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Proposal improvement activities should have what kind of internal

Many companies have found many obstacles in implementing the proposal improvement activities, often submitting them on time in the first two months to three months; because most of the submissions have been improved over time, we will encourage everyone’s enthusiasm and we will also Make appraisals and award rewards. electronics prototyping services


After three months, we will find many complaints (according to the company’s environmental time may be different; our company for a month, the team leader began to complain); I met a team leader at a micro-innovation meeting Say, “If you don’t write it, we don’t need money. We’ll give it to you, as long as we don’t let us use our brains,” and then many team leaders begin to complain that the reward is too low and the work is too busy. There is no time to write, price drop every day, layoffs every day, and so on.


At this time, everyone’s feelings we all understand. If they compromise their complaints, they often indicate that the proposal improvement activities have already begun to be formalized and superficial. If the mandatory indicators are imposed, the employees are more resistant. Why don’t we need to think in reverse? Why do people complain? Find out the key points, and then conduct a psychological counseling for everyone to tell them about the benefits of writing proposals for improvement. electronics prototyping services


The Benefits of the Proposal Improvement We all know clearly, divergent thinking, brainstorming, eliminating seven major wastes, reducing operating costs, etc.; but they do not buy it, thinking that I spend so much energy thinking about these things, not as good as work.


In fact, their complaints are not groundless. First, they must analyze whether their enterprises have a loose, comfortable, and stable production environment; secondly, they analyze whether there is any management system that makes employees vulnerable to conflict. Third, whether the wage level is stable. The Fourth Production Plan is appropriate; Fifth, there is no enterprise atmosphere for employees; even if the company has the above five points, it will not necessarily be successful in implementing the proposal improvement activities, because people are all inert, followed by the previous employee Many things that have been improved have been neglected and have not been adopted. Gradually, employees would think that it would be useless to propose them and no one would propose them. It would be better not to mention them.


Yes, it was the previous lack of attention that led to the current difficulties; so we said that if we want to improve the success of the proposal, we must let all employees know that we are improving. It is to help people solve practical problems. It is for employees. The salary is more stable, the work is easier, the work efficiency is higher, the product quality is better, the production environment is more coordinated, and the company management system is more humane. electronics prototyping services


Only by letting employees believe that we have implemented the proposal to improve is for everyone, every employee, when someone has problems they can’t solve, they help solve it; this will only be a proactive micro innovation.


The first is to let employees change their inherent thinking, can not doubt our work, and then it is necessary for every employee to know that there is a problem writing proposals, they can not solve the lean coordination solution; of course, as long as it is beneficial to the company and the enterprise. Proposal we will all think of ways to solve it; but there are some that are not well solved. We need to measure the actual situation of the company in relation to automation equipment, machine generation projects, etc. Even if it cannot be purchased, it must be told at the first time. The reasons why we can’t solve the problem at the present stage of the staff, but the business situation will be the first to solve this problem. electronics prototyping services


Only when we respect every idea of every employee and employee will they believe in us and they will be more proactive in making their opinions.


Many companies use the proposal as a tool to reduce costs and increase efficiency. They are often hard indicators. When they are assessed and fined at every turn, people are paralyzed. The suggestions made by employees are not taken seriously and are not adopted. In particular, on the two days that the proposal was submitted, each employee’s sentiment fluctuates greatly, and the hidden danger of product quality increases. It is obvious that the implementation of the proposal to improve activities has become a burden. electronics prototyping services


As long as it is beneficial to the company and its employees, the proposal will be adopted irrespective of its size. The proposal is not a tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It is a brainstorming for the continued development of the company. The improvement of the proposal is not only the matter of the manufacturing department, but also the technical department. The things of the department and quality department are things of every employee in the company.

Only if we respect each employee and help each employee and they feel the benefits of advice, they will actively and actively participate in the company; the company will create a corporate atmosphere of freedom, democracy, openness and win-win situation. Really make good use of the talents and cleverness of each employee. The team’s work efficiency and product quality will be more competitive. electronics prototyping services


Many companies often use front-line employees as tools. When they are busy, they tend to do more with them. When they are busy, they lay off employees; let alone how much value employees can create for the company. However, for companies that have achieved great results, they all have a corporate atmosphere of freedom, democracy, openness, and mutual benefit with employees. They are all employees-oriented, give full play to everyone’s intelligence and wisdom, continuously change the status quo, constantly optimize the management system, and continuously improve Employee benefits; similarly, employees are good at innovation, good at using small talents, and good at proposing suggestions for improvement. electronics prototyping services


In order to successfully implement the proposal improvement system, it is necessary to change old management concepts and achieve a win-win situation with employees to maximize the value of the company.


If you have better suggestions, welcome to discuss! electronics prototyping services

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