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“Made in Germany” Warum kann man 100 Jahre benutzen?

The German nation started its industrialization very late. When Britain and France completed the industrial revolution, Germany was still an agricultural country. After entering the industrialization of the Germans, they have also passed through the “cottage stage” similar to today’s China: learning from Britain and France, stealing people’s technology and imitating others’ products. To this end, the British Parliament adopted a special amendment to the Trademark Law on August 23, 1887, requiring that all German imports entering the British domestic and colonial markets must be marked “Made in Germany”. “Made in Germany” was actually an insulting symbol at the time. electronic prototype manufacturing

At the beginning of Germany’s industrialization era, the university’s scientific research was completely out of line with the production field.

Although the “World Science Center” was in Germany at the time, Americans were very clever. After returning to Germany in Germany for a degree, instead of going blindly to tertiary institutions and doing research, they went to the market to run enterprises. electronic prototype manufacturing

In the early 1890s, when German scientists went to the United States to find out that the U.S. industry had the highest gold content in science and technology, it clearly put forward the principle of combining theory with practice and started to vigorously promote the development of applied science.

Since Germany had a solid foundation in basic science, it quickly established the link between scientific theory and industrial practice, and combined the world-class team of scientists, engineers and technicians in half a century, He led the “internal combustion engine and electrification revolution” and made the industrial economy in Germany get leaps and bounds.

Since then, the German machinery, chemicals, electronics, optics, until the kitchen appliances, sporting goods have become the world’s most excellent product quality, “Made in Germany” has become synonymous with quality and credibility. electronic prototype manufacturing

Almost all of Germany’s most famous companies have grown up since then. They maintain a worldwide reputation until today.

Cherish “behind” not greedy “immediate”

Germany is not a nation of “hi new”, and the Germans like to have something to experience, things with historical memory, and things with cultural memory.

“I” met a German professor who now has a tube radio in his home that was made in the 1960s and is still in use because of its good quality. I asked him, “Are you still using something so old?” He said, “yes, I saw it, and when I was young, I remembered the story of what happened to my radio when I was young. To me, To be precious! ” electronic prototype manufacturing

German ballpoint pen fell to the ground more than 10 times, picked up still be used. The dwelling houses built in Germany will not fall for 120 years or will be destroyed by the war, and the Germans will have to rebuild them as they are.

A photo of a German building called “Unchanged Germany” shows a German-built house after World War II, entirely in the style of the late medieval baroque and rococo era.

why? After World War II, almost all of Germany’s cities became ruins, and the ancient houses were basically destroyed by the war, and the Germans were distressed because Germans loved their own culture. electronic prototype manufacturing

How to do? Germans live and work also have to find out the photos of the year, the design drawings to find out that year, must be rebuilt as it is. Today you go to Germany to see that most cities do not have any modern architecture, almost all Baroque, Rococo era style.

Germany has a Royal Opera House in World War II by the U.S. aircraft completely destroyed, the Germans feel extremely bad, that opera house was built in the past 200 years before the completion of the result was destroyed. electronic prototype manufacturing

How to do? After the Second World War, the Germans encircled the ruin and engaged a group of scientists, cultural scientists, archaeologists, architects and skilled workers in the area around 35 and spent 35 years breaking the pile of bricks The tiles were reinstalled, and now you look at this royal opera house, how can you not see it is reinstall the bomb after the rotten rotten, this building has become “a world cultural heritage.”

UNESCO said: “This action itself belongs to the world’s cultural heritage.” It is precisely because of Germany’s love, respect for their own culture to such an extent, so called “immutable Germany.”

Since Germany’s economic development is not dependent on the real estate market, it is very difficult for a German architect to get a construction project. Finally, it will certainly be well designed and must be made into an art boutique. Make sure it Flow Fangbai Shi. electronic prototype manufacturing

Therefore, in Germany, you will never see two buildings will be the same. Therefore, people say that German architects do not pay attention to “immediate” but “name behind”.

Only once a person business

At a press conference, a foreign reporter asked Peter von Siemens: “Why does Germany, with a population of 80 million, have over 2,300 world famous brands?” electronic prototype manufacturing

The Siemens president replied: “It relies on our German attitude to work, the importance of every technical detail of production, and the fact that our German employees are obliged to provide first-class products Good after-sales service obligations. ”

At that time, the reporter asked him: “The ultimate goal of the enterprise is not to maximize the profits? What is its obligation?”

Siemens president replied, “No, it is Anglo-American economics, we Germans have their own economics, the German economics pursues two points:

– Production process of harmony and security;

Practicality of high-tech products. electronic prototype manufacturing

This is the soul of production, not the maximization of profits. Business operations not only for economic interests, in fact, comply with corporate ethics, excellence in manufacturing products, but also the inherent responsibility of German enterprises and obligations! ”

When it comes to “vocation”, what is the meaning of “vocation”? It’s “what God wants you to do.”

In Germany, no company is rich overnight, quickly became the focus of the world. They tend to focus on a field, a product of “small company”, “slow company”, but rarely “bad company”, there is absolutely no “fake company.”

Most of them are world-renowned companies with more than 100 years of experience and a strong emphasis on product quality and value, also known as “Invisible Champions.” electronic prototype manufacturing

Germany has a wine workshop, almost 400 years. It was fortuitously left by World War II that it was fortunate not to have been blown up by a U.S. plane. German horse brand tire company was founded in 1871, and now almost every prefecture-level city in our country has its branches. The German company Adidas was founded in 1920 and has a history of more than 94 years. As you can see, these German companies are all years old.

