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Landmark “quality mobilization” promotes our country to enter “quality age”

The CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued guidance on carrying out quality improvement actions. Experts said that the quality of the work of the programmatic document of great significance to promote the quality has milepost type development in our country, the release of “strong signal quality first”, will actively promote China’s entry into the “quality time”.

An important milestone in the quality history

The new Chinese guidance is the first since the founding of the Party Central Committee, a programmatic document of quality of work of the State Council issued on behalf of the state quality inspection administration relevant responsible person said, this is of great significance to promote the development of China’s quality of milepost type.

At present, there is great progress in the quality of development of our country, but the overall level of quality is not high enough, some of the products and service level is low, the international competitiveness of export commodities is not strong, lack of world-renowned brands and multinational enterprises, the contradiction between the growing demand for quality upgrading of the quality level of the supply is relatively backward and the entire society’s guidance aimed at products more prominent. Three, engineering, service quality, refined into 8 key areas, including agricultural products, food and drug, consumer goods, raw materials, equipment manufacturing, construction, service industry, foreign trade and social governance and public service.

The responsible person said, guidance has three points: one is the prominent strategic orientation, put forward clearly for the first time in the central document in the implementation of quality strategy, stressed out a China quality characteristic development path, to promote our quality improvement, is of great significance to promote the quality of development.

Two, put forward a series of new ideas and new initiatives, such as the establishment of quality grading system, create quality improvement demonstration area, to carry out the national quality infrastructure coordination services and application demonstration base construction, improve the quality of development funds raising and multiple security mechanisms.

Three, build a unified and authoritative quality work system and mechanism, and establish the quality work pattern of “Party committee leadership, government leading, sector joint, enterprise principal responsibility and social participation”

Actively promote China towards “manufacturing power””

As the programme of action to enhance the quality of operations, especially in enhancing the guidance of consumer goods, equipment manufacturing, raw materials and other aspects to make special arrangements, to promote our country from the “manufacturing power” to “manufacturing power” changes play a positive role.

In the upgrading of equipment manufacturing competitiveness of equipment manufacturing industry, to speed up the standardization and quality improvement, improve the core competitiveness of the key areas. The implementation of strong industrial base engineering, improve the core components (components), the key basic material of product performance. The development of intelligent manufacturing, improve industrial robots, high-end CNC machine tools, machining accuracy and precision to maintain ability, improve the automatic production line, the production process of the intelligent level of the digital workshop. The implementation of green manufacturing, to promote the clean and efficient production process. To enhance the domestic large aircraft, high-speed rail, nuclear power, engineering machinery, special equipment and other equipment Chinese quality competitiveness.

In the promotion of consumer goods quality and upgrade, to speed up the consumer product standard and quality improvement, promote consumer goods industry to increase variety provided quality and brand, supporting public consumption demand to promote the development of the enterprise. Character customization, mass customization, high-end custom, promote the product supply to the “product + Service”, to move the high-end drive home. High-end appliances, green, intelligent development, improve air purifiers and other emerging appliances function and consumer experience.

In order to improve the level of supply of raw materials, put forward to encourage the integrated exploration and evaluation of mineral resources, development and utilization, promote the construction of green mines and green mining development demonstration area. Accelerate high-end materials innovation, improve the quality of stability, the formation of high performance, functional, advanced base material supply ability difference. Speed up the steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum flat glass, coke, etc. to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Rare earth, high quality and other characteristics of the graphite resources, strengthen graphene, intelligent bionic materials and cutting-edge new materials layout, gradually entered the global high end manufacturing purchasing system.

All round “quality mobilization” promotes the overall level of quality

The guidelines set out by 2020, China’s supply of quality improved significantly, the supply system more efficient, quality of construction technology has made remarkable achievements, the overall level of quality is significantly improved, and further enhance the quality and improve the total factor productivity to promote economic development contribution to better meet people’s growing consumer demand.

The responsible person said, guidance highlights the leadership of the party on the quality of work, from a higher level, in a wider scope, with greater efforts to mobilize national quality, release a “strong signal” quality first, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, the maximum strength to catch and improve the quality of comprehensive deepening the supply side structural reforms, as China entered the era of quality, to achieve the “two one hundred year” goal of the foundation of quality.

“If the party committees and governments at all levels, all walks of life to establish a strong sense of quality first, pay attention to the quality of quality, create a social practice, advocating the pursuit of excellence quality, the whole nation has become the value orientation and the spirit of the times, because of the quality of domestic products and strong national quality strong, that is the real” quality time “.” the responsible person said.

According to reports, quality inspection administration will be in accordance with the guidance requirements, further improve the quality of operations, pay close attention to establish and improve the comprehensive quality management, full, whole process, comprehensive quality management system, focusing on key products, key service, quality survey organization, product quality analysis report and suggestions on the development of the quality of the industry. At the same time, insist on the discharge pipe combination, both of fake and shoddy products to maintain a high pressure situation of law enforcement, focusing on more areas for quality problems of centralized rectification, supervise the handling, strictly implement the territorial responsibility.

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