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General situation and market demand analysis of CNC grinding machine industry in China in 2017

【Chinese analysis machine business column 】Market Grinder is an important sub industry of metal cutting machine, the grinding on the workpiece surface using abrasive tools. According to the different control mode of grinding machine using, grinding into CNC grinding machine and CNC grinder. Non CNC grinder represents the development trend of grinding machine industry.

CNC grinder is third times after the industrial revolution, the information technology products and machinery manufacturing technology combined. As a basic tool of modern mechanical machining, CNC grinding machine is widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, shipbuilding, aerospace, defense industry, electrical equipment, railway locomotives, construction machinery and other important areas of national economic development with the development of science and technology, the downstream industry requirements on the performance and precision grinding is more and more high, the upgrading of products is becoming more and more frequent, high-volume production by type single production gradually to the many varieties of small batch production, high efficiency of all kinds of high precision CNC grinding machine, high flexibility and high degree of automation of the demand growth.

(1) CNC grinding machine grinder has become the leading product of the consumer market, the industry continues to expand the scale of the development of China’s CNC grinder began in the middle of 1970s. In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the demand structure of China’s machine market changed significantly, the greater the leading industry development direction of CNC grinding machine demand. On the one hand in China, the automotive industry, consumer electronics, shipbuilding, aerospace, defense industry, electrical equipment, railway locomotives, the development of construction machinery industry provides a broad market for CNC grinding machine, on the other hand, constantly on CNC grinding machine in quantity, quality and level put forward higher requirements. To promote the rapid development of CNC grinding machine industry.

In 2015, the CNC output rate of grinder reached 51.75%, 5.07 percentage points higher than that in 2014. At present, the numerical control rate of CNC machine tools in developed countries has reached more than 80%. Therefore, the development of CNC machine tools in our country still has great potential

(2) the capability of independent innovation is enhanced and the technical level is raised

CNC grinding machine industry in China in recent years to increase new product development efforts, the enterprise of scientific research, design, manufacturing capabilities continue to increase, the overall level of technology industry to further improve, and further optimize the product structure, the successful development of a large number of new products with high technical level, has formed the ability to participate in international competition. According to the statistics the main business Chinese grinding machine tool industry yearbook > included in the statistical range of 2013, CNC grinding machine industry 28 companies to develop new products totaling 97, a year-on-year increase of 3.2%, of which 57 kinds of new products of CNC grinding machine, part of the new product technology reached the international advanced level.

(3)There are still obvious gap with the developed countries, there is a larger space for development as a whole

Germany, the United States in the field of high performance, Japan in the field of CNC grinding machine level of Technological Development in the global leading position. Because of very complicated machining precision CNC grinding machine and manufacturing process requirements, involving software development, precision manufacturing. Electrical control, system integration and other factors, so the industry is mainly distributed in the high level of the development of science and technology of the countries and regions.

Although China has ranked first in the world machine tool manufacturing power in 2009, but with the developed countries the gap is still evident, CNC grinding machine with high performance is still heavily dependent on imports. China’s CNC grinding machine and the gap between the developed countries mainly in the following aspects: first, R & D capability is weak, the CNC grinding machine production in China is still in the low-end of the traditional products, in the high performance and precision The high-end products in basic research and development ability is insufficient, cannot satisfy the large core components, processing high accuracy products; second, CNC system and functional components of domestic components lag, supporting ability, the key core components still need to import; third, in large-scale, intelligent product development, integrated investment insufficiency. Lack of reserve technology development trend in the future; fourth, personalized solutions and service capability is weak.

The gap is the industry of CNC grinding machine in China to enhance the overall power and market space. With the steady growth of China’s economy, the process of industrialization and informationization, the upgrading of industrial structure, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in particular, countries attach great importance to the work of CNC grinding machine tool industry and equipment manufacturing industry as the pillar industry, will usher in the provided good wisdom Opportunities and vast space。

