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A Chinese soy sauce company lived on these six secrets for 125 years

Talk about Lee Kum Kee, many people may feel strange. But if I say it has been living for 125 years, I think a lot of people may be scared out of the chin bar. So a silent enterprise is how to safely in turmoil, fast forward, steady and fast changing times in? This is worth to taste and thinking. fabricate various metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Scarlet and man

“I do think that Lee Kum Kee, Sili and family business services and way of doing business is very fit, it will Sili and as the basic principles of doing things, to the education of future generations.

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Everyone wants to get their own interests, “Sili” is the motivation of people, and the “profit” from the “people”, only “benefit” and “people” in order to succeed, we can get the real long-term profit. Sili and that is what you do things Sili and, on the other side there is no benefit. As long as the person with a conscience, can help people to help themselves. “Person” includes not only the Li family descendant, including employees, consumers, the upstream and downstream business partners, and even competitors and so on, is a “we” concept. “Sili and simple, is how do we favor.

Now, the Sili and not only affect Li’s offspring, but also in the form of a Lijinji people who concern and respect the culture, become a powerful impetus to the enterprise forward.

Always start a business

Many family businesses can not escape “the rich but three generations of the curse, because they take the business – Business – lost industry” of the way, the first generation of entrepreneurs, the second generation began to keep to the third generation, and lost the industry, so people do not want to Lee Kum Kee Shou, and never venture, there must be continuous the progress of consciousness, never capped. fabricate various metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

There are two situations in which companies choose innovation. The first is in a critical moment, such as Nokia, which forces it not to innovate. Another situation is that this enterprise originally did a good job and had to innovate when it was good. For example, Samsung, Intel and so on, this is very difficult. Li Kin-kee seasonings, in the past, some of the first generation Li Jinzhang invented oyster sauce. After doing more than 200 products, like steamed soy sauce, the market reaction is very good, this is not before, and now start to make health products. So innovation is a dynamic process at different times. Keep thinking about something new. Why always be entrepreneurial? It’s time to keep trying new things, to do them when you’re 70 percent sure, and to be late when you’ve got 90%.

Lee also encouraged the industry to innovate, believing it was good for itself, and competitors’ innovation inspired them to think and help them improve.

An enterprise with a master

In Lee Kin-kee, only by blood can he become a shareholder. Lee Kin-kee thinks that an enterprise with a master or without a master is not the same. Many Western enterprises have evolved from family businesses to public companies. For example, it has a lot of shareholders, a lot of CEO, the idea will be different, they will be easy to look at the short term when they do things, so, there are owners of enterprises, things will be more long-term. For example. After the company goes public, the starting point of doing a lot of things changes, will face more complex problem, want to pay attention to oneself share price every day, the end of the month is accountable to the bank, if the company is profitable, have a lot of cash but do not go to invest words. Outside shareholders will criticize you: “I invest in you, why don’t you use this money to do something?” “there are companies that don’t want to buy, and are forced to do so under pressure from the outside world. It’s easy to buy, but exactly how to do it becomes a big problem.

Automatic wave leadership mode

The name of the auto wave comes from Cantonese, which describes a car with automatic gears that can be automatically adjusted according to different speeds and run smoothly without having to change gears by hand. And drivers can focus on direction and road conditions. Automatic wave leadership model is Lee Kin-kee ‘s “profit and people” values in corporate management.

Leaders don’t have to worry about the day-to-day affairs of the company, they rarely go to the company, and sometimes they don’t show up for months in a row. Even if they go to the company, they stay for only two or three days, and spend a lot of time thinking about strategy. Do what you want to do. But Lee Kin-kee is not off track because of his leader’s leisurely time.

“the Book of morality” talks about four types of leaders-“too high, the next known;” Secondly, it is reputable; Secondly, fear it; Second, insult. “the lowest level is that everyone hates him, the third level is afraid of him, the second level is the natural leader, he is already very attractive. The first level is invisible leaders. I think the world’s top leadership training schools like Harvard Business School are still teaching second-tier things, focusing on personal leaders and cultivating CEO. Instead of the first chair, “I” is more than “us”. So Jobs is gone. Apple’s share price has plummeted. So it’s just between the second and third class leaders. Many entrepreneurs in mainland China are also second-tier leaders. fabricate various metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Automatic wave leadership is reflected in the treatment of the next generation. It is to encourage the fifth generation 14 family members from 9 to 29 to choose their major and occupation according to their own interests. Now, besides the sauce industry and health industry, Li Kin-kee Group is now owned by Li Kin-kee Group. There are also family offices, family funds, family investment companies, family learning and development companies. A fifth-generation family member can choose any of these businesses on his own, but if a person is not interested in all the family business, he can keep his own shares and work outside the company.

The application of automatic wave in the treatment of employees is to give full power to the employees and give full play to their potential. There is a famous Lobsang experiment in management. The results show that the most important factors determining a person’s work motivation and efficiency are not the physical conditions such as salary and position, but psychological factors such as being recognized and respected by others. It’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Lee Kin-kee is focused on building relationships between leaders and employees, turning leaders from supervisors to listeners and supporters. In other words, he is focused on making employees feel “good.” Lee Kin-kee often tells employees how happy they are at work by telling them how much they are happy at work. By taking good care of their employees, they take good care of their customers and Lee Kin-kee has a good return.

Family committee

Lee Kin-jee has been separated to the second and third generation, resulting in almost stagnation of business development. This makes Lee fully aware of the importance of “home and everything”, believing that the company is only a part of the family. Without the harmony within the family, the long-term development of the family business can not be discussed.

