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Some people pay attention! Look at the car body and exterior is what material!

Headlamp frame

The front light frame of the car is usually coated with thermoplastic plastic. The common materials are PC, PBT, ABS and so on. fabricated metal products

Rearview mirror + body decoration

Automotive materials require high strength, good weatherability and dimensional stability. fabricated metal products. At the same time, in order to get a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to decorate the surface of materials with good surface treatment technology, such as electroplating. The commonly used materials are PA, ASA, PC, or their alloys.

Body material

fabricated metal products. The automobile body shell is mostly metal material, steel plate, carbon fiber, aluminum, reinforced plastics and so on. Different uses of automobile shell, different parts of materials are different. Generally, steel plate, Audi high-end car is aluminum, racing car is carbon fiber, Hummer H2’s hood is reinforced plastic.

Car window material

Car window material requirements: light transmission, light quality, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, anti aging, impact resistance and pressure wave resistance.

The traditional car, usually using a curved glass rear window to view and beautiful, borrow rubber sealing strip is embedded in the window frame or with special adhesive paste on the window frame. For natural ventilation, side window glass car is usually on or before, after the move. Sealing slot is provided with a material or rubber flocking fabric in between the glass and the guide rail. fabricated metal products.

At present, there are also the use of polycarbonate thermal insulation panels to make car windows, this material can reduce vehicle weight, reduce maintenance costs.

Automotive exterior coatings

The automobile coating has excellent weathering resistance and corrosion resistance, and construction performance and excellent compatibility; decorative strong, enduring, full color; excellent mechanical properties; excellent scratch resistance and stain resistance; good economic and environmental friendly way; coating body electrophoresis coating, spraying, dipping. The commonly used coating electrophoretic coatings, organic solvent coatings. fabricated metal products.

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