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[HR] Application of performance appraisal results (two) personnel deployment and optimization

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

The results of performance evaluation second is widely used for the staff post, promotion, demotion, dismissal and other human resource allocation and optimization. Specifically how to carry out these operations according to the performance results, different companies may each follow the standards and practices. So, excuse me: (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

1, specifically, how do you apply the results of the assessment to the deployment of the above personnel?

2, what are the skills and precautions in operation?

Reference analysis:

We should not forget what the real purpose of performance is, and now there are many enterprises, the performance will be used as a pretext for deduction of wages, or simply can not play the role of performance, according to our company’s current situation and combined with the actual, personal summary of the following points: (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

1, first of all to the staff recognized, no man is perfect, good staff and poor bowel reinforcement, employees have to find his strengths, for his interview, to encourage him and then find out the existing problems, listen to their ideas, give them reasonable suggestions for reference to let him. He accepted in the bottom up to recognize the shortcomings of their own, aroused his spirit, instead of looking for his problems to fight the wrong way of communication or in his opinion the standard of performance is within sight but beyond reach, then they will give up the goal in mind (anyway, so, want to do the idea of it), only the employees to accept from the heart inside, we in the usual work appropriate to give the care and encouragement, the performance will be greatly improved. It will play a real role in performance. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

2, in the promotion, we will continuously maintain excellent performance in consideration of employees, all employees have equal opportunities, our performance target file, employees can voluntarily choose the grade of their performance, 1 for file good employees, the other a file for a staff, the performance objectives different performance wages are different, we will let the staff to stimulate their progressive cycle; our basic salary 1,2,3,4 file, to raise wages and reduce wages, according to your performance scores such as staff for 3 consecutive months are excellent, good, your salary is in 1 grade or 2 stalls, if fourth months your performance is poor, the qualified, your salary will drop to 3 or 4 stalls, is your basic salary and performance results and performance salary, performance salary we will be in strict accordance with the standards of performance to; (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

In 3, we will encourage excellent employee selection and excellent workshop selection per month, to encourage the employees and supervisors, feel the double pressure, to enhance the sense of responsibility, such as: outstanding staff award and award of progress, so that poor people as long as he went hard, there is progress, we will also be informed praise for encouragement to inspire them to fight on the honour list notification bar; excellent workshop divided by the encouragement, will plug the red flag in the workshop, the blue flag and white flag (the red flag was a good shop, blue flag is white for the poor progress of workshop, workshop)

4, according to the needs of employees, we will provide staff learning platform, often invite well-known lecturers to the company lectures, humanized management, and staff more communication, more exchanges, to stimulate their ability to work, train talents

5, we will be in the outstanding staff according to the post to the training and promotion for the management personnel, in 3 consecutive months without a good reach, we will take the suspension, demotion, dismissal could see, and other measures.

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN  ASTM  GOST  GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved fineline prototyping Manufacturer


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