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The highest leader only has to look for: what should I do?

Mr. Li Bingzhe founded and operated Samsung for 50 years. It was precisely because he focused on researching what to do, what to do, when to do it, and looking at the business with a long-term perspective. Samsung had the basic strength for later large-scale development. high volume machining

Samsung has long insisted on regular training for senior corporate executives.

One day, Group Consultant Li Changyu made a report to President Li Bingzhe on the training of Samsung’s presidents. Mr. Li Bingzhe was very surprised and seemed to be dissatisfied. “You mean, Samsung’s president doesn’t know what he should do?”

The main content of this training is “What should be done as president”. This theme was positively responded to by the presidents. However, Mr. Li Bingzhe was helpless when he heard the report. This made Li Changyu, who had quite a sense of accomplishment, fall into an embarrassing situation. After he had reported on the method and content of this training, his face had never been clear and his face had not changed much. high volume machining

At this time, Li Changyu just wanted to report the rest of the content and finish it. Say: “I came up with a self-test question: As the president, how did you actually plan for the time?”

“Oh, did you investigate how the president allocated his time?” Obviously, Mr. began to get curious about the report. Seeing his concerned eyes, Li Changyu can not help but sigh: “Compared with the theory of empty talk, Mr. Sui really is more interested in the reality.”

Li Changyu’s interest is also high: “Then I asked the presidents to compare what they thought they should do with what they actually did, based on the results.”

Going further down, Mr. Li Bingzhe has listened and listened with great interest. The previous serious expression was gone. high volume machining

In this regard, Li Changyu feels that Mr.’s attitude before and after seems a bit rude to a person who reports on his work. In addition, he often has the prejudice that “the president is on top of ten thousand people.” He also considers that he is not a Samsung employee. Uncertainly, a word emerged from his mouth: “Chairman, you ask why some presidents don’t even know what they should do. Then I also want to know what the President and the presidents should do. What is different and where exactly is the difference?”

Mr. Li Bingzhe seems to have long anticipated this problem and replied decisively: “My job is very simple. I just want to find out what ‘what I should do is’.” high volume machining

The remark made Li Changyu greatly affected because he had just finished reading an article and was greatly moved by it. The theme of the article was: The standard of talent for the future society is no longer to search for “how to do it”, but to Know what to do.

Because, knowing how to “do”, you can achieve this realm if you have a smart brain or experience accumulated over a certain period of time. However, finding what to do is going to make it harder.

Now, hearing Mr. Li Bingzhe’s words, Li Changyu’s mind quickly showed various instructions Mr. Li Bingzhe had done before. The president’s order is up to the point where everyone is often ambiguously dealing with the matter without any reason. However, afterwards often lamented: “Fortunately, such preparations were made at the time, the president was really foresighted. Early preparation is correct.” Micro-signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. high volume machining

Although Li Changyu was extremely admired in his heart, he was also a senior consultant after all. He immediately asked: “What are the criteria in your mind when you decide to ‘do what’?”

Mr. Li Bingzhe seems to have prepared and said readily: “The first is ‘marketability.” From a business perspective, this means that the business can continue to develop; from a management point of view, it can be seen that the company’s future operations may occur. The question is whether these problems will cause more trouble and cause more trouble!” The gentleman took a deep breath and continued: “The second factor is capital, then we must consider technology, and finally the mechanism of the enterprise.” high volume machining

Those who are not 100 are not able to have such a thorough and decisive answer. Looking back at the development of Samsung today, Mr. Li Bingzhe’s predictability and his deep forethought in strategic strategies have laid a solid foundation for Samsung’s success.

Looking ahead, this is a must-have condition for leaders. high volume machining

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