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GREE will build 2500 robots next year

Recently, China’s intelligent equipment industry broke out good news, GREE using the basic equipment to create a new “sophisticated” CNC machine tools, and precision is not lost at the international advanced level

In fact, as early as in 12th Five-Year the national development planning, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has been identified as one of the seven strategic emerging industries, the intelligent manufacturing equipment is one of the important direction of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. It has been trying to expand in multiple areas of GREE, began very early layout of intelligent equipment market, set up the four R & D and production bases in Zhuhai and Wuhan, the product has covered the servo manipulator, industrial robots, CNC machine tools and other more than 10 areas.

GREE side said, in four years time, GREE completed the internal production line automation,.2016, GREE through independent research and development of intelligent equipment manufacturing, the overall production efficiency increased by 10.5%.

Although the 70% industrial robots currently produced by GREE electric appliances internal digestion, but the overall market demand is still great, therefore, GREE has intelligent equipment industry as one of the main direction of future force, is currently in the expansion of the trend.

In the market development situation is excellent, GREE is continuing to increase investment in the field of intelligent equipment, plans to build 2500 robots next year.

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