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In the second half of 2018, all the bosses of the factory did not succeed in the end. It was crazy.

Since last year, the nation began to blew up the environmental protection storm. It was thought that the “environmental protection wind” would scrape at the end of last year. It never expected that in the 18 years it would have been even more fierce. There were 5,600 people across the country, and 28 inspectors were formed to keep bombing inspectors throughout the year. The unprecedented professionalism of its inspectors, combined with the unprecedented impact on the traditional manufacturing industry caused by the network and all aspects, the FMCG boss is struggling. injection molded parts

You are glad that you still have work! Go to work in 2018, live well, because you may lose your current job at any time, cherish what you have, treat your life with a grateful heart, work! injection molded parts

1, the small boss is in the embarrassment, the boss is in the quite, the big boss is biting his teeth

Employees who can get paid every month should also thank your boss, especially for the past two years.

Someone said: “The small boss is in the middle of the day, the boss is in the middle, and the big boss is biting his teeth and it is our 2017!” This may be a bit serious, but in the past few years, the bosses have not been easy.

Once the top 100 chain, the “big thing” of Fujian’s IT industry – has been done for more than 10 years, annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan, the highest peak when more than 2,000 employees of a small group suddenly fell, the country hundreds The store closed suddenly. At that time, the news was filled with friends and shocked the business district.
Do you still remember the article written by the deputy general director Lin Dezhi? When he broke the bank, he sent a long article saying “liberated”. injection molded parts

In the letter, Lin Dezhi said three reflections:

First, never borrow money from the bank;

Second, never borrow money from the private sector;

Third, we must do our best.

He said that with these three points in mind, we will surely make a comeback again. injection molded parts

Recommend reading and chatting with the opposite sex, it is sooner or later!
You may not know that your boss is anxious when you go to work on a mobile phone. You may not know that when you are looking forward to pay, your boss is signing the next lump.

At present, more than 80% of bosses face financial pressure, business difficulties, and the risk of bankruptcy. When the shipwreck is overboard, the most unlucky one is the captain. The crew can escape, but the captain cannot bear his boat!

He does not require you to coexist with the ship, but please do your own job!

Many people want to start their own business as a boss. Always feel that the boss’s treatment is too little, not enough, want to solo, in fact, how many people really understand the boss’s difficulties, why not make good use of the current platform, do the best of yourself! injection molded parts

It can be said that 10 bosses, 9 are suffering. No one can succeed at random, and every boss can say that there is a blood and tear account. In fact, many employers spend less time on daily life than their staff. They are even said to be “slamming” and doing everything “calculating”. In fact, the boss lived between cost and profit for a long time. If he spends a sum of money, he will naturally take care of it. The business must have been carefully planned. Not to mention being a boss is equal to his own long-term job. Whether the business is good or bad, the income is not high, You have to groan.

When a boss, because the company is its own, there is no turning back, no one will sympathize with you because of your bad business, and give you the humility; the tax must be paid, the salary must not be paid, the rent There must be no less than one point for hydropower, office expenses, etc. To put it bluntly, everyone is looking for food in this market. Everyone has a hard time reading.

First of all, you must consider yourself. It is like playing mahjong. Since no one will pity you when you strike a gun, you and the cards will never be kind and soft. injection molded parts

In the harsh environment, the strongest instinct of people is survival; in the fierce competition of the boss, the only choice is profit.

2, there is only one way out on the business field – make money!

As a business owner, your company is yours. As long as the day is not closed, you can’t stop one day and find rice everywhere. Today there are meters, and no one can guarantee that there will always be meters. Therefore, even if the boss makes money, there is a sense of crisis, there is no profit, it is eating unrest, as for the loss of the original, that a bit of anxiety, how can outsiders experience?

It’s not as smart as people think. People saw the boss driving a luxury car and entering and leaving the hotel’s restaurant, and felt that the boss was alive. In fact, since they can survive and thrive in fierce market competition, most of them still have a strong sense of dedication, hard work, and many even become workaholics. How can they have a cool time? They are indeed more entertaining than the average person, but most For socializing, it’s far from being smart. injection molded parts

One overseas management story was written in this way. One of the bosses had headaches for all kinds of problems that occurred in the company all day long. One day he met a management consultant at the bar and asked him how he would have no problem. The management consultant then Bring the boss to a cemetery and tell him that if one day you lie here, all the problems will be gone. In fact, we may encounter different problems every day when we run a business. However, we must know that the longer we avoid problems and difficulties, the more we will have to pay. When we found the road we wanted to go and we groped for the road to entrepreneurship, it was a difficult time to stop. We must face all the difficulties encountered on this road. Survival and development; operating a business is constantly dealing with and solving various problems.

In recent years, many traditional companies have encountered difficulties and faced the internet. They are overwhelmed. If they continue to do it according to the original set, business is getting harder and harder. If you do the Internet, but you don’t understand it, just wait and see. At the crossroads of such transformation, the bosses are really bitter and embarrassing! As the foreign story told earlier, suffering and jealousy are only temporary, and the boss needs to handle and solve such problems.

3, the new generation of employees is capricious and the bosses are disastrous to the “Almighty God” injection molded parts

A manufacturing boss said that after the 90’s children came out to work and did not work well. They had two days of fishing and three days of drying. They liked to play temporary workers. They had the best day after day, and they had money to go to Internet cafes. Mixed, no money to go to play a few temporary workers, took money and then go to Internet cafes mixed. Instant noodles, smoke, games, are their three treasures of cyber cafes.

There are many enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The predecessors before the Spring Festival resign and go home early. The company has to go to the workshop and catch the goods from the boss to the cleaner. A cardboard box factory  in Taizhou, due to a large number of resignations of employees led to staff shortages, the results of the boss himself accidentally involved in the machine was killed in the machine. injection molded parts

The owner lamented that Taizhou’s bosses have become “all-powerful gods”. They must understand operations, understand ISO, understand CAD, PROE, and SOLIDWORKS. The most important thing is to understand sleeves and do it faster than workers. That’s good.

Today’s employees rarely understand the difficulties of the boss, let alone with the company. Lonely, in desperation, the bosses still do it? When the boss quit, the employee would be unemployed. The skin does not attach, hair will survive?

4, better for your boss! injection molded parts

The boss establishes his own business by building a pier. As the saying goes, as long as there are piers, there are always boats to rely on. If the ship is bigger, it is always drifting. The small terminal is also practical.

He grabbed a fish from the river and the fish said, “If you are hungry, I would rather let you eat. But you worked hard for a long time, and you ended up eating only a small part of it. Most of you were taken away by your master. And your master is afraid that you will eat when you catch fish. He will also use iron wire to stop your throat. It is too cruel!” Hearing, he said without hesitation: “I will not go to yours! Although I now catch more fish and eat less, but in winter, when rivers are frozen, I can’t catch fish, but the owner still keeps me, so I’m not starving to death!

Revelation 1: When employees see the boss making money, don’t just think about sharing, because when the boss loses money, you will not share it.

Revelation 2: I am grateful for the company when I change jobs, because it certainly helps you in different perspectives and degrees. injection molded parts

Eighty percent of bosses have gastritis, nervousness, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The bosses are fighting for the cause.

So, be nice to your boss.

The boss is a tree and the staff is the branch. The competition is fiercer, the market is harder to do again, the capital is no longer tense, and the stormy weather, the bosses all insist on standing up and taking care of the size of the family under this tree. The tree is small and it always shields the wind and shelters the rain. Trees are bad and there is always a place to live. injection molded parts

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