2, Industry analysis of the market demand of China’s CNC grinding machine

(1) industry overall demand analysis the overall demand of the CNC grinding machine industry strong as the world’s largest developing country, the fixed assets investment at this stage is always an important driving factor of China’s economic development, and manufacturing investment accounted for continuous improvement of China’s manufacturing industry fixed.2007 asset investment (excluding rural households) 35477 billion yuan, in 2016 reached 187836 yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 20.34%, the growth rate is far higher than the growth rate of GDP. Nearly ten years of China’s manufacturing industry investment in fixed assets accounted for more than 30%, ranked first in all industries.2016 domestic investment in fixed assets the structure (excluding farmers) the situation as follows: the relevant report of 2016 domestic investment in fixed assets structure: Intek consulting released <2017-2022 China CNC grinder Market Depth Evaluation and investment strategy report > CNC grinding machine is widely used in consumer electronics, automobile industry, new materials, new energy, instrumentation, defense industry, aerospace and other important areas of national economy, is an important foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry. In manufacturing fixed asset investment pull, CNC grinding machine industry demand in China will continue strong. The consumption upgrade will form a new growth point of CNC grinding machine industry with the full implementation of the strategy of building a well-off society, the national consumption is moving towards a more comfortable, more convenient, more clean, more beautiful, more healthy direction, people to the pursuit of quality of life is more intense. Reflect the “consumer electronic products the entertainment trend, all kinds of energy saving and environmental protection and the appearance of the passenger car, favored by the vast number of consumers, thereby promoting consumer electronics, automobiles and auto parts industry rapidly The development and upgrading. As an important production equipment for all kinds of consumer electronic products and automotive precision parts, CNC grinding machine in the tide of consumption upgrade usher in a new growth point of the industry, entered a period of rapid growth. The < China 2025> manufacturing strategy will be for the development of CNC grinding machine industry with a huge update demand in May 8, 2015, the State Council officially issued “Chinese 2025>, lead to the adjustment of industrial structure and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the manufacturing strategy implementation of the first ten years of the programme of action. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry transformation is the foundation, to promote the upgrading of manufacturing industries, the Chinese government vigorously promote the high-end equipment industry development, the introduction of a series of industrial policy.2016 released in March” national People’s Republic of China the economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan > with “high-end equipment innovation and development projects” Column “(four), the high-end CNC machine tools,” pointed out: “the development of precision, high speed, flexible CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and integrated manufacturing system. In order to improve the reliability, precision and keep focusing on the development of high-grade CNC system, bearing, grating, sensor etc. The main software function components and key applications;” (five) pointed out that the robot equipment “:” to the development of industrial robots, service robots, military robots and robot operation, promote the high precision reducer, high speed and high performance controller, high performance servo motors and drives and other key parts of autonomy, promote the artificial intelligence technology in the field of commercial “. Therefore, a new round of adjustment and the upgrading of the industrial structure is the advanced manufacturing industry will replace the traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, this will greatly increase as the high performance CNC grinding machine tools industry one of the update The import substitution demand. The huge market potential of China’s high-end CNC grinder started late, high performance products relies on imports of larger.2013 to 2015, domestic CNC machine tool demand growth, import volume increased year by year, in 2014 China imported 14836 sets of CNC machine tools, in 2015 amounted to 18584 units, an increase of 25%. with the level of China’s science and technology strength continue to enhance the overall strength of CNC grinding machine industry in China will gradually raise the grade of products, from the current low to high-end upgrade, to meet the growing domestic demand for high-end CNC grinding machine. At the same time, due to the current import grinder includes many problems exist in the process of service products tailored to customer service, limited in China the manufacturing industry chain order response speed, and caused the domestic production and cost pressure grinder users. Therefore, the industry of our country imported CNC grinding machine replacement process It is imperative to speed. Without considering the consumption demand update upgrades upgrade brings incremental demand and manufacturing industry, according to customs statistics, in 2015 China’s CNC machine tools imported a total amount of $3 billion, even if the only alternative to imported equipment 50% the left and right rate, the future of China’s CNC machine tool industry every year to at least $1 billion 500 million in new market space. The industrial restructuring and rising labor costs to boost industrial automation transformation and upgrading of the economic structure of our country “thrust”, the change of population structure caused by the shortage of labor and manufacturing industry with the rising cost of “pull” and industrial policy to support the “catalytic force”, is promoting the manufacturing industry of our country huge to upgrade technology, system optimization, production line renovation, and technological transformation, the traditional industrial factory automation, enterprise information needs a lot The intelligent equipment and integrated manufacturing system, a huge potential market. In the 3C industry as an example, the current domestic 3C industry overall automation rate is low, 3C industry to improve the overall rate of automation, intelligent equipment (such as automatic manipulator) and intelligent manufacturing system to form a huge market demand.