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2018 Please give yourself a chance

Once upon a time, there was a stall selling fruit. The owner was too old to stand for a long time to greet the guests, so he affixed the clerk to the clerk. high precision customized aluminium spare parts

A few days later, a young man came and asked the boss how much money he would use in one month to ask him for help. The boss smiled and said: “Our small business, where to pay a monthly salary, of course, is to look at your efforts, day How many fruits can be sold, one tenth of the money you receive will be received every day.”

When the young man listened, he looked up and down the old dilapidated stand and said that he could not say anything stinky. This was too unprotected. high precision customized aluminium spare parts

After a few days, a young man came again and asked how the boss’s salary was counted. The boss once again said the words of his daily salary. The young man listened and thought for a moment, and asked, “It’s okay for the Japanese leader of the month. The important thing is how much is the monthly income of this fruit stand?” The boss said that fruit is divided into seasons and business seasons are light and busy. If it is good, it can receive 50,000 yuan. If it is not good, it may be only 10,000 yuan.
The young man listened loudly and said that this kind of business would not have the glory and wealth for a lifetime. Only the stupid would come to sell the fruit. In the same way, I will leave after I finish.

A few days later, a young boy came again and asked how the boss’s salary was calculated. The boss also said that he would receive a daily salary. high precision customized aluminium spare parts
When the little boy heard it, he smiled and said to the boss whether it was possible to increase the proportion of daily salaries during holidays and weekends. He would receive two-tenths of the daily income. If the income of the day exceeds RMB 10,000, he will receive Three tenths, how? The boss laughed and smiled at the boy’s head and said: “You are smart and you know that the business of the holiday and the weekend is better. Just follow what you said! However, even if it is a holiday or weekend, the operating income will exceed one. Ten thousand yuan is not easy!” In this way, the little boy began to wash the fruit with clean water, and then kept changing the position of the fruit every day. At festivals or weekends, he posted a few posters and said that spending was a thousand. Yuan will send one hundred yuan of fruit to the customer for selection. In the first month, the young boy received a salary of more than 30,000 yuan, which equals an average daily salary of more than 1,000 yuan. high precision customized aluminium spare parts

Although the owner of the fruit stall pays a lot of salary to the boy, he is also happy to sit in a rocking chair every day, watch the little boy running in and out, and earn more money for him than before. A few years later, the boy made a lot of money and bought the owner’s fruit stall. After his ingenuity, he designed more promotion plans. The business was better than before and the profits were higher. So he immediately He opened a second store and opened a third store in a few months. When the little boy grows up, he has become a billionaire. He is proud of his wealth when he is less than 30 years old.

According to the survey, more than 70 percent of the office workers in the world are not satisfied with the boss’s salary, let alone the year-end bonus. Even if they know that the boss’s business is declining and their income is decreasing, these people still claim that the boss must pay more. salary. Obviously, this 70 percent person is the first young person to apply for a fruit shop. What they want is just a guarantee. Whether or not they go to work all the time, or whether they actually help the boss at work, they just want the boss to give himself a stable salary that cannot be discounted. high precision customized aluminium spare parts

In addition, we believe that among the 70 percent of the office workers, many are the second young men who come to the fruit store to find a job. This type of office worker thinks that the bosses under the heavens are born in their pockets. There are a lot of wealth and prosperity, living in luxury homes and eating good food. If the boss doesn’t give you more points, it’s a small demeanor, or a narrow-minded miser, so if you work for a while, you’ll find that the boss is not very generous, or feels If there is no development prospect for the industry that he is engaged in, he will immediately leave the jett to leave. The result is to constantly change jobs. Then, constantly speaking in front of the new boss, the old boss’s stingy and not, until he is old, still cannot find his glory.

There isn’t a boss under the sun that will send you prosperity. The boss can only give you an “opportunity”. You can only grasp the opportunities in your hand, increase income for the boss, and make more profits for the company. Then you can borrow the company in reverse. With the resources of the boss, let his ship rise with the company’s water. high precision customized aluminium spare parts

No matter what career you are doing! Selling fruit or selling tea is a hot or popular industry. As long as you can figure this out, you can be like a boy!

2018 Please give yourself a chance! high precision customized aluminium spare parts

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