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The basic understanding of TWI and the role of group leader

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First, the preparation knowledge of TWI. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

1, what is TWI?

TWI (Training Within Industry) is the training of supervisors, or the training of front-line directors; it is a mature curriculum designed for the production of grass-roots supervisors, and is widely used in advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

2, manufacturing leaders evaluate TWI

TWI training has been seriously and consistently implemented, becoming an integral part of the enterprise, is the basis of TOYOTA production methods. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

Kato Ko, Minister of human resources development, Toyota Auto Body Co

In the face of increasingly fierce global change, the factory line leaders need to have basic management skills, so as to adapt to the environment. Out of respect for humanity and scientific research, production supervisor skills on behalf of TWI in Japan is widely used as the main driving force of its industrial development. Japan’s economic downturn, TWI has been widely used in Japan. In addition, the Japanese industry also vigorously promote the application of TWI in the whole of Asia. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

Since 1950, the Japanese Industry Training Association has undertaken the promotion of TWI mission in Japan.60 years ago. With great enthusiasm, we hope that TWI training will become the trend of the world. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

Japan Industrial Training Association (JITA)

TWI by the United States during World War II. Development is a kind of deformation of Industrial Engineering: teaching staff teacher is the production supervisor workshop. But after World War II in the United States TWI disappeared immediately, but in Japan is re enabled and thus laid the foundation of standardized operation of TOYOTA. TOYOTA will further and further with TWI derivative with the TOYOTA production system. At the same time, TWI has also been further spread to the outside of the TOYOTA company, and has achieved remarkable results. Through regular training for executives to undertake the training of staff responsibilities, this is a missing link in the implementation of lean production in the majority.

Jeffrey K Liker, author of University of Michigan’s TOYOTA Road

3, the background and development of TWI. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

During the first World War, the shipping board emergency fleet America needs to create a large number of ships, because 10 times increase in the number of workers, can only recruit to a large number of inexperienced workers, and these people need training, so they carried out emergency training support a shipyard worker.

Charles Alan was a professional mentor who developed and addressed his 4 stage approach to effective guidance in World War I. So Alan was asked by the emergency fleet to establish leadership training programs and provide a large amount of training to shipyard workersl. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

It can be said that Charles Alan was the pioneer of TWI

During the Second World War, the Allied war need supply. Many companies received for existing and new products growing demand, gradually these orders has exceeded the response ability of these companies. Obviously, if the United States war, this situation will be more serious.TWI companies started in this case, the formation of the industry professionals in a nationwide network, to the method of munitions manufacturer conduction precious, help us improve the level of production to meet the growing demand in various industries, and has shown to the United States in World War offers invaluable estimable industrial support.

Their training was the development of Charles Alan, and the method developed into the TWI service method

TWI was introduced to Japan by the United States of America at the end of the Second World War. Lowell Mellon, who served as TWI instructor during the American war, led the project in which he taught TWI courses in Japan and implemented multiplication principles at the same time in Ohio. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

Mellon and three other instructors together with 6 months of training, the 35 “master instructor” and laid the foundation for the multiplication principle. After Mellon, some government agencies continue to spread TWI training in Japan industry. As of 1995, approximately 100000 have a TWI certified instructor and the number. Cannot reflect the training number, because many accept the certification training instructor returned to their own company after training to build the company’s TWI project. For example, the Toyota Corporation on the implementation of the TTWI, TOYOTA TWI (Toyota Training Within Industry). High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

Many Japanese executives now experienced during the war of young scholars, they then became responsible for rebuilding their industry. They have been trained and influenced by the TWI project, the spread of these methods as their life-long occupation, TWI penetration in Japan’s industrial management and influence until today continues.

4, the importance and content of TWI training

The line managers (we call “supervisor”), the level of knowledge and skills they directly affect the development of enterprise.TWI training by team leader role transformation, work teaching skills, improve teaching skills, to first-line managers with the skills and work safety, which can effectively guide line operation employees, to solve production problems fundamentally, to improve the production efficiency, quality improvement, cost control of the enterprise. High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

5, the characteristics of TWI

– highly standardized, standardized, highly replicable;

Reporter to the scene of the problem and practice material into the classroom, through discussion and practical, specific, practical;

– more than knowledge that technology, rather than “should know”, “should” pay more attention.

Notes – easy to understand, is readily available, easy to implement.

6, the status quo of enterprise class leader

Technical / production (by fire works)

– blind type (tough transmitter)

– daisaba type (muddle along without)

– labor model type (lack of diligent practical leadership)

– buddy loyalty type (emotional lack principle)

The dinosaur – type (bully me everything I say). High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

– by type (dare not say, often by boss scolded)

– charismatic (personal charm, bold type)

– Public Relations (strong communication skills)

– lead (say true leadership)

Two, the role of group leader

1, the position of the group leader

In manufacturing, the production site is the basis of all the work, and on-site management personnel in key position in the whole production system, the company holds as the lifeline of the reins, their education is the key to complete production tasks!

2, the current situation of team leader

The generation of class leader

Expectation and duty

The necessity of training:

The lack of capacity.

It bears the responsibility for training

To improve their ability.

By improving workplace capital

We and TWI: High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

TWI is a system of theoretical knowledge for our team leader, scientific training methods, is an indispensable magic weapon for enterprise production management

3, the group leader should master the knowledge

High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

High Quality fabrication companies near me China Manufacturer

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