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Twelve truths to increase productivity

Successful companies should understand how to adapt to different conditions and environments. Flexibility is the most important feature of a sound management system. As value and behavior, and flexibility is the main product of the combination of beliefs that we sometimes call culture. The culture mentioned here is not only the law of productivity but also means achieving the set goals without failing. Plastic mold manufacturing

The first truth, all work is a process. This seems to be an obvious truth, but some modern corporate management methods show that we do not really understand this simple truth. Part of a more advanced overall, if we can not recognize the relationship between customers and suppliers, if we forget the work is coming out of things in things, if we do not go beyond time and work, like the concept of space Then I realized this truth Not. Plastic mold manufacturing

The second truth, all processes need to be analyzed continuously, and there are opportunities for improvement. “We’ve always done that,” and that’s our most common sentence. Quality Certificates are often awarded only to companies that follow their inherent production processes and management models and have no competitive advantage. Innovation and fundamental improvement come from constant distrust and dissatisfaction.

Article 3 Truth, all processes should have rules to follow. Knowing what to do is an important part of achieving productivity goals, but not all. How often, when the appropriate data should be completed should also be aware of the entire system to ensure that data can be operated on the affected staff. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 4 truth, all necessary conditions in the process must be implemented. It is inconvenient to invest in labor unless all the necessary resources are available to ensure the achievement of the goal. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 5 In truth, there should be a plan for the end result of the process. Ali worked for Shell Oil Company. De Geus pointed out that not only the development of a rigid plan, and a set of goals to develop, the so-called memorandum future, so that we can respond to different situations in a more flexible manner, as they arise. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 6 Truth, all processes should have a plan. Do not wait until the last one is alright to know, to plan each initial results, to control the entire process.

Article 7 The truth, all processes and systems should be performed as required. One recipe is: tracking and monitoring throughout the time. This is not a lack of confidence, but shares the process and responsibility with our team. In general, imperfect things can be avoided through active conflict and follow-up monitoring. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 8 Truth, all processes should be judged and controlled. The late renowned expert Alexander Proudford often said that there is no control without judgment. Deciding whether the work completed is good or bad is critical to decision making and success.

Article 9 Truth, all imperfect aspects should also be assessed and controlled. If we do not analyze these problems for analysis, they will never be avoided. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 10 Truth: When problems arise, the achievement of the goals can be ensured. Do not wait until later to fix problems and deviations immediately. This is not only a matter of time, but also the cost and the habit of doing things.

Article 11 truth, all employees welcome education and training. The purpose of the training is to accelerate the growth of subordinates. Plastic mold manufacturing

Article 12 truth, the entire management of the company should work for a team. Do not doubt your convincing common goals. To realize it, above all, should believe that it is possible to achieve, is convinced that he can absolutely do about the degrees of the degree. Plastic mold manufacturing

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