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Executive power comes from employees’ trust in business leaders

Every entrepreneur wants his own business to have executive power, but without mutual trust, the team can not have strong execution.

In Lenovo, the system is indeterminate, it is necessary to implement. Liu Chuanzhi and other senior Lenovo that: staff executive power is made up of a lot of factors. But the most fundamental thing is the trust of the employees in the leadership of the enterprise.

Trust leaders, above all, trust in character, integrity and responsible spirit. And this trust is built up day by day.

In 1987, Lenovo represented AST computers, which sold very well, when Lenovo had a contract with the sales department to give the sales department bonuses at the completion rate until the end of the year. The sales department overfulfilled the task, the head of the department had a bonus of more than 6,000 yuan, and the rest of the department had a very high bonus.

Today everyone mentioned more than 6,000 yuan is not much, but at that time Liu Chuanzhi’s salary a month only more than 100 yuan. The problem is not all here. At the time, the state had a stipulation that if the bonus was more than three times the monthly salary, the excess would have to be taxed at 300%. That way, the bonus would not be paid.

Liu Chuanzhi and other high-level meetings after the study of several solutions: first, according to the provisions of the payment of taxes, but if pay so much tax, the company will have no money to continue to develop; The second is not to send, because the situation is constantly changing, did not initially think that they have done so well, later, but the consequences of doing so is a breach of faith; Third, in an irregular way, cash for checks without income tax. Wechat ID: lean production Promotion Center.

And Lenovo finally chose the third method, the money went down.

Unfortunately, a year later, Lenovo was fined more than 90,000 dollars and criticized.

At Lenovo, there is also a rule that anyone who is late for a meeting is to stand for a minute, not for a meeting, for a minute, but for everyone to stop and watch him stand for a minute.

Why is there this system? Because when the Chinese Academy of Sciences first came out, the company was full of scientific and technological personnel, and no one took the meeting seriously.

The first time he was punished was an old leader of Liu Chuanzhi. “I’m sorry, Lao Wu, you have to stand for a minute. I’ll go to your house in the evening to give you a minute to stand.”

Standing for this minute, Liu Chuanzhi and the old leader both sweat, but must do so.

This system has been implemented by Lenovo today, and it is precisely because senior leaders must do what they say and do what they do, that makes a strong executive team.

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