Germany’s products do not price war, do not compete with their peers, one because of industry protection, the second is because the price is not everything, the price war may make the whole industry into a vicious circle. German enterprises seek profit, but as long as they can guarantee basic profits and make money, the Germans are less insatiable and endlessly pursuing profits. They should consider the issue of long-term and sustainable development.

Therefore, the Germans would rather “make some profits into higher quality products and more perfect services while ensuring basic profits.” electronic prototype manufacturing

“I” had a chat in Berlin with the manager of a Felicity Pot Shop, “I” said: “Your German-made pot can last 100 years, so every time you sell it, you’re actually losing one Customers, after people do not have to look for you.You see people Japanese made pot, with 20 years to the end, customers have to find him every 20 years.Considerably, you draw it? Why do you want to put things Made so strong? Shorten the period of its use, you can not make more money?

The manager answers “me” like this:

“Wherever you go, all those who buy our pots do not have to buy it for the second time, and it will be reputable and it will attract more people to buy our pots. We are busy now. Kitchenware The plant was converted from a former Arsenal after World War II, before and after but in a matter of decades, it sold more than 100 million pots. Do you know how many people in this world? Fast 8 billion, and more than 7 billion The big market for the population is waiting for us! ”

You see, the Germans do not think the same way, their marketing strategy is different, a business, in your life to do it once, so you say he is good, which will infect another person, This person is going to be his customer again, and then to the third person. The people do this. electronic prototype manufacturing

Explore the essence, consider the long-term

Today, only three German cities, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, have been designated as “international cities.” Since then, they have also declared “undefended cities.” Other cities are small and medium-sized cities. The vast majority of Germans live in cities of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 and 200,000, and even in cities of 500,000, Germans think too much.

Almost all of the characteristics of a German city have this characteristic: the highest point of the city skyline must be the steeple of a church, no buildings can exceed it. electronic prototype manufacturing

“I” talked to a German professor about this question: Why do Germans do punctuality?

He said: “Small cities are easy to punctuality, and in order to be punctual, cities must be designed to be smaller. If you want to make cities without traffic jams in the ‘era of mass car’, there are two conditions. The condition is that no buildings should be more than five floors, in Germany, you want to build more than six floors of tall buildings, must go through the parliament voted Caixing.The second condition is that any city must have half the space is the road .As long as you do By these two, there will be no traffic jam in the city. ”

Today, Germans generally only build high-rise buildings in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, which are also world-class tall buildings, but on the condition that the tall buildings can not be pressed down to another building when they fall from any direction. So the higher the building, the more space left around. electronic prototype manufacturing

This is called “to explore the nature of things, to determine long-term strategy.” When building a house in Germany, it is important to consider what happens when it falls.

Germany does not believe that cheap

“Made in Germany” is not the price advantage, even the Germans themselves have admitted that “German goods is the United States inexpensive.” You can talk to the Japanese about the price, but you talk to the Germans about the price, and you can not cut it down by a single knife. Germans do not even recognize that it is “cheap”.

The advantage of “Made in Germany” lies in its quality, its proprietary know-how in problem solving and its excellent after-sales service. The general products of the development of German enterprises are all the products that have the world advanced level and are difficult to be manufactured by other countries for a short while.

More than 30% of Germany’s exports are exclusive products in the international market without competitors. German manufactured industrial products, ranging from digging the tunnel boring machines, small secretary to the work of the stapler, in terms of quality are the world. electronic prototype manufacturing

All German products for children under 3 years of age must not contain any artificial additives, must be natural, all milk powder is regulated as a drug, all maternity and childcare products are for sale in the pharmacy, not in the supermarket, all chocolate is required Processed using natural cocoa butter as a raw material; all healthcare skincare brands must have their own laboratory and plantation plantation to ensure that they are derived from natural organic qualities.

German-made non-industrial chemical products, such as detergents, hand cleaners, detergent, in addition to the effectiveness of cleaning and sterilization, the vast majority of the use of biodegradable technology, that is, by microorganisms to break down the chemical composition, to Chemical damage to the human body to a minimum.

German production of water bottles, both inorganic inorganic harmful substances, but also filter organic pests, and rich in magnesium. Water filtered through a German filter kettle is slightly sweet. electronic prototype manufacturing

German pot with natural antibacterial and high temperature properties, energy saving and environmental protection, thermal conductivity and excellent, so people say, “The use of this German pot, a candle can make a delicious meal.” German-made A pot can be used for 100 years, so many Germans are using the pot handed down by my grandmother.

For Germans, any kind of kitchenware, life only need to buy one, do not need to buy a second time, because you can not use it for a lifetime. German production of simmer soup with pot is entirely cast steel, so heavy that men are a bit too firm, that there are strange patterns inside the lid.

“I” asked a German seller: “What are the patterns?” He said: “After it is covered, the water vapor circulates up and down and it is hard to dry. This is a technology.”

Germany’s pots, covered with a perfect match, said three minutes to open the pot on three minutes to open the pot, you can save a lot of gas costs. electronic prototype manufacturing

“I” also asked a German entrepreneur, why German products “can be used for 100 years”?

He replied: “There are two reasons for this: One reason is that we do not have the resources in Germany and almost all the important industrial raw materials are imported from abroad. Therefore, we must make the best use of it to maximize the useful life. Is the biggest savings on raw materials.Another reason is that we Germans believe that product quality is good or bad, mainly reflected in whether the ‘durable’ on. electronic prototype manufacturing

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