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In the company, it hurts yourself!

1. Regardless of who works for them, they must learn for themselves and create value for the company objectively. metal CNC service

When I was in my own country, whether I was working for the country in Founder, or I was working for foreigners at Yahoo, I was totally different from others. I never thought I was working for them. I really could be a confident person. I think I am doing it for myself. The first thing I think about because I’m doing anything is that I can learn something by doing this. What I learned is that others do not take away, and it may create value for the company objectively.

2. It is in direct proportion to the harvest and input. It is a waste of life to cope with work. We must learn to do ordinary things better than people.

One thing to me to deal with, it is easy to deal with it, do not feel like it is a waste of life after it? One thing you can do it is 60 points. You can do it very easily. After you finish it, you repeat every day for three hours a day, and then you go to work every day. It’s okay, then you go home 30 mu to a cow wife. The child is hot, but how do you improve? After people’s progress has left the school, learning is no longer a matter of class or reading, and you will be able to deal with many people by accumulating your own experience through the things you do at the job. Because I have an unyielding personality, I would do better than others if I do ordinary things. Everyone is doing very common. I have to do something different from everyone. To do beyond imagination, it takes a lot of time and effort, but I end up I found the greatest gain because I worked hard. Your gains are directly proportional to your input. metal CNC service

3, to spend the day is actually mixed themselves, the boss lost a small amount of annual salary is small, you lose youth and great things.

If you’re scolding you, I’m sorry, but you’re actually mixing yourself. There’s a lot of mix in many big companies. How much can you black owner? You have a salary of 100,000 a year. In the lower-middle-income group, you mix 10 million in the unit for 10 years. For many companies, someone mixes me 1 million to hurt the company, but you do not work well for 10 years and you are wasted. Ten years, ten years may suddenly one day the company close down, or find out that you have this bully turning you off, what do you do? Do you think you are competitive? This society is not my philosophy unless you have a good father or you have a family. This is not what we consider.

4. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared to do so. It is useless to blame and blame. Success comes from your ability to accumulate.

As long as you fight against the world, you finally find that in society, this society is becoming more and more just. I think there are still many opportunities. You don’t want to be angry every day and go to marry someone. At least you have the Internet and you have IT. You see Ding Lei and Ma Huateng. Li Yanhong is a common people. They can succeed in this industry. What does it mean? Note that as long as you work hard, you also have the opportunity to succeed. Baidu, Google’s many employees, we do not mention Li Yanhong, not to mention big brothers. Many employees of their company are also very successful in this event. There are many senses of success in buying cars and buying houses in Beijing. What do these things depend on? Or rely on your ability to accumulate. metal CNC service

5. If you don’t like the company, you will be determined to leave as quickly as possible. If you stay in the company, you must do your utmost to do a good job.

I feel that in the company, I really don’t like this company, I don’t like the boss, I resign quickly, I don’t see him in a minute, I’m in this style. Why bother to spend your life for the boss’s mistakes, if you decide today that you do not leave the company to do work, I think you should do a good job. Some people say there are several problems, I have personality I do not love to do this, I said big brother, personality is a successful person’s patent, of course you feel successful personality, others look at you, you have not succeed before a performance change house? If the performance of a house, I have more personality than you, our family has personality, but it can not change a house. Lean production consulting finishing publishing. metal CNC service

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