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[job story] keep running the mind and make it unexpected.

Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC. What is “mind management”? “my business is’ mind-oriented’, in other words, my business revolves around how to build a firm foundation in the business,” explains Mr. Yamashimoto. Trust in the relationship between people such a central point. ”

In Kyocera Group, Yamashimoto did carry out many forms of “mind management” practice.

For example, corporate networking. In his early days, Mr. Yamashimoto liked to invite his staff to a tavern to tell stories. Later, similar events became the general pattern of Kyocera’s internal companionship, a dinner party.

The dinner party is held 4 times a year, and there is an increase in the number of major celebration projects. At the party, cadres and employees toast each other and speak out each other. Every time he takes part, he always holds a cup and goes to the middle of the crowd. Ask people about their work, problems, and be honest and try to find a solution to the problem.

The Sorority not only talks about work, but also about family affairs and life. Mr. Yamashimoto hopes that everyone will be cared for and influenced by equality and fraternity, and that some contradictions will be resolved.

Of course, Mr. Yamashimoto’s mind business is not limited to this formal concern. The key to mental management, he says, is how to treat employees.

Mr. Inoue treated his staff as comrades and partners, giving all his employees a stake in Kyocera. On two occasions, he even gave away hundreds of millions of yen worth of shares to workers who held fewer shares.

Not only that, Kyocera has never been stingy on welfare. Once a Kyocera employee dies, the financial security of his family is even staggering. The pension is as high as 8 million yen, and if the employee has a child. Can also receive 60,000 yen a month orphans pension, until the child is 18 years old.

If the daily “mind management” has made employees feel warm, it is even more shocking and touching when the enterprise is faced with a major crisis.

In 1973, when the global oil crisis broke out, energy-poor Japan was even more threatened. By 1974, a large number of Japanese businesses had closed down and hard maintenance had had to lay off a lot of jobs. Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC

Kyocera’s situation is also very depressed, profits are greatly reduced, but Yamashimoto announced at a staff meeting enthusiastically: “in the face of the torrid glacial age, even on the tundra lichen must survive.” The company will never lay off its own staff. ” Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC

Kyocera has been developing steadily and rapidly for many years.

The most prominent manifestation of the “mind management” effect is the management of foreign mergers and acquisitions, which is often considered to be the most difficult.

In 1971, Kyocera bought the San Diego plant owned by American Express, which was at a loss. Mr. Yamashimoto sent in powerful “men” to take part in the operation in the past. But because of the different way of thinking of the United States and Japan, disputes continue. Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC

Neither did the employees. The factory deficit was small at first, but soon rose to $200,000 a month. He believes that the nature of human mind is not different from that of the East and the West.

First, he changed all the cadres in the factory to Japanese.

“everybody’s working hard! ” Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC

Before they began to work, American workers began to hear surprised greetings, which even startled them. Young Japanese managers wore “blue collar” factory uniforms as well as workers, sharing their joys and sorrows. Really close to the heart of the workers. Expert Manufacturer of small parts CNC

As the factory’s performance improved, Mr. Yamashimoto began his first dinner party here. He bought many pizzas with workers, which is rare in the United States.

The next day, workers entertained their presidents with their own dishes. Since then, popular Japanese celebrations for workers’ birthdays and newlyweds have become popular in the San Diego factory. Systems such as monthly recognition of an excellent worker and a biannual dinner party were also transplanted from Japan.

The sharing of profits was even more acclaimed by American workers. After factory performance improved, Mr. Yamashimoto paid employees 20% of his monthly sales as a bonus, something that had never been heard of in the United States.

Workers at the San Diego factory quickly learned that the company’s growth is closely linked to its own happiness. Less than a year. The factory’s accounts were changed from deficit to black. Mr. Yamashimoto’s mind worked again.

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