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What kind of staff management cost is low?

What kind of employees are passionate and energetic at work?

What kind of staff management cost is low?

Let’s imagine a scene like this:

Everyone in the office or in the factory is in the right place, and everyone is working hard and doing his job efficiently

However, it is more valuable than being immersed in the work of “pretending”. Here, every member is full of enthusiasm and vigor, and everyone is doing his best!

Such a team will not be invincible, such enterprises to obtain rapid growth is inevitable!

Let’s look at another scene:

The workplace is quiet, looking neat, and every employee sticks to what he wants to do in his own job

Look here with the above scene is no different. The important difference is that this time the team most people just cope, perfunctory work. They hold a salary, take enterprise, never do two live values.

In such a business organization, the cost of management is obviously high

Enterprise decision-makers have to employ a lot of bosses to “manage” these employees, and think about various management measures to deal with these employees

Of course, for most organizations, there will not be two extremes of good or bad, most of which are intermediate states

But no doubt, every business operator wants the team to be full of passion, and the staff are fully committed

But how can we achieve this goal?

Rely on money?

In actual management, people who have been with the team know that the incentive to generate money is limited

People’s desires are hard to be satisfied. Today they reward 100, and tomorrow he hopes the same situation will reward 200.

More importantly, it’s very difficult to work if a team only stays at the bottom of the money and is willing to work

What shall I do?

In the new model of Goleman’s EQ leadership, the first one is about “personal ability”

Personal ability determines how we manage ourselves

In an enterprise, what kind of employees can do their jobs automatically without too many external incentives?

The answer is, a person with a strong sense of self

As Goleman said, “self-awareness means a profound understanding of one’s emotions, strengths and weaknesses, personal values and motivations.”

As we all know, the most important and effective incentive is self motivation

Employees with a strong sense of self integrate their values into the important decisions of life. They choose a job and choose an enterprise, and they make decisions based on their own values

The advantage of this is that, because decisions are in line with his own values, he will naturally be passionate and energetic in his work

In this way, the cost of enterprise management is greatly reduced

From this point of view, in the process of recruitment of human resources, especially for key positions of key personnel introduced, clear understanding of each other’s professional value orientation is particularly important thing

As for the employees growing up in the current education system in China, we should set aside more time to think deeply, introspect, and make self cognition before choosing jobs before the present salary

To have a more pleasant working state and to get more growth at work, we need to ask ourselves:

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What is my personal value?




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