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The factory stopped, a large number of people were unemployed, but also what development?

The factory stopped, a large number of people were unemployed, there was no support from the real economy, and how did GDP grow? Also talk about what development? gasket sheet

Discontinued unemployment in a large area, livelihood resentment

Many business owners have their entire assets in the factory. Numerous workers are burdened with huge pressures on mortgages, car loans, support for the family, and pensions. The government and government have adopted a one-size-fits-all approach to make many non-polluting companies forced to close down. Even the shops that make tofu and make breakfast are closed. All of a sudden, it caused public discontent. gasket sheet

Some netizens said:

“Advocacy of environmental protection is in line with actual people’s livelihood, but it is necessary to guide enterprises in a reasonable and orderly transformation so that ordinary people can’t see people like devils entering the village. Now that size factory is not the door!” gasket sheet

“It can’t be said that it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Some law enforcement officers are really barbarous. There is no right for these people to speak. The environment is to organize. Then it needs a process.”

Some private entrepreneurs feel unfairly treated, saying:

“The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei polluted the surrounding areas, just like the human body. Food has a mouth and enjoys diseases and other organs to share.” gasket sheet

“They are the masters of the feathered arrows. What are the intentions of so many large-scale polluting enterprises, chemical plants, thermal power plants, steel mills, etc., who specialize in private companies?”

“In order to protect the environment, we must start from the source, not call coal burning, shut down the coal mine, stop the plant, and petrochemical company Sinopec collapsed. Take Tianjin as an example to shut down tens of thousands of small and micro enterprises in various districts, and how many People are unemployed?

Some people expressed with deep concern:

“The land has flown, and the factory has been shut down. I don’t know if tomorrow’s people will be embarrassed. How can we solve problems when children go to school, old people support them, and even basic food and clothing are provided?” gasket sheet

“It has been very good for netizens to say that no matter how ordinary people are living or dying, this sort of organization will make society more chaotic. How many factories, companies, and how many workers are laid off? Children need to go to school. Parents need good education. “”

“Now the small businesses that start their own businesses are basically people after 70 and 80. They shoulder the burden of a family of three generations old and young. This way, how can we live alive!” gasket sheet

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