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Industry Forum approaching medical artificial intelligence accelerated landing

Chinese medical data and artificial intelligence industry practice forum will be held this Saturday, it will be released the first domestic <2017 China artificial intelligence + medical industry research report. The industry believes that the efficiency and accuracy of artificial intelligence medical diagnosis were significantly higher than the human doctor, with the aging population and rising labor costs, the future of artificial intelligence in the field of medical diagnostics penetration process is expected to accelerate.

On September 16th -17, 2017 Chinese medical big data and artificial intelligence industry practice forum held in Wuhan. The forum will be through the data analysis, case study and so on, from the industrial policy, technology evolution, business model, industry cooperation and other medical research perspective, big data and artificial intelligence, statistical analysis of data, explain the development trend industry.

Senior insiders, medical and health care has entered the digital medical industry inflection point. Show the accumulation amount of data input and data of the explosive growth of data statistics 60% and 50% of consumers are willing to share health data to Google and apple. In the aspect of professional data, the electronic case penetration rate reached 87%, the gene expression data the accumulation of genetic knowledge increased by 19 times. The growth rate of 48%. annual global health data data growth on the one hand to shorten the medical research innovation cycle, accelerate the drug clinical trial cycle, and improve the degree of accuracy and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The key lies in the combination of medical and artificial intelligence “algorithm + data”, the development of deep learning algorithm has been relatively mature, the medical data of “quantity” and “quality” is the main reason hindering the artificial intelligence in the application and development of the medical industry. Orient Securities believes that with the global health care into the digital inflection point, rapid growth health data authorized by the customer, will provide the prerequisite for the development of the industry.

Specific applications include artificial intelligence in medical industry: health management, prevention, diagnosis before the diagnosis of disease; diagnosis, medical image processing, medical diagnosis; virtual assistant, chronic disease management. Other areas include drug development, controlling health care costs. At present, the development of relatively mature field including “intelligent diagnosis” and “medicine the image recognition field.

On investment targets, Orient Securities recommendations from the three line to grasp, one is the foreign mature application of localization of the company, such as strong medical benefits; two is to cut segments (such as medical image recognition), with application scenarios, the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, such as intelligent wandongyiliao; three with medical data operating on the basis of cost control system vendors, such as Weining health.

The efficiency and accuracy of artificial intelligence medical diagnosis were significantly higher than the human doctor, “cognitive computing + data + medical” prospect is extremely broad marginal cost and the efficiency of.AI products decreased with the increasing use of and greatly improved, with the domestic aging and labor costs rise, the future of AI in the field of medical diagnostics penetration process is expected to accelerate. “The Great Wall Securities believes that the wisdom of the medical diagnostic industry prospects, recommended attention such as: the base layer standard YLZ (medical data), strong Ewell (with IBM Waston); application layer standard such as iFLYTEK (voice communication diagnostics), Langma information (online clinic), Dean diagnosis (intelligent diagnostic instruments), Wright (monitor), the music of the heart (medical health management).

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