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Google’s top ten rules of employment


This is a working principle about Office. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

Google founders Larry and Sergey founded Google with great vision. The core idea of ​​Google management is human nature. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

Google’s main job is to find good people and let them grow, and let them happy to work.

Culture is a prerequisite for doing everything at Google. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

About Goodle’s culture, there are three levels of meaning: find an exciting mission, transparency, and give employees free expression. (All of this is related to freedom)

Next, the ten rules of Goodle’s work:

1. Make work meaningful. If you want to attract the best people on the planet, you need to have ambitious goals that can motivate them.

2, trust your staff. Encourage employees to think and act like bosses. You will be surprised to find that when you only need to trust them, they can do it. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

3. Recruit someone who is better than you. To find the best person, you need patience. Set high standards, don’t compromise on quality, recruit people who are better than you in some aspects. In time, you will have a strong team.

4. Do not link growth to performance. Separate incentives from growth. If they are bound together, people will lose their ability to learn. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

5, concerned about the worst performance and the best. If employees perform poorly, tell them and help them learn to improve, or help them find a new role—people need to know what they can do to grow. For well-behaved employees, place them under the microscope, find the factors that make them successful, and copy them.

6. About saving and generosity. The most significant things you can do for your employees are mostly money-free or nearly free. Keep your cheques until your employees need them most. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

7. Differentiated remuneration. Your best employees are much more valuable than regular employees and make sure they can feel it. Otherwise, you gave them a reason to leave.

8, boost. Small signals can cause large changes in behavior. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

9. Managing rising expectations. Humans are complicated. You have no way to please everyone, but this does not prevent you from trying new methods.

10, enjoy! Then go back to the first one and start again. Don’t be hastily doing everything at the same time. Building a great culture requires constant learning, experimentation, and renewal. But it’s worth it. high precition CNC machining brass parts its-045

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