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[career Story] Pepsi president who interrupted his speech

China fabricators inc Manufacturer. Two words, the secret of success in life and business in the most indispensable is: integrity. But we, especially just achievement of “quasi celebrity”, often to do two enemies, that is: we received a sense of superiority and our achievements brought by the excessive “utilitarianism” complex. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

When Karl Weller, President of Pepsi Cola, gave a lecture at University of Colorado, a businessman named Geoff spoke with Okal, who was the sponsor of the speech. Carle agreed. Geoff agreed to sit outside the auditorium of. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

Carle spoke cheerfully for college students, talked about his history of entrepreneurship, and talked about the principles to be followed in business success. Before he knew it, time passed Geoff’s appointment.

While Carle continued to speak when he found in the best of spirits, a man from the auditorium opened straight on the way, a word is not issued under a name card after the turn. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

Carle picked up a name card, written on the back: “you and Jeff Hoy at half past two in the afternoon. I suddenly wake up.” Carle micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

On the other hand, the college students who need persuasion and indoctrination of Pepsi Cola are the driving force of their development, while the other side is just a businessman who has not been consulted to him. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

The Carle did not hesitate to the students said: “thank you for listening to my speech, I also want to and we continue to explore some of the problems, but I have an appointment, I can not stand, so please forgive me, and wish you good luck”

In the thunderous applause, Carle walked out of the auditorium quickly. He found Geoff waiting for him outside, and apologized to him. Then he told Geoff everything he wanted to know. As a result, they talked for 30 minutes in the first 15 minutes. China fabricators inc Manufacturer

Later, Geoff became a successful businessman. He told his friends about this experience, and everyone had faith in Pepsi Cola and decided to sell and publicize Pepsi Cola.

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