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Haier no artificial factory into “China made 2025” landing samples

Can you imagine through the Internet to move the mouse will be able to create a refrigerator at home? This is Arabian Nights in traditional industrial era, but in Haier refrigerator factory is located in Shenyang no one has become a reality. As Chinese first turn on behalf of the Internet appliance business transformation, Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory to build the “intelligent interactive platform” the joint research and development, after the user, through the opening of the whole ecological value chain, to achieve the user, product, machine, real-time interconnection between production lines, so that users at home through the network to customize their refrigerator become possible.

At present, the 4 industry is sweeping the globe, China is developing the “Chinese manufacturing 2025> will also be industrial intelligence as an important direction for future development of the industry. It can be said that the Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory based on unmanned intelligent interconnection, user customization as the main line, to the whole process of integration has become the best way, China manufacturing a sample of 2025 first floor.

Flexible production to meet individual needs

In order to meet the customized needs of different users, Haier has created a flexible automatic production line

Haier appliance industry group vice president Chen Lucheng told reporters, Haier began as early as 2012 practice Internet factory, is committed to building the required design, on-demand manufacturing, on-demand delivery system. For the realization of the large-scale manufacturing to customization and transformation, the transformation of Haier open platform, based on Modular interconnection the factory is to provide users with personalized experience “the main body”, and the user interactive customization platform and module business resources platform for the user to provide a personalized experience.

The reporter saw in Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory, in order to satisfy the different user customization requirements, through the product, layout, equipment, modular layout operation, Haier to create a flexible selection of products, expansion of processing capacity, die change response to the demand of automatic production line. To obtain accurate customized information, in the factory these workers only need to put into the cage door randomly, production line can be customized according to the user information retrieval, automatic die changing.

Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory responsible person told the reporter, for the realization of mass customization match combination, the factory will be the traditional production line more than 100 meters into a 4 18 meter long intelligent production line, flexible mass customization at the factory in a production line can support more than 500 types, so as to meet the user’s purchase of flexible rapid diversification demand. On the one hand, the user can choose according to their own preferences refrigerator color, style, performance, structure, customized refrigerator one; on the other hand, through the visual operation, the user can always find your refrigerator in the production line, such as the production to which a process, there is no the factory. “The official said.

It is understood that the world’s first “third class” – Haier refrigerator uniform cold refrigerator factory in Shenyang is produced. Through global users, research resources and business resources module whole process parallel iterative interaction, meet user demand for personalized products. The market data show that Haier refrigerator cold uniform has entered the global about 2000000 home users. In 2014, according to Euromonitor International’s latest survey data show that Haier refrigerator brand retail volume of 17% for 7 consecutive years ranked first in the world. Internet factory will promote Haier refrigerator industry advantage further amplification.

Quality culture escorts high quality products

Haier quality culture changed from management product to management experience, from product defect to user experience without defect

The restructuring of production processes and production methods, quality control system for the traditional enterprise has brought new challenges, these challenges are mainly reflected in user centered, engaged in the ascent to full satisfaction process personalized experience best. Reporters learned that in the Internet era, Haier put forward “to the best user experience for the standard” quality culture, from the management of the product into the management experience, from product no defect for the user experience has no defect, this Internet era of change, the new pattern of foreign exchange, namely Haier single-A win-win mode network 360 degree interactive user experience model.

In this interactive user experience mode, the user through the advance to actively participate in product planning, design, manufacture, delivery, and evaluation of interactive marketing value chain of 360 degrees of each node, and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem together to create the best experience, so as to meet the needs of a dynamic, and the formation of self running system experience continuous closed-loop optimization. It can be said that the Haier single one network 360 degree interactive experience model is a model of quality management innovation to meet the requirements of the Internet age.

In this strategic goal, Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory continued to practice “from the warranty guarantee satisfaction to the whole process in the best user experience of quality management, from research and development, procurement, logistics to the whole production process of the prior automatic error proofing, intelligent monitoring inspection nearly 50 Measures of quality guarantee for the realization of zero the production of defective products” escort “.

According to the Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory in charge, the current refrigerator factory practice of modular strategy actively, the full implementation of the modular design, procurement, to ensure product quality and manufacturing process. In addition, the global advanced technology and highly integrated automation production line, but also solve the difficult problem of traditional manufacturing employment, reducing the variety of artificial the operation of the uncertainty factors, quality to ensure product stability.

High efficiency to create a first-class delivery experience

How to quickly meet the user’s personalized, differentiated needs, testing the response speed of Haier intelligent manufacturing

With the transformation of the Internet, Haier unmanned factory goal is to enhance the ability to meet the personalized user. It can be said that, in and outside the Internet, Internet information and Internet and three Internet, millions of users will participate in the global super Haier refrigerator R & D, production, sales process, how to quickly meet the user’s personalized, differentiated demand, to create first-class delivery experience, response speed test of Haier intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.

Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory according to the relevant person in charge of the factory while achieving high automation equipment, pay more attention to satisfy the users of manufacturing the experience of the whole process, through the establishment of leading man and machine in the home appliance industry, automation community interactive machine and machine free, the machines, production lines, products, real-time interconnection between users.

It is understood that the information on the Internet is the most typical case of the factory U shell intelligent distribution line, the delivery line and the subversion of the traditional industry and the loading mode of transport in the industry for the first time to realize the distribution under the condition of precise point matching and automatic instant delivery. At present, Shenyang Haier refrigerator factory through intelligent production layout. The single line capacity, double the output per unit area, logistics distribution distance is less than the original 43%, the production time is reduced to 10 seconds, to become the world’s fastest production cycle refrigerator industry, undertake models most widely appliance factory.

It can be said that Haier unmanned factory not only created 2025 China manufacturing precedent, became the vanguard of Chinese from the home appliance manufacturing power to create powerful leap in the eyes of China appliance association director Jiang Feng, 4 in the global industrial revolution, manufacturing a new round of reform is not in the original manufacturing logic of minor repairs the small, but the combination of the Internet information communication technology to realize the New Subversive manufacturing system logic. Haier refrigerator factory in Shenyang as the world’s first intelligent interconnection factory to show the world the needs of individual users to promote new ideas of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, which will further release China refrigerator industry’s global competitiveness.

In fact, the industry is showing 4 integration and development of information technology and industrial pattern of future, behind the ability of the global enterprises to deal with the Internet era wave of change. At present more household electrical appliance enterprises to unmanned factory, intelligent manufacturing transformation, but due to the different product line structure, the intelligent manufacturing progress is uneven, from the market practice effect point of view, Haier as the representative of the enterprise through building automation, intelligent production line, build information, digital information system, built the first enterprise and the user demand data seamless intelligent manufacturing system, it is walking in the forefront of the times change.

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