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Enterprise Story , Amazon ‘ s rise !

ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer. After 20 years of change, who could have imagined that an online e-reader had become an ecommerce giant by now. It’s no accident that Amazon’s rise has been successful. How did such an ecommerce giant evolve?

1.The story of Amazon and publishers

For 20 years, Amazon has maintained a double-digit annual growth rate, with sales of $511,000 in 1995. In 2015, sales were expected to exceed $100 billion. Today, Amazon has fulfilled Bezos’s original dream of becoming a “store of goods,” though Amazon operates a wide range of products. But books remain a strategic category for Amazon, which has been innovating for 20 years, creating opportunities and challenges for book publishers.

So what kind of story does Amazon have to tell with publishers?

Challenge one: second-hand books erode publishers’ interests

Secondhand book sales have been on the margins, only in individual or physical bookstores, with little impact on new book sales. In 2000, Amazon launched a third market. Allow third-party companies to sell second-hand books on Amazon. Readers can see both the book’s new book and the price of a second-hand book when they buy a book on Amazon’s website, which is a recipe for those who love books. It’s a boon, but it’s certainly bad news for publishers, directly threatening and hitting publishers’ paper book sales and reducing their royalties.

Challenge two: Self-publishing breaks publisher’s content Monopoly

Amazon launched the Kindle Direct Publishing platform in 2007. The authors are allowed to produce and publish their own e-books on Amazon’s website and distribute them to Amazon platforms around the world, with authors offering up to 70% share of book sales. Pay on a monthly basis. Amazon’s self-publishing business has inspired the author’s passion for writing, greatly simplifying the publishing process and lowering publishing barriers. Amazon’s self-publishing business is essentially a way to get rid of its reliance on publishers’ content and skip publishers and make direct contact with authors on a publishing platform. To control the content production resources, a serious challenge to publishers. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Challenge three: building your own door and robbing publishers

In 2009, Amazon set up its own book publishing company, Amazon Publishing, and started its book publishing business in just a few years. It has established 13 publishing brands in the fields of fiction, literature, social sciences, children, teenagers, comic books and so on, in this year’s Best seller list in 2015, launched by Book Merchants magazine. Amazon has published three books on the list. Amazon has built a strong relationship with many authors through its advantages in book distribution, near water, and comprehensive services for authors. This has undoubtedly led to the flames of war in the publisher’s backyard. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Challenge four: introduction of e-textbooks, rentals and educational publishing

In 2012, Amazon launched the textbook rental business with the help of its e-book business experience and technological advantages, innovative business model. Students can rent textbooks for the lowest 20% relative to the price of paper books, which can be rented by day, 30 days and 360 days. Students can also use Kindle readers or on any device that installs Kindle App. At the same time, with the help of second-hand book business experience, the paper textbook trading platform is developed. Once the business is launched, it is welcomed by students and has occupied a certain share of the textbook market in the United States. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Challenge five: controlling publishers by monopolizing Book sales

Amazon initially had a simple, mutually beneficial relationship with publishers. In order to improve basic data, Amazon kept asking publishers to provide more metadata, and publishers expected Amazon to compete with Barnes & Noble. Sales are expected to reach $100 billion in 2015, after declining wholesale discounts from big book chains such as Pawders and Waterstone in the UK. Amazon has made more demands on publishers for digital reading, such as metadata, pricing models, proportionality, business matching, and so on. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

This is the opportunity and challenge that Amazon brings to publishers, so Amazon’s rise is no accident.

2.Amazon’s top technology

In that case, as an e-commerce giant, Amazon must also have its outstanding technology, so what kind of technology does such a huge e-commerce business master to rise? ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Amazon’s Intelligent Robot Kiva Technology

The Kiva smart robot weighs only 145kg, but it can deliver 340 kg of cargo at a time.

The robot operation subverts the traditional mode of “people looking for goods and people looking for goods” in the operation of electronic commerce logistics center. Through the operation plan, the robot can be mobilized to realize the mode of “finding people for goods and finding people for goods.” the entire reservoir area of the logistics center is devoid of human beings. Each library is automatically sorted to work position driven by Kiva robot. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Unmanned aerial vehicle delivery

As early as December 2013, Amazon released the Prime Air delivery service, with customers placing orders online and opting for drone deliveries if they weigh less than five pounds. Deliver the delivery home within 30 minutes. The whole process is dehumanized, and the drone automatically picks up parts at the end of the logistics center pipeline and flies directly to customers, Amazon CEO Bezos said publicly on 2014. Amazon is designing a 8th generation delivery drone that will serve fresh AmazonFresh distribution. ISO9001 Approved CNC stainless steel Manufacturer

Application of Big data in order and customer Service

Amazon was the first company to roll out big data to the e-commerce logistics platform. Ecommerce’s full end-to-end services can be grouped into five broad categories: browsing, shopping, warehousing, delivery and customer service.

Intelligent Storage Management Technology

This provides the supplier with great convenience. The customer does not need to measure the new product himself, which can greatly improve the speed of his new product growth; With this size at the same time, Amazon can store the data and share it across the country, so that other warehouses can use it directly. This data is then placed in the right cargo to collect information, which facilitates subsequent optimization, design and regional planning.

All in all, Amazon was not built in one day. There are profound reasons for both external and internal conditions, and this is where Amazon’s success as an ecommerce giant lies!

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