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The philosophy of life, after reading this, more than all the books you read!

The 9 passage is better than all the WeChat you read High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


The student asked the teacher: “can you tell me about the odd man?” the teacher replied: “they are eager to grow up, then lament the lost childhood. They exchange money for health, soon to recover the health with money. In the future, they are worried but ignore the well-being now. Therefore, they can not live in the present, nor live in the future, they live as if never die; before he died, but it seems never to live”. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


One day, the wolf-dog asked: do you have a house car? No dog and wolf said. Asked: do you have meals and fruits? The wolf said no. then you have one you play take you shopping? Said the wolf. The dog said: not despise you are incompetent, what did not the wolf laughed:! I have not eaten shit character; I have my goals; I have freedom, I am lonely Wolf, and you just think a happy dog!


A drop of ink on a glass of water, this water immediately changes, can not drink a drop of ink; melting in the sea, the sea is still blue ocean. Why? Because the two were not the same! Not to pierce the ears prick quite, ripe wheat bowed his head. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer. Why because the weight is not the same?! forgive others, is magnanimous; humility is weight; together, is the quality of a person. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


Chicken eggs, chicken shit, but you must eat eggs, do not eat shit, the chicken so on, vice versa. Each outstanding person, will lay eggs, will shit, he will open the company, for example, then you buy the stock to make money for his family, he is talking nonsense. You don’t have to learn you. The most important is to eat less egg, and droppings, absorb nutrients, grow their own. Sadly many people lay eggs do not eat all day for shit, don’t you eat shit to grow? High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


The master asked: if you want to burn a pot of boiling water, fire to half that wood is not enough, what should you do? Go to some of his disciples said, some say borrow, some said to buy. The master said: why not put some water in a kettle drained? Not all the best, and give it to you! High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


A survey report of Harvard said, life is only an average of 7 times to decide the direction of life opportunities, two chances are separated by about 7 years, about 25 years after the start, after 75 years old will not have what chance. A 7 chance that in 50 years, the first time it is not easy to catch because too young; the last also do not grasp, because too old. It is only 5 times, and two times will be careful not to miss it, so there is actually only 3 chances. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


Lao Lama said to the Lama, “when you come to this world, you are crying, but everyone else is very happy. When you leave the world, everyone else is crying, you are very happy. So death is not sad, and life is not pleasant. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


The old man said to his child: “clench your fist, tell me what to feel?” the boy clenched his fists: “some tired!” the old man: “try to use some force!” the child: “more tired! Some breath!” the old man: “you let it grow a child!” “much easier!” the old man: “when you feel tired, you hold on too tight, the more tired, put it, can be relieved of many!” the simple truth, let go easily! High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer


If you lose 100 dollars as if somewhere, you will spend 200 money to pay the fare that 100 back? A stupid question, but something similar but in life continues to occur: being scolded but spent countless sad time; For one thing, not harmful for others, costly, only for revenge; the loss of one’s feelings, knowing that all have been irreparable, but also sad for a long time. High-Quality fabrication services China Manufacturer

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