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Toyota Akio reorganizes senior executives

Source: Sina Automotive Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda has issued the most serious warning to date on the rapid changes in the automotive industry. He is trying to restructure the senior management structure to respond to what the automaker calls “now or never” competition. high precision CNC machining

On Tuesday, Toyota announced the plan in Tokyo, injecting more diversity for senior leaders to respond to new demands in electrification, autonomous driving, and intelligent networking. This series of appointments will take effect on January 1 next year.

The plan will also strengthen Toyota Motor’s links with the entire Toyota Group, including Denso DENSO and Toyota Tsusho, and bring the current lack of expertise and technology to Toyota Motor.

In this high-level big change, Toyota Motor also appointed a senior woman in the high-end luxury brand Lexus in an important position, and promoted many non-Japanese executives. high precision CNC machining

Mr. Toyoda has always had a crisis mindset with Toyota to maintain his rapid response to the industry, including adopting a large number of new technologies and facing pressure from new competitors from Silicon Valley and China.

Toyota stated in a statement summarizing appointments: “Under unprecedented changes in speed and scale of development, Toyota Motor realizes that it is facing a ‘now’ or ‘never’ situation. This dilemma is not in a flash. Overcome.” Akio Toyoda also reiterated this dilemma in his personal commentary.

Crisis thinking

“In the next 100 years, no one can guarantee that automakers will continue to play an important role in the field of travel. A key battle has already begun. It is not a win or a loss. It is a matter of life and death,” says Toyoda.

This change in personnel is also part of the new organizational structure that Toyota Motor Corporation introduced last year. To speed up decision-making and release creativity, Mr. Toyoda divided Toyota’s parent company into separate subsidiaries, and these companies were authorized to operate as independent units. Toyoda’s goal is to replicate the streamlined operations of Silicon Valley startups. high precision CNC machining

“This is an era in which the correct answer is unknown,” said Toyoda, “and this change includes the appointment of people with a high level of expertise. Whatever the time and age of the company, the ultimate goal is to be in the right position. Appoint suitable people.”

He added: “We need to let people who understand the working environment quickly make judgments, make decisions, and act quickly.”

Extract the group

Some management changes have strengthened contact with Toyota Group. For example, Koji Kobayash, vice president of Denso Denso Corporation, was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation. Satoshi Ogiso, president of brake manufacturer Advics, will return to Toyota Motor as president of the commercial vehicle division. Satoshi Ogiso had previously worked at Toyota Motor Corp. His performance in hybrid technology was widely known. high precision CNC machining

At the same time, Toyota Motor Corporation appointed Toshimitsu Imai, executive director of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, as managing director and CEO of Toyota’s regional operations in Africa.

In addition, Toyota has also appointed a number of senior executives from outside the group. Akihiro Fukutome, managing director of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking in Japan, will join Toyota as CEO of Toyota Financial Services. Gill Pratt, director of the Toyota Silicon Valley Institute and the US computer wizard, Gill Pratt, will assume the new position of Fellow in the newly established Toyota parent company.

The Fellow title is equivalent to the vice president. A Toyota spokesman said that this title was established for the company’s internal “highest technical level.” Gill Pratt is the first Fellow, and then there will be more talents to be appointed to this position.

Diversification at the top

With the appointment of female engineer Chika Kako as executive vice president of Lexus International, gender diversity has further improved. She is Toyota’s first female chief engineer and holds this position in the Lexus CT hybrid hatchback. high precision CNC machining

Toyota’s globalization has also been further strengthened. Simon Humphries, the designer of Toyota’s European design research and development department, will go to Toyota’s parent company to serve as executive general manager of high-end R&D and factory companies.

Michael Sweers, Toyota’s chief designer, will serve as the executive general manager of Toyota Commercial Vehicles. He was the chief engineer of Toyota pickup Tacoma and Tundra as well as Sequoia and 4Runner SUV models.

Toyota set up an executive general manager position in April this year to gather technical talents.

In other appointments, senior management Shigeki Tomoyama was promoted to executive vice president and will be responsible for Toyota’s extensive portfolio business. high precision CNC machining

In addition, Tomoyama will serve as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Security Officer of Toyota Production Systems, President of Gazoo Racing and Connected, and CEO of Information Systems and Business Development Group.

Senior executive Moricaka Yoshida is currently president of Midsize Vehicle Company, which manages models such as the Camry. He will be promoted to executive vice president and increase the responsibilities of TNGA management. The department is responsible for coordinating Toyota’s new modular platform. Lean management consulting was published. high precision CNC machining

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