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[lean school] action analysis (five)

Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum. Today to pick up the theme of yesterday and continue to learn the principle of action economy shortening action distance, light action

Basic principle three: shorten the distance of action

The actual operation shows that there is usually 20 ~30% useless work in repetitive 10~15 seconds. When doing homework, we should try not to turn shoulders and bend. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Action method

With the movement of parts of the human body: the most appropriate design work actions as much as possible not to move the shoulder and arm, only through the activities of the wrist and finger to complete the job. To avoid the extract from behind and on the floor. The body in hand, foot, eye movements are the best order (should try to use the front part of the action)

The best sequence of hands, feet, and eye movements in the human body

Use the shortest distance movement: the distance of the action is mainly arranged by the job site, so the job site must be arranged according to the appropriate range of operation. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Normal operation range and maximum operation range

Job site layout

Try to narrow the work area without impeding the operation

The operation area is too wide to increase the operation and occupy the area of the operation site. Therefore, we should narrow the operation area as far as possible, so as to prevent irrationality, instability and waste.

Shorten the action distance by changing the position of the material and the position of the operating table. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Effect: the distance from the hand to the conveyor belt is reduced from 50cm to 30cm to the range of normal operation.

Jig and machine

The use of gravity and mechanical power to remove the material

Shortening the delivery distance of a workpiece by using a slideway

L Effect: the distance 1500px from the bend is shortened to 250px

Shortening action distance by using a tilted shelf. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Use the most appropriate parts of the body to operate the machine

Changing the operating position of the machine and shortening the action distance

Effect: shortening 1875px from hand moving distance to moving 500px.

Basic principle four: brisk action. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

In the course of operation, there is no adjustment of the direction of movement. Attention should be paid to stopping actions. We should not take heavy objects with our hands. We should hold and carry heavy objects by tools and clamps. We can make full use of gravity, elastic force and compressed air as transport power. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Action method

Make the action unrestricted and easy

Unrestricted action is in the process of operation does not appear in the direction of movement of the adjustment, attention, stop action, especially in the human body and the hand can not move freely, also not free to use tools of narrow working environment, in any case have restrictions on the operation. At this time, no waste properly relaxed environment, reduce the action constraint easily, action, not only can improve the productivity and efficiency of operators, and improve the quality of the products. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Cancel the restriction to the sticky tape. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

The improvement plan is to paste the winding tape along the direction of the coil in the direction of the coil, which can be done lightly.

The use of gravity and other mechanical electromagnetic forces

For work requiring strength, the use of springs, hydraulic and pneumatic devices can make up for the inadequacy of the body’s strength.

The use of gravity: through the slope, the chute, the funnel can use gravity to drop and transport the material; Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

The use of electromagnetic force: the use of electromagnetic force can hook, hold and transport steel materials;

The use of elastic force: using the elastic force of rubber and spring, it can be clamped or ejected and can be used as cushioning. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum.

The use of pneumatic and hydraulic: the use of pneumatic and hydraulic can be clamped, transport materials, drive the machine. Compressed air can blow dust, vacuum can adsorb the workpiece.

Use of inertia force and counterforce

Job site layout

The most appropriate position height. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

The height of the operating table varies with the content of the operation. The work that requires strength, the work done with the wrist or the finger, all have the most appropriate location.

When the material is stacked on the floor, it will often bend down to pick up the material. It will not only cause the fatigue of the human body, but also cause the loss of time. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminumThe height of the material and the finished product should be considered in accordance with the height of the operating table, so as to reduce the movement of the body. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Using the height adjusting mechanism to fix the operating height

With the reduction of the number of workpieces on the shelf, the weight is reduced, and the position of the bottom plate is automatically raised to compensate for the reduction of the height of the workpiece caused by the reduction of the workpiece, so that it keeps a fixed height. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

Jig and machine

The use of jig and guide rail to regulate the movement of the road: the aim is to cancel the positioning movement in the operation process, make the operation easy, and reduce the misoperation in the operation process.

Simplification of overlapped steel plate with guide column

Shape the handle to make it easy to grasp. Professional Manufacturer of fabricated aluminum

The alignment position of the fixture is designed to be observable

It can be aligned without changing the operating posture

Do not rely on feeling to confirm whether or not it is aligned.

Make the direction of the operation consistent with the moving direction of the machine

An occasion in which the direction of operation is consistent with the direction of the movement of the machine

Make the tool light

Change the tool material to reduce weight and lift the pneumatic screwdriver to reduce the weight

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