of hand. So, this ancient natural tending son now fell to the woman, even in this woman also went hunting in. For men, the one shot bullets and other similar so the father is to rely on social culture. Since the social and workplace environment only gives men hunting pressure, and not the father. The father of spontaneous automatic pressure is not enough, in this is also uneven. The only woman self blood tempered woman man. With the upgrade, release the second the policy, do not know how many woman turned out.

“Qiaoxiaoqianxi, energy-saving”, “with words not spit, gas if the orchids’ ancestors’s woman who lived in this era, presumably the tiger, but looks so cute! The person, even into practice of the female man, as well as always peeping out heart: but only 28, the heart to the person?

05 You have been abusing me a thousand times, and I have treated you like a first love

There is a post HUAWEI voice community: a word about your feelings for HUAWEI, ranked first is: “Welcome to join the conference” (welcome to join the conference call). Welcomed! 24 hours a day, no matter when and where, as long as the mobile phone, have heard this wonderful voice, the lady is sweet and occupation voice, all kinds of conference call invite you to somehow.

One Saturday night, 11:50, wait a day I just finished up the child, and put myself into bed, the mobile phone rang (forget mute, sin a sin), a look at the number 8100, immediately turned on. It sounded the musical “Welcome to join the conference”, and then a group of boys quarrel. Version Manager: “do you remember * * *”? “Don’t remember, to check the document.” then you can come to the company now “? Is disturbing the sleep of the daughter is at this time beside cries for help.” I paused…… “:” the number I before a mail sent to you, who can check in the company. ”

“Who know?…… Silence, do not want to pull people into the water.” this problem must be solved “tonight.” * * * “. Then, through the phone to call someone’s voice,” * * *, you now to come…… “” well, now? Okay…… “. I hung up the phone, crying more than the side to comfort her daughter, heart is disturbed.

HUAWEI man has become a beast, female man lucky people, smile.

One Saturday afternoon, I was alone in the car carrying the child in a crowded ring, mobile phone rang, I didn’t answer. To drive the level to red light. 000 parking is not received after a while again, did not answer. Third times, fourth times sounded. Gosh, what the most urgent thing ah! Do not Guanwei, pick up the mobile phone, 8100, after “Welcome to join the on conference”. A bass voice sounded: “I write in * * * characteristics document, there is a place to discuss with you.” “don’t worry? Hurry please email me. This Monday, will drive home is not convenient, or I’ll call you back.” “just ask…” I Balabala… “. you two question is not clear, sorry to call you back. Hang up, or life matters.

HUAWEI logic: when I work overtime, you’re working overtime, or you’ll have to wait!

This is like a child, to be honest, can be in a company for seven, eight years, it must be true. No matter what. Even if it is still in a disastrous state, never abandon for a variety of reasons to leave, is full of sadness. What’s more, in the workplace, HUAWEI really is my first love, though not love at first sight, but I was nothing to pursue, once phase, will follow the hell-bent, love is eight years. Now turn, is dubious, lopsided.

This article turned over, and then no later. This opportunity I will make a solid summary: Why are you so successful, and how do you want to abandon me?

First, the inspiring power of the boss God.

More than eight years of grassroots veterans, even long distance to face no chance boss, but the old man’s face is deeply engraved in my mind, such as the gods. Remember the brigade training, watching the boss’s speech video, living a heroic epic. Then if the light weight per person the boss sent an anthology, “HUAWEI winter”, “my father mother” and so on, and there is no lack of clear and concise strokes xiagurouchang, powerful content, let me this Wen Qing admired. After every year or change, the boss set the book, pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi. As long as you see the boss the text, you can feel the heartbeat of HUAWEI HUAWEI reeky, life is busy, the elderly eyesight is poison, HUAWEI is very safe. The ship channel was full.

Second, execution.

The above two things can see only a small part. Over the years with the army from top to bottom line color. For example, project change, leadership will immediately call the charge of the leadership, the leadership in charge of the responsibility to find a charge, then transfer layers to specific implementation staff, to be half an hour. Then, from the weekend call the director explained next Monday need to deal with things we are common. Fast response, high efficiency, deep foreign customers love; but also a false alarm, to give people the feeling is that the leaders of fashion, even the execution state of extreme nervousness.. To the grassroots level, often also too far. Claiming to be staff fodder seems to be a perfect performance of leadership or the success of the product machine, is used without dignity. “The murderous roll” law of homeopathy and health, grass-roots staff in a side of himself, have the opportunity to take management More forcefully emulate the “ruthless” technique, which is simply a magic weapon for the promotion of the career path.

Third, group operations.

This is a group of sharks picture, like gangbusters. Conventional projects, since the date of operation to form a combined fleet, closed brainstorming, collaborative development, the wolf has absolute leadership. Encounter unexpected or heavyweight project, manpower and resources in place of minutes, luxury top. Next is sleepless and melee. Ever-victorious invincible myth, are in a state of combat readiness for the moment of the wolves, not surprisingly. Last year, Samsung Chinese removed some R & D center, said the future of retrenched workers when laughing: “to shun big HUAWEI.”

Fourth, process.

To ensure the operation stability and reliability of products, lack of anyone can, every aspect of the people is on the line in the upper screws. This is the only way which must be passed the industrial civilization development, and our culture, but also ignorance in the official standard, people is technology rich way, basic research and development personnel are not confined to a corner. Settle down deep, and restless depressed. The company claims to R & D dog, called chrysanthemum plant mental labor intensive. “Our” I “factory”, a bitter tears.

Fifth, material stimulation.

With grass root wonders. Most of us are from rural or small city, once so hard, now hard, lack of material security. Intellectual insight to speak, we’re from 985 and 211, West Jiaotong University, West, West, into electricity, hit the majority. That is to say, we are not a crop the best, the crop has been harvested by Qinghua University, after graduating from McKinsey, four Microsoft, Google and other well-known foreign companies. We are harvesting stubble high, humble finds his fate. HUAWEI has given incentives, we established the economic base in the stage, plays a vital role. Seven to eight years, among the middle class, a firm foothold in the first-tier cities. Alongside the ship, stuffy in the cabin, a lot of people will not blink, try to stay.

Sixth, the official toss. Terms: hard work. Then the image of the point, is a long spoon has been HUAWEI pot stir, who don’t want to be. Or again big tiger in wolves chase, who dare not stop breathing. Here, you don’t dream of finding a rich and idle position. Then the wife child hot Kang joy. Comfortable doze, lose the fight, so a little signs of change. Whether it is CEO’s regional president, tone, or product line combination and reconstruction, change a evaluation system, no one is not for everyone uncomfortable. In order to keep fresh blood, avoid the labor law fifteen years of service life for eight years, staff turnover re entry. The salary system, work longer fixed pay the proportion of the total income is low, who have a clear mind, in addition to the salary, other income are obtained by performance, good performance from where What? When the intelligence is not big enough, then work hard.

Remember the first four years of work, a Sunday afternoon the people began to nervous, heartbeat, uneasy, because the end of the precious weekend, working like a boulder next to pressure in the heart. Then numb, because the habit and numbness, the more terrible than the original neurotic. I knew that when numb love is already tired. More than eight years, living too hard. Love has been pale, have been tired.

Romain Rolland said: “there is only one kind of true heroism, after recognizing the truth of life is still love life.” to express our deep respect mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, left to the heroes!

And I don’t have that.

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