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German – German enterprises play a slow and fast effort

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A survey has been made. Germany has only 80 million people, but it has created 2300 world-famous brands. How did Germany create a large number of world-class products? High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

People have done a survey of the German population of only 80 million, but to create a 2300 world-famous brands. Whether it is the German machinery, chemical, electrical and optical products, or kitchen appliances and sporting goods, have become the world’s most high-quality products “made in Germany” to become synonymous with quality and reputation. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

How to create a large number of world-class products from Germany, who never blindly chased the tide, never blindly innovating, and engaged in industry? High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

Lay a foundation, slow is quick

German cars are equipped with the ESP body Electronic Stabilization system, the ABS Anti-lock braking system, the ASR Anti-Slide system, and the ultra-wide tires, allowing the car to have no tail-flick on the wet road. It came to a quick stop without a sideslip.

In fact, from a car you can see that German companies are good at grasping the nature of things. Engines and brakes are the core of the vehicle, if the brakes fail, some electric windows. The epidermis spray paint and other inconsequential things make again fancy, also useless.

Let’s look at another road. It took the Germans six years to repair a road, and the thickness of the road was astounding, and it could take 100 years. At home, the same project could be completed in two months. But sometimes it takes four years to build a four-story house in Germany after two years of repair. Facing the surprise of foreigners, the construction team replied: it will take 400 years to build it! High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

To do a good job and grasp the essence of things is an extremely successful business proven by time.

In Germany, no company gets rich overnight and quickly becomes the focus of the world. They tend to be “small companies” and “slow companies” focused on a particular area, a product, but few “bad companies”. There are no “fake companies”. Most of them are world-famous companies with a history of more than 100 years and highly focused on product quality and value, also known as “invisible champions.” there is a wine shop in Germany. Nearly 400 years ago. Lucky enough to have survived during World War II without being blown up by an American plane. Germany’s Horse Tire Company was founded in 1871. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer. ow, almost every prefecture-level city in our country has its branch. The German Adidas Company was founded in 1920 and has a history of more than 90 years.

At the national level, just over a decade ago, Britain, Spain and Ireland were far ahead of Germany on financial prowess. But these years by the European debt crisis nearly bankrupt. Instead is a solid industrial Germany, laughing to the end, and created a large number of world-class brands. German Volkswagen, Benz, BMW, Audi. Porsche has always lined up for hot sales, along with the optical industry Leica, Zeiss, Bayer of the pharmaceutical industry, and Fresenius of healthcare, all of whom are trusted industry leaders. Who can say Germany is slow? When you do your basic skills well, slow is fast.

The hardest thing to choose is the wisdom of the Germans

Some might say that Germans are fit for manufacturing, but now it is information technology and finance, relying on constant innovation. Many of us see only the Internet companies that Americans do. But not that over the past 100 years, Germans have invented televisions, maglev trains, chips, thermos, helicopters, aspirin, contact lenses, and so on. They even use their brains on small nail tongs. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

German double manicure forceps, “good steel used on the blade”, only the edge of the special stainless steel material, not only cost savings but also reduce the weight, increase the degree of beauty. Its double radians are also designed specifically for the two radians of a person’s fingernails; The essence of German manufacturing, not just high-tech things, is on these “little things”. They are small, intelligent, and marketable. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

We needed flying cars, but we got 140 characters-less technical tweets.

Peter Thiel

The American economist Taylor Cowen, in his 2015 book Great stagnation, also expressed displeasure with American innovation today, arguing that the root cause of this crisis is not cyclical economic turmoil. Instead, technology and innovation have stagnated since the 20th century. Computers and the Internet have not benefited everyone, let alone become the core drivers of economic growth. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer.

The world needs to turn its eyes to the big issues that really change the destiny of mankind. The need to do the hardest things. That’s the wisdom of the Germans. The Germans took the industrial thinking to the extreme. After the steam age, the electrical age, the era of electronic information technology. In 2012, Germany formally launched to industry 4.0, using CPS (information physics system) to carry out mass customization, which will be another great transformation for the traditional industrial model. Intelligent factories will provide mankind with more valuable products.

Made in Germany, once synonymous with “inferior products”

In fact, in the second half of the 19th century, made in Germany was also low quality and cheap. After the reunification of Germany in 1871, the world market was not easy to enter. The Germans who pursued the dream of becoming a power in the gap had to “do whatever it takes” to copy the products of Britain, France, and the United States, and to rely on cheap sales to hit the market and steal designs. Copy the product. The German product is therefore infamous. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

On August 23rd, 1887, the British Parliament passed the insulting provisions of the Trademark Act. All products imported from Germany are required to be marked “Made in Germany”. “made in Germany” is thus a new legal term used to distinguish between “made in England”. To distinguish between inferior German goods and good British products. But this is only a fragment of history. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

Because Germany has a strong foundation in basic science, it soon established a link between scientific theory and industrial practice, thus making it a world-class team of scientists in half a century. The combination of engineers and skilled workers led the revolution in internal combustion engines and electrification, which led to a leapfrog development of the German industrial economy. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

By 1894, the German manufacturing industry could proudly claim that “made in Germany” was better than “made in Britain.” in less than 30 years, they had transformed a country’s manufacturing industry.

We always say that we are industrious people, but I think compared to the Germans, we are still a bit lazy. To learn from the Germans, entrepreneurs and employees should motivate themselves and urge themselves to pursue perfection. To achieve extreme. Human beings only have anti-natural thinking and attitude, can progress. Enterprises only do this step, in order to surpass their peers.

Industrial innovation takes the root of culture as its root

“Germany is not only reflected in the industry and innovation but also in the breeding this cultural spirit level. The spirit and culture of the nation is not the root, thick roots, branches, and leaves of any prosperity are not sustainable.

There is a German building photo, named “the same German”, the show is after the Second World War, the Germans building a house is a medieval-style late Baroque era and the Rococo style. After the end of World War II, almost all of the city in Germany has become a ruin, those old houses are basically the war destroyed, Germans are very distressed. How to do? The Germans would have to find out the photo of the year, to find out the design of the year, as it is a must to rebuild it. Today you went to Germany to see, most of the city is not what modern buildings, almost all Baroque, Rococo style. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

The German nation has always been known as the “philosophy of the nation”, Kant, Hagel, Schopenhauer, Marx, Nietzsche, and so on behalf of a master of philosophy, German spirit. The German philosophy of bright stars, but also rely on the typography created by the German Gutenberg, detonated a media revolution. Another German Martin Ruud, standing on the shoulder, creating a European religious reform, established the Protestant Lutheran. The founder of modern sociology, the famous German sociologist Max Webb in “new ethics teaching and the spirit of capitalism” a book, discusses the generation between Protestant Ethics and modern industrial development. All these have already become the common spiritual wealth of mankind.

So is classical music. The German territory set thousands of pets in one. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schuhmann, ushered in a golden age of romanticism. The romantic attention to the realm of the human spirit and the subjective feelings, classical music for music structure attention, reached the peak. The human culture today, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Bavaria Radio Symphony Orchestra, the symphony is still the top international auto industry group, like Benz, BMW.

Looking back at many countries, how many famous brands of the world have been made, and what has been contributed to the common spiritual wealth of human beings? This is worth our thinking.

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