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【HR】Performance Assessment and Management (1): How to formulate an employee performance plan is better?

Managers and employees work together to develop a good performance plan, and the performance evaluation is successful. So, what kind of employee performance plan is considered good? How to formulate such a performance plan? I believe that different companies and HRs have their own experiences. Let’s discuss and discuss together. I would like to ask: fabricators near me
1. What kind of employee performance plan is better?
2. How to formulate such a performance plan?  fabricators near me

Performance management is a cyclical process that includes performance planning, performance coaching, performance appraisal, performance feedback, and performance improvement. Performance planning is the key to performance management. If performance planning is not done, the entire performance management system is It is a failure.

In the formulation of the performance plan, we generally follow the following steps to give you a reference:

1, according to the company’s development strategy objectives to determine the performance plan, that is to determine the company’s development strategy objectives, and then through the layer of decomposition, the formation of various departments, each position of performance planning and objectives;

2. Decomposing the company’s development strategy goals into the objectives of each department. With the department’s work objectives, it can decompose and formulate the goals of each position of the department; fabricators near me

3. According to the job descriptions of their posts and the objectives of the department, the employees draft their own performance plans and goals. The performance plan should include the objectives of the tasks, specific criteria for achieving performance, assessment indicators, etc., so that employees can clearly identify their own positions and performance plans. Positioning

4. The person in charge of the department and the employee jointly develop a performance plan. Some employees may formulate a high or low performance plan. The Ministry of Manpower will assist department heads in analyzing and formulating a performance plan based on the principle of SMART, that is, specific and measurable. , Executable, Really Achievable, Time-Restricted);

5. Interview the performance plan with the staff of the Ministry of Manpower and departmental staff. During the process of communicating with the performance plan, do not put too much pressure on the staff. Pay attention to creating a relaxed and soft atmosphere. Let the staff talk about themselves first. From the starting point of performance planning, the person in charge of the department first gives affirmative common parts, and then puts forward revised opinions on the differences. The two parties negotiate and finalize the agreement (clear performance evaluation indicators and assessment criteria, formulate action plans, and finally form performance evaluation Acknowledgment, signed by both parties, and signed by the Ministry of Manpower as witness. fabricators near me

Matters needing attention:

1. The key part of the overall performance plan is personally considered to be the guidance of the department head, that is, how to analyze and formulate the indicators of the performance plan. It also lies in how to guide the employees to conduct interviews of the performance plan, confirm the unanimity points, point out different points, and guide employees to speak out. The original intention of formulating its own plan, guiding its implementation of assessment indicators and formulating an action plan, lies in grasping a degree, that is, not allowing employees to feel too much pressure, nor to allow employees to be too relaxed, to be moderate, and to have pressure but only to work hard. can be completed;

2. We must pay attention to methods and methods in interviews, and we must not be too tough. If employees do not recognize certain indicators and have a hard-line attitude, they may be forced too hard and may not work well. Or take into account his feelings, and then in the next interview with the appropriate revision of assessment indicators;

3. More encouragement should be given to the achievements made by employees. Communication with the “Hamburger” principle will be better. fabricators near me

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