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Foxconn President Terry Gou speech on the understanding of Industrial Engineering (IE)

For Foxconn group, IE will play its three major functions: first, performance management; second is value engineering; third is management (including the allocation of resources, assessment and effective use of resources)

I told you that my son was going to study in the United States. He asked me if I should study that department. I told him to study IE.. In my mind, mold is the mother of industry and IE is the father of industry

Now the government is trying to make Chinese economic soft landing is to cool the economy. I really love the word “cool”. Chinese economy is indeed should be cool. It’s like 5000 meters long head 1000 meters if you use 100 meters sprint speed to run then you cannot use the same speed run behind the 4000 meters. Chinese government fully understand the implications of this economic problem so be sure to cool the economy. But this is not cool for industrial manufacturing technology especially for the manufacturing industry to the government Chinese cooling technology has always fully support future still will fully support.

China in the future is bound to move towards a comprehensive industrialization. Chinese economy to go on the broad road must rely on industry. Industry is the foundation of manufacturing, manufacturing is a fundamental design and innovation. So we think this year will promote the work of the technical committee must start from IE. The industrial engineering curriculum construction, personnel training and system implementation we have conducted fruitful cooperation with Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University industrial engineering group master class Tongren also came today please applaud! I at Tsinghua and President Gu about our cooperation IE master a few years after today we have cooperation PhD! So you graduate colleagues you will be Chinese a few of the most promising industry elite.

In the future we should organically IE grades and grade management together, the group in the future related personnel to start the Industrial Bank has very important help. Only with this talent base in order to enhance the working efficiency of the bank industry fundamentally. Of course, extended to industrial manufacturing clothing or shoe or automotive and electronics the final or make any industry must rely on industrial engineering to improve the efficiency of competition to win.

Today and in the future any things are not profits. We have entered the era of meager profit, with the development of information technology, any technology will soon be imitated. Unless you have technical barriers difficult or unable to maintain profits. Further the future even if you have the efficiency of patent protection you must also be in manufacturing and service on the beat competitors because of technical upgrading to ten speed in development. The nature of the competition is nothing more than the design efficiency, innovation efficiency, efficiency of manufacturing and services. So I am very grateful to Dr. Chen Zhenguo came to the company IE training I also believe that the science of industrial engineering personnel will be full China most valuable talent. So I I hope not only today’s IE master class to expand to handle future should also offer bachelor classes, class I will communicate to the doctor and the Tsinghua University and other institutions.

Let Foxconn to play the cultivation of talents in industrial engineering business school this role is the most appropriate. Because the opportunity to practice our industry involved in the engineering category we provide is unmatched elsewhere. Here you can learn by doing and to apply the theory to the practice experience for validation, you will experience a failure exercise you will get your accomplishments will motivate success beyond counterparts. As the doctor doctor is not a few people do not become famous. I tell you, in the six Foxconn Technology Park are you learning by doing the stage. I also ask Dr. Chen to him from the United States to invite some foreign professor to get a few the monk (although they are not necessarily chanting) try to open international class let them use English teaching let us IE talent is not only the domestic and international master is outstanding in the industry.

I encourage you to do is work, knowledge is one thing and actually applied in industrial practice. It is one thing to have the skill of Constant dripping wears away a stone. must start from the basis of IE, whether you do low technology or high-tech are the same. Manufacturing to aerospace engineering IE are from ordinary industrial technology to Everything is contained therein. especially competitive aircraft. IE industry is more and more important. But in the era of meager profit IE will become the source of competitiveness. I hope that in the future Chinese manufacturing technology in China IE, Foxconn IE and IE department to become one of the most important shares of competitive forces, a position occupied Chinese technology manufacturing industry’s most competitive advantage. Everyone says is good! (applause)

This is definitely not a whip because we tell some fantastic tales, the ancestors will first mover. China has just started to pay attention to the efficiency of domestic manufacturers such as Lenovo, TCL, Haier and.WTO are just now entering just two years, the degree of industry competition is brutal domestic has shrunk. In the past by the protection of the state monopoly industry to license by day in the future certainly sad. Taiwan is the same year to protect the area over the past 30 years automotive industry protection, the wheels also do not come out. The introduction of competition after all things can be worked out. The mainland industry to achieve leapfrog development must take off umbrella hand to let the market to promote the progress of the round today. For example if the communications industry, to maximize the opening price at least half the price of mobile phone will call charges will be reduced. The market is There was no parallel in history. to rely on transparency and competition To cultivate its maturity, today China leadership is very clear on this point, so open, competition, efficiency and profit will become normal in the future. Chinese industry survival and management innovation of industrial engineering will help push the Chinese to real industrial technology, quality, cost, service innovation road in the new century, Chinese factory of the world dream will not be far away.

I told you my son to go to America to study, he asked me to read the Department should I tell him to learn IE. in my mind the mold is the mother of industry IE is the father of industrial base. The growth of your father and mother to give you strong space. So I asked the group to promote IE must achieve three functions and utility the first is performance management. The second functions called value engineering. How to make it more valuable to do this thing? Is there a better way to spend less time? I often say is the first copy second is the third study is fourth grades with innovation is invention will be administered by the.IE and, if only will all run to the accounting perspective without IE background is not eligible. The management system to “promotion” no IE background would not pass me..IE third is the management of the future, including resource allocation evaluation The effective use of resources and resources. What is the future? Time, talent,.IE’s role is to do more with limited resources. In terms of time, high order, time is the key of human resources; in terms of talent, talent is the key resources in terms of technology, the foundation; technology and innovative technology resources. This is the time, talent and technology constitute the source of our capital and competitiveness, which together create five competitive products of Foxconn sold, that is the speed, quality, engineering services, flexibility, cost. These five products are competitive with IE (Industrial Engineering) role are closely related.

Three different words are all I just want to express a meaning that is very important to IE.IE, if you can learn, learn, learn fine so I believe you will not only become a qualified director will become a management capacity of the general manager. I will choose the assignment of general manager when I must choose a IE background. Thank you!

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