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Lean talents meet ten requirements for each position

Changing Roles of Lean Factory. industrial metal supply

Operations Management: The operations of all factories and trading partners are transparent. Quickly adapt to changing business environment, integration of multiple factories and multiple companies. industrial metal supply

Plan Control: Planner: Eliminate MRP requirements based on planning and forecasting and adapt production fluctuations to demand fluctuations.

Material Management: Eliminate ERP requirements Non-value-added manual, the procurement process is converted to automatic signals, and more focused on strategic activities to automatically calculate the kanban size. industrial metal supply

Suppliers: Can query requirements and forecasts online, real-time signals and online collaboration to speed up the process.

Inventory management: Parts supermarket: eliminate non-value-added activities such as kanban collection, online visual management, pull the path, increase the feed rate, reduce online inventory, streamline business processes.

The management of the production line: priority and sequence of online management tasks, complete and transparent implementation process, and accelerate communication and processing. industrial metal supply

Shipping: Improve customer satisfaction, higher quality, and lower prices, and increase delivery on time.

Define roles and job content based on lean business process analysis:

The planner is responsible for setting the entire manufacturing plant. The production quantity is determined based on the forecast and actual customer orders. This demand was converted into a production plan and purchase plan for long lead time materials. It is also recommended that Kanban control the number of optimized kanban sheets for the material. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
– Ability to formulate production plans for the final product
– The ability required for management and the available capacity of each unit pipeline
-Manage the materials that need to be purchased and the materials supplied by the supplier agreement
– Optimize the number of kanban sheets for managing materials
– Stock shortage warning

Sales Order Processor
The sales order entry operator is responsible for registering the customer’s purchase order. When entering sales orders, entry personnel need to check whether they can deliver on the required delivery date. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
– Ability to enter sales orders
– Ability to check if delivered on time

Production scheduling dispatcher
The shop floor dispatcher is responsible for smoothing the use of resources on the premise of meeting the delivery date. The primary responsibility is daily kanban scheduling, which considers the ability to use high or low by day, changing the production time of kanbans. When setting up day schedules, the scheduler must monitor the availability of delivery date targets and resources. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
-Management capabilities and required capabilities
-Adjustable kanban to a different production date, flexibility to change the production schedule
– Ability to manage operators
– Monitoring the shortage of materials
– Kanban delay alarm
– Monitoring unit line plan maintenance performance

Cell leader
A unit foreman is a person who actually uses a variety of resources to perform a production plan. Execute the scheduling and management unit team. The unit leader determines the order of kanban production, tracking progress, and reporting. The primary responsibility of the unit foreman is to execute the production plan and use the available resources for each schedule given to him. For actual deviations, adjust the required production schedule. This deviation may be no operator, quality problems, customer order cancellation, production plan change, etc. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
– Manage the priority of kanbans and kanbans that need to be produced
-Management material shortage
– Manage production schedule updates
– Quality warning
-project changes

The operator is actually the executor.
Required functions:
– Job instructions
– Pay attention to engineering changes. industrial metal supply

Material carrier
The material handler is the material needed to move to the assembly line.
Required functions:
– Determine the required material for the production schedule of the next kanban
– Ability to indicate that the location of the material is empty
– Pay attention to the position that needs to be moved based on the picking kanban. industrial metal supply

Quality Analyst
In lean manufacturing, everyone is a quality analyst and has the responsibility to track and improve quality. The inspection process is used to check the quality of production. Stop if there is a production deviation. Need to find out the cause of the problem.
Required functions:
– Solve customer complaints
– Job instructions
– Engineering changes. industrial metal supply
-Inspection Report

Product Process Engineer
This function is responsible for defining the manufacturing process of the final product and semi-finished product. It may be a layout or assembly instruction for the production process. Product process engineers are involved in product design. Use his knowledge of process planning and product engineering to define the production BOM and production process. Once the material has been transferred to production, it is necessary to track the engineering changes issued by the management design department and implement these changes. And he needs feedback from quality analysts to study quality and process improvements. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
-Engineering changes
– Reject/rework analysis
– Inspection Report (Procurement and Manufacturing Materials)
-Customer complaints / Service reports

This function is the agreement responsible for establishing supplier’s purchased materials. Use Kanban to control the procurement process for regularly supplied materials. The buyer communicates with the supplier to determine the number of supply kanbans for the required material.
Need function:
– Establish an e-Procurement Board to control suppliers’ supply. industrial metal supply

Warehouse Manager
This function is responsible for receiving materials and finished goods from suppliers to customers. industrial metal supply
Required functions:
– Ability to decide on the order to receive products
– Ability to register and receive
– Ability to decide that the finished product can be shipped to customers
– Ability to register products shipped to customers
– Ability to print shipping documents. industrial metal supply

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