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How to be a good team leader

Clear roles and responsibilities

When we determine the role, also should be clear about the function and responsibility of their own.

The team leader has three important functions:

1, team leader affects the implementation of enterprise production decision, because the decision is good, if the performer is not effective, the decision is also very difficult to implement. So the team leader affects the implementation of the decision-making, affects the final realization of business objectives.

2, the team leader is a bridge connecting link, and staff to contact the leadership.

3, team leader is the organizers are working, so the team leader should be a technical backbone, and should be versatile business.

The team leader in production management responsibilities:

Team leader of the level of overall quality determines the enterprise’s decision-making can be successfully implemented, so the team leader is responsible for enterprises is very important. I think the team leader’s responsibilities include:

1, daily management

The deployment of personnel, scheduling, attendance, employee emotion management, staff technical training and on-site health, team building etc. belong to the daily management.

2, security management responsibilities

The team leader is the team safety first responsibility, safety management responsibilities include operations, standardized on-site personnel management, operation quality, materials management, equipment maintenance, risk control and so on.

3, the unity and cohesion of team members

The team leader is the team leader, should guide the staff to establish the spirit of dedication, arouse the staff’s enthusiasm and creativity, with a common vision of inspiring, will change the staff’s personal ability into a force upward, together, happy to complete each work.

4, assist supervisor

The team leader should timely and accurately reflect the actual situation to their superiors, put forward their own proposals to superior leadership staff assistant. If only stay in the deployment of personnel and production arrangements, they did not give full play to the bridge team leader and role.

How to be a good leader

1, understand the leadership of your expectations

As a junior, must accurately understand the instructions and instructions, background, environment and leadership style. Otherwise, some difficulty but did not achieve the desired effect. When there is a better way of work, it is necessary to select the appropriate timing of his proposal to speak out, let the leadership of a more comprehensive, accurate or accept to accept your advice.

2, technology benchmarking

As a team leader, especially the production line team leader, have excellent technology, without a certain cultural quality, it is difficult to convince the public. So, I think to want to do a good job of team work, first of all to improve their own quality, do a “knowledge” team leader, do business on the authority of the technical the benchmark.

At work I am constantly practicing skills, new technology, receiving new knowledge, to replenish your energy; at the same time constantly thinking and summing up, find the gap, and to improve the self; team of various conventional operation technology, do freely; the key, complex technical problems do understand and master, have accumulated the capability to deal with all kinds of accidents, set a benchmark for the workers.

In order to improve the overall quality of the team, I use a variety of forms, led workers to improve the technical level, to promote learning, to promote the work of learning, and abandon the rigid fixed idea, advocate employees learn from each other, learn from their strength. Real led workers to realize each period of corporate objectives.

3, management innovation

Just shift leader, by the teacher and their exploration, accumulated experience to understand the sentiment, what is the management, so the lack of the knowledge management system. The experience is very important, but after all, not experience system, there are some blind spots, and later through systematic theoretical training and practice to explore and gradually improve the management level. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, I feel there is no innovation no development in a bland, natural to be regarded as mediocre, its original cohesion, appeal will gradually disappear, as a team leader must do everything in advance, every innovation, continuous learning, it is through self transcendence. Continuous innovation and efforts, the Zhaojue station from the standard, to the model, and then to the top; from the superior to the red flag, then to standard, non-stop in the exploration of innovation, transcending in innovation.

4, democratic justice

To act in democratic justice is easier said than done, because fairness is often mistaken for egalitarianism. So, I use the democratic life every time, collect everyone’s opinions and suggestions, formulate various management system; allocation of work on the basis of reasonable system arrangement, be fair, be.

5, care for workers

The lack of workers in the work, life care and understanding, employees will naturally not satisfied with you. So I think, care workers must understand the staff and workers, only face to face, heart to heart, to know the side by side thinking, like worry; only have a normal heart. Respect heart, selfless heart, to put a team to a new level.

Understand the employees is the key to effective communication, in other words, an excellent leader must have the quality of understanding, understanding, and establish a good interpersonal relationship. Therefore, I often and workers to carry out in-depth dialogue, work, learning, life and other issues were hanging hypothesis, let everyone speak freely each one airs his own views. And find the best solution from it.

In the work of staff, hoping he can often get timely guidance to the team leader, because timely guidance is the worker’s attention and training, so I try to use every operation and job opportunities, guidance, supervision of people, try to do everything from training, training.

In life, become workers. Through the “good teachers and helpful friends to work to see the face, eating, appetite, work and rest to see momentum, mood” revealed that the members’ psychological, physical changes, timely detection of problems, to take measures to solve them.

6, the goal is clear

Clarity is one of the most important and the most basic premise as team leader. As a team leader, the goal should be very clear, otherwise it will form a mess.

7 words

As a team leader to do, do what they preach. He’s working to finish the job. For example, for the formulation of rules and regulations, must set an example, Yanyilvji also asked the workers to abide by, in violation of the rules, must be explicitly stop assessment.

8, reasonable appreciation

The ruler has the director, inch is short, each team member has their own special skills, if all of the talents gathered together for team production practice, management operation will receive very good effect

So, in the work I enjoy every employee, understand the advantages and disadvantages of each person, and the work of the division of labor based on each person’s strengths, in order to arouse their enthusiasm, let them feel the trust, to further enhance their self-confidence and sense of responsibility. At the same time, for the work of outstanding performance, in the class meeting on praise, be sure to work. I think this is perhaps the greatest respect for him, he will inspire more high enthusiasm, but also enhance the team cohesion.

9, honor, responsibility should bear

In addition, as the team leader, should honor to let you do the work, is that he is but a leader, One person alone cannot accomplish much., not only goose flocks, no collective wisdom and strength, no team collaboration, no success achieved. It should be very generous to honor and bonuses to everybody you, his labor model more, you can do the work better.

To take responsibility, good team leader should have the courage to assume responsibility, workers and staff members in the event of errors, as the team leader should analyze why in encouraging basis, to help find their problems, Tim measures, the courage to take responsibility, never yielded the workers into the opposite.

Someone will be team leader compared to small entrepreneurs, this analogy is not much. The team is small, but functional methods, such as the sparrow has five internal organs. The production safety, management and the reform measures and the ideological and political workers, rights, democratic consultation and labor disputes and so on by almost every team to implement. The team leader has “soldiers head to tail features”, which determines the class leader is shouldering a “cadre worker compound” duties, he should undertake the team management work, but also do the production team work, the two have taken into account. Therefore, a team leader is not to do easy.

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