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The harder the more happy feeling | quality

This morning, as usual, we took a taxi to Hongqiao, started the business trip this week, bit by bit, helped the car, thanks for the good times, so that the information was so vertical, symmetrical and timely

I took my suitcase filled with outside I need something these days, pajamas, slippers, towels, toothpaste, wash clothes. Don’t wonder why I take so much, in fact, as early as in Jing Chai before I have to do so, because I know my travel frequency is so high, always use the hotel inside, if I retire, disposable items consumption are estimated to be in the home filled with my house. I used to play, but the earth can not afford ah ~

As in the past the car tell the driver to chat, this is my habit, I will quietly waiting for the bus driver said, because I think it’s good fun, now this information intensive era, every day across thousands of miles through the mobile phone, with thousands of miles away almost no common people praised each other, but few people around and comments talk, because too few opportunities at the same time, we developed a habit of unfamiliar street. I think the driver and I exchange is the most pleasant chat, we did not take into account, he told his frown, laugh I don’t understand my trip on the road, rare leisure time, this time you can forget 8D, forget PPAP, forget you the audit table, go to TM, in addition to the work I have life, isn’t it?

The driver said the envy of my work, can often go out to run around, but everything has tired cycle, this is the code written in human genes, or home inside Zhang Yuqi Quanan Wang go whoring is crazy? Where’s miss Zhang Quan Ann longer than the beautiful wife of course if hot? You don’t know who is Zhang Quanan wife, you will deny me; you may also have the more familiar you will deny me immeasurably vast difference; maybe you will deny me, you can go to Eric, let him tell me you deny me…

For the trip, our young SQE or purchase may enjoy the process, when young, vibrant, energetic, go out to eat well, wear less, play cool, sweet, this is the young capital. But now I was already not the kind of excited state, say 40 confused, I began to feel perplexed just this year, click into place.

See the WeChat platform, a lot of quality perception is to talk about doing SQE or do the feeling of quality personnel, so today I also leisurely to tell you about my perception

15 years ago, I began to engage in supplier management, at that time I was in a Japanese bearing factory work, to tell the truth that when there is no SQE in this position, I belong to the purchasing department of the buyer, we call the Commissioner, is now buyer, but I want to buy something back for qualified, do and there are now 60% is a coincidence, the remaining 40% is the purchasing work: bargain bargain is also TM bargain.

Just when work is confused but young, Japanese process is complex but the quality guarantee stability, boss demanding but their ability is not down to earth, often make some mistakes, be the boss of their strong character. A young torture their young minds, now think that some of their folly. Compared with now the income that time should not be so harsh, because so little wage. Why hurt yourself? So my friends say, to work hard, but don’t own and hard to carry, some errors and mistakes don’t challenge yourself to relax can be flexible and work can we ease. Especially the SQE, worked with the supplier, but it’s hard to talk to the parents

At that time, colleagues around the uneven, but can not say who is superior; some people ability, work conscientiously, but the boss does not pay; but some people’s sleek is not, but the leadership of importance. This is the question of leadership, you should force yourself, you made the Philippines?

When the leadership of the important tasks for you, don’t think leadership is in the reuse of you, perhaps in the top package pushed you down; when the leadership of the important tasks for you, don’t think leaders look not on you, maybe is the leader in protecting you, fear you wrong, he never further than you some, even if only one inch; because you don’t know the next pit is on your toes an inch or a front yards. So I often give their assignment to me, sometimes they don’t understand, looking at me, I told myself, he 2 years later would know I care attentively to

Then I left the Japanese company, came to a German company, met my old leader, now retired. At that time he felt particularly serious, but we love active humor, although as a subordinate initiative to meet his humor, but still feel not natural, some formal.

Because the procurement chain is not much, we can not help but be the internal production and quality challenges, even the project department will continue to give you a small shoes to wear, let you feel that even if you don’t wear a pair of pants with suppliers, but you always tell them is not a front, although your forehead is printed with the same company Logo.

The old leader, calm, decisive encounter things, he told me the most terrible words: man, resolute! This sentence affects me, I also changed, in addition to the world and what you think they should be afraid of? The home was stolen but tens of thousands of dollars the loss of the car was hit, but thousands of dollars of things; but this is all to you alive is because of this, I do things very open, but open mind live, do things especially much. Another point is that the boss must positioning for you very clear that your boss is a do things, doing things don’t obey him against him, because those who do things people are responsible people; your boss is a mixed day only listen to people who don’t think, remember against him, because all the people who don’t think when people are not supported;

I do SQE for so many years, with the supplier relationship is very good, I never take the customer itself, boring, because you take off units of work clothes, and any suppliers have no difference. As you know SQE or procurement, suppliers are really respect you or in respect of your units even respect money. So I have been working to improve their ability to work, and strive to achieve no barriers and obstacles with suppliers, a supplier can help when needed, only when the supplier to the boss and hold your hand tightly, not willing to let go, please remember that this time he really is your attention. However, please remember, those who do not respect your suppliers, never with them deliberately to do things, to strictly enforce the unit’s rules, how to do on how to do this, for he also don’t hesitate, because each other respect is the premise to work

The supply chain is not much, but please relax, when you are in a relaxed state, your brain is very active, thinking of the problem more long-term and profound, must not be a person carrying more pressure, carry more tight, more compact and more confused. If you can smoothly fix things do not the boss told him the trouble easily, you can. If you can’t get things, both internally and externally, must report, must not carry one person at the same time, the best time to deal with the problem of delay.

Work to do, don’t work hard. Do remember modaobuwukanchaigong, no matter what time do not forget to learn; communication is learning, training is learning, learning experience is the only way to learn, will let you work more easily, remember that the harder the more happy, oh ~ is hard

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