Li Kin-kee has organized family members to attend the Family Management course at the Lobsang International School of Management in Switzerland. He has read the book “Generation on Generation” on how to make the family business continue. Through reading and sharing, he has made everyone aware of it. Cooperation is more important than working alone, and the idea of “harmony” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Also, the role of family members is very important. Family members may play roles including family members, shareholders, board members and management. A big problem with many family businesses is that roles are inseparable. Every night home to meet the board of directors, should be the family members to eat time to talk about business, talk about work, affect family harmony; During the working hours, parents and families participate in the work, affecting the normal decisions should be made through the company system.

Now, Lee has a mature system to safeguard inheritance, including the family council, the family grand plan and the family constitution.

Established in 2003, the Family Council has become the communication platform for the core members of the family. It is also the highest decision-making and power body of the family. The family committee is composed of the core members who best represent the interests of the family-including Lee Kin-kee ‘s third generation, Li Wenda, and his five children. In the future, new members will be chosen from the fifth generation who care about family affairs and the overall interests of the family. There will be a four-day meeting each quarter, 16 days a year. Each meeting will be presided over by a different person. It focuses on how to formalize the common values of the family, formalize the code of conduct, and cultivate the core members of the family. The board of directors mainly discusses the important strategic decisions related to the operation of the enterprise, and the two do their respective duties. However, the family directors in the board are appointed by the family committee. To ensure that the board of directors can make independent decisions taking into account the overall interests of the family.

No matter if the core members of the family committee are in any part of the world, they must come back and be punished if they are late. The first three days are when five brothers and sisters are in the absence of their mother and father. On the last morning, the Li Wanda and his wife came and voted that the five children should talk to the couple about what meeting they had and what the result would be. The spouses of all the members attending the meeting would be invited to the meeting on the last afternoon of the day. Inform them of what was agreed at the meeting a few days ago, so that the spouse can be a good friend.

Through the family committee, Lee Kin-kee defined the common goal of the family, that is, the family grand plan: “Li Kin-kee family sustainable management, on behalf of the Chinese nation to create history, become the model of family business.” at the same time. There is also a family constitution. All decisions are negotiated and discussed on a continuous basis, and only when 75% of the seven family members (that is, six of them) are allowed to enter the family constitution is very strict. For example, “No late marriage, no divorce, no extramarital affairs,” this “three no” principle has not been passed by 75% family members, and there will be no “constitution.” Therefore, the third generation and 4th generations will be restricted, not binding on the fifth generation. fabricate various metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Lee Kin-kee ‘s relative family constitution also includes:

The next generation must work outside the company for five years before they can enter Lee Kin-kee. After entering, the application procedure and the assessment after entry must be the same as those of non-family members. If they do not do well, they will be dismissed. The board may have independent directors other than the family, but the chairman of the board must be a member of the family. The family committee meets every two years to select the chairman of the board and the business, and the chairman may be re-elected; CEO may be a non-family member; Shareholders must have blood relations, not limited to men and women; Shareholders want to withdraw, shares by the company to buy back; If a family member has an affair or divorce, his or her shares will not be withdrawn, but they will have to withdraw from the board of directors and will no longer have the right to speak and make decisions in family committees and business decisions. This is a good guarantee that he will not influence the company’s decisions, nor will the family structure fall into disarray; In addition to the third generation of Li Wanda and his wife, other family members to 70 years old, all have to withdraw from the family committee; In the fifth generation, if all of the 14 members are not interested in the family business, or if everyone is interested and incapable, Lee will recruit the best people in the world. And eventually send a family member to the board of directors, affect the board.

Lee Kin-kee has a “super mom group.” mothers in the family meet once a month to share their children’s educational experiences and inculcate their children’s ideas and values from an early age.

Every year, Lee Kin-kee organizes family trips, and 26 family members attend. Through this opportunity of reunion, they share the happiness, responsibility and knowledge of the family.

Beyond standard: 100-1 / 0

To maintain the brand for more than 100 years, the most important factor is to have a high quality beyond the standard. Lee Kin-kee has always adhered to the “100-1o” strict quality management concept. Attach great importance to the whole process of product production, from the planting of raw materials, procurement until the products into the hands of consumers, persevering to do the best. Li Jinji in Guangdong Jiangmen City of modern soy sauce. The soy sauce production line adopts the advanced enterprise resource optimization management system and establishes the ISO9001 quality assurance system. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and key Control Point-Food Safety Assurance system) and TQM (Total quality Management) system have laid a solid foundation for ensuring product quality and long-term development of enterprises.

Even, Lee Kin-kee ‘s products sold to all parts of the world use only one standard production line, surpassing the standards of the European Union, Japan, the United States and other countries known for their strictest names in the world. Lee Kin-kee has been accepted by the FDA inspection group in one time, and has become the only company in China to enter the American market through FDA zero defect monitoring.

The Hong Kong Lee Kum Kee Group was founded in 1888, its headquarters moved to Macau in 1902, and moved again in 1946, and has since taken root in Hong Kong. It has a history of 125 years. With strict quality management and strong market expansion ability, it quickly established a famous sauce kingdom at home and abroad in 70s, selling more than 60 kinds of products. The distribution network covers more than 80 countries and regions on five continents in the world. It has accounted for 88% of the market share in the United States and ranked second in Japan. “where there are Chinese, there are Lee Kin-kee products.” together with Tongzhen soy sauce, Amoy and Bazhen are known as Hong Kong’s four major sauce garden families.

fabricate various metals including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

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