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The assessment of R&D personnel is not as difficult as you think!

How to do performance appraisal of R&D positions? I am troubled by many R&D managers. Today we will share this issue. high precision machining

Wrong view of R&D class assessment

Wrong view 1: The high-tech industry is not suitable for performance appraisal!

Some people think that the high-tech industry can’t be assessed, and performance appraisal will kill innovation; then I will ask: If you go to the United States as a professor, you have to come up with teaching results and research results that reflect your level. Is this not a performance appraisal? high precision machining

Wrong view 2: The development cycle of R&D is too long and is not suitable for performance appraisal

Others believe that R&D is a long-term, and it may take half a year or a year to do it, so the monthly performance appraisal is not appropriate.

Then I ask you: Can’t you get the results of the milestone? Can’t we break down some staged results? Even if you do something that is too difficult, there must be something that will allow you to see if you are progressing? If the company doesn’t check at all, sit on the big move that waits for a few people there to make no progress. Do you dare to enter this company? high precision machining

Viewpoint 3: Performance appraisal is a tool for bosses to run on people

Some people have commented that performance appraisal is your leader: Say you can do it, saying that you can’t do it.

Indeed, this is a drawback, but it seems that the evaluation of the leader itself is not objective, and it is not a question of the performance appraisal itself. If a middle-level cadre, management ability is strong, his men must be willing to follow, I have no normal business, every day shouting to cancel the performance appraisal.

No rules, no standards. Let the hard-working and rewarding employees get more rewards, and let the organization have the mechanism to eliminate the unsuitable people who destroy the team’s combat effectiveness. This is what we call performance appraisal value. high precision machining

Compared with the inability to accurately quantify the work, some troubles; a disorderly management environment, a state of uncontrollable control that you do not know tomorrow will be truly terrible.

The assessment of R&D positions, the three major schools rumored on the rivers and lakes

With regard to the performance appraisal of R&D personnel, after so many enterprises’ trials, trial and error, face-lifting, practice, and perfection, they can be basically divided into three major schools. These three major schools do not exist in isolation. They often cross and cooperate, but only three major schools. Has been fighting for the position of the first hegemon of the rivers and lakes. high precision machining

First, the performance-oriented faction:

This faction has many people, and it is the first martial art of the rivers and lakes.

They believe that the output of R&D is the result of business. The main criteria for measuring business results are scale and revenue (product share, product sales). The advantage of this genre is that it only looks at the results and is more recognized by investors/company executives. high precision machining

2. Process-oriented faction:

This faction has also developed rapidly in recent years, and a large part of their members are relying on performance-oriented people.

They believe that the output of R&D is composed of small milestones. For example, on Sina Weibo, what kind of UV, PV, conversion rate, online duration and what can be regarded as a phased process-oriented assessment.

3, product supremacy:

This group is dedicated to Steve Jobs as the ancestor, and currently has the fewest among the three major factions, but most of them have feelings. high precision machining

The judgment of this party’s output often relies on subjective feelings, but also because of its strong personal aesthetics and product feelings. Once the direction is right, the two gangs will be the first street. The elders in this sect will become crucial. important.

The three major schools have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the rivers and lakes are in constant conflict.

No matter how controversial, the three genres have a fatal flaw, and the fatal flaw in the R&D assessment is that once the rigorous quantitative assessment is done, smart developers will find ways to circumvent the loopholes in the indicator system itself. high precision machining

Therefore, no assessment genre is perfect, we can only take the best of them.

3 major sects carry out index design, which is easy to forget which important indicators

When it comes to the design of R&D indicators, many people are looking forward to the gracefulness. The indicators of routine R&D performance appraisal are well understood.

Xiaobian to summarize the indicators that are not very important but important:

One: to ensure the quality of output, to support the indicators of business needs

The R&D department has to respond to the needs of the business. In the process of response, the quality of the response is crucial. If the response is made after the spicy chicken, then the response has a P! ? high precision machining

Rapidly ensuring quality supports business needs, and developing quality indicators is critical, such as:
Business demand loudness
System availability
Develop key process completions

Demand impact: Combine the monthly plan with the completion of the monthly plan to see if the R&D output is aligned with the business (or backward). high precision machining

System availability: Picking critical paths to business processes, including those that affect the failures here, count as affecting system availability.

Develop key process completions: Reverse the performance of key processes through data metrics, such as: turn testing, release rollbacks;

With these three points, it can be said that the output of the R&D personnel is supporting the development of the business. Otherwise, the R&D department is equal to closing the door and self-defeating. high precision machining

Two: There must be indicators to anticipate and cope with changes

In the assessment process, many companies choose to judge the outcome indicators based on past experience.

But in reality, as the business grows rapidly, team members also need to grow, so every year, there are some assessments that are predictable to cope with future changes. This will allow team members to grow faster and better. high precision machining

Such indicators can be broadly divided into:

1. New technology research reference: mainly use new technology to measure the proportion of business demand
2, breakthrough innovation optimization, mainly through the breakthrough and innovation of product functions, to save company costs
3, module reconstruction, performance optimization project, can be measured by stand-alone pressure measurement

Three: the completion of large-scale cross-sector projects. high precision machining

Large projects need a lot of inter-group coordination, but if they are not in their respective KPI projects, they will sometimes be difficult to promote, so when designing indicators, you need to add such an item.

For large projects, the review process can also find out whether there is a measurable way to formulate KPI goals. If not, you need to refine the KPI again to avoid the final accounting, and you can’t confirm whether it can be completed. high precision machining

Therefore, when making indicators for the R&D team, don’t just follow the product, but also look at the response, quality, development, and cooperation.

The biggest pit of R&D class assessment: forcing quantification!

R & D personnel are difficult to quantify, so many small partners will choose to force quantitative, which is actually very unfriendly to R & D personnel, R & D personnel will think that you deliberately find fault. high precision machining

The quality assessment of R&D personnel is divided into the following three parts:

Code quality: The quality of the code itself determines how friendly it is for subsequent development
R&D quality: bugs generated during the development phase
Operation and maintenance quality: fault conditions and resource consumption after the product goes online

The first category is difficult to quantify. The suggestion of Xiaobian is not to quantify. Once the internal toughness of quantification is serious, this one can only serve as a direction for improvement and a subjective assessment basis. high precision machining

In the second category, the young people who do research and development know that it is difficult to measure the quality of R&D with the number of bugs. It is recommended that R&D personnel list a Bug rating for HR. Of course, serious Bugs must be deducted. If you don’t care, you will be over-subscribed. It is.

The third category, which can be fully quantified, is assessed by online server consumption, failure recovery time, etc. The advantages of this assessment are also visible to investors and bosses, and there is no need to worry that the specified KPI deviates from the general direction. .

In short, the experience of Xiaobian’s assessment for R&D personnel is one sentence: prefer to use subjective evaluation, and do not introduce wrong quantitative indicators. high precision machining

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