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Abandon the quality of self-destruction martial arts

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics recently announced that due to possible battery other than “other technical issues” in the world to stop production, sales, and sale of the Legend7 Note7 phone, and has been sold on the phone recall. Since the listing in early August this year, Samsung Note7 mobile phones continue to explode in a fire explosion. After experiencing a series of “abusive” processes such as explosions, recalls, replacement, explosions, discontinuation of sales and second recalls, Samsung mobile phones exploded Event finally began to enter the specific investigation and reflection stage.large machining


South Korea SBS television that, Samsung rely on the “quality first” concept, it developed into a world-class enterprises, the explosion of mobile phones Samsung “quality first” a huge blow to the image. The discontinued sale of Note7, Samsung will bring more than 200 billion yuan loss.


Samsung’s phone control where to go? Reuters commented that the problem is that Samsung in order to expand market share, hurry up until Apple introduced the iPhone7, hastily introduced new models. Some Korean industry experts have reviewed the documents of the relevant regulatory agencies and communicated with Samsung engineers and found Samsung added “too many complex and innovative features to Note7 so that they could not control it in the end.” They are also carefully studying Samsung’s supply chain to determine if a haslisted listing has led to technical problems or jerry-building. large machining


Radish is not washed sooner. It is not uncommon for even today’s big companies to bring product quality to life at a time when the market is rapidly changing. For example, Toyota recalls began in 2009. At that time, Toyota recalled nearly 10 million vehicles worldwide because of defective parts. For Toyota neglect product slack, from the government to public opinion, criticism is extremely violent. Under pressure, Toyota executives apologize openly and sincerely, emphasizing that “quality is more important than quantity,” and have given up their goal of capturing 15% of the world’s market share and thus exiting the global No. 1 sales battle.


It not only needs to control the cost, but also keeps pace with the expansion of its rivals and ensures the safety and environmental performance of the products. This seems to be an “impossible triangle” for some enterprises and the latter is often the most easily sacrificed “. Both the German Volkswagen installed in part on diesel vehicles to respond to tail gas emissions testing software, or Japan Takata falsification of airbag test data, driven by economic interests, the “golden signboard” has become part of the business fraud, to deceive consumers Under the guise of the resulting “multiple loser” results, I believe no one wants to see. large machining


Recalling the development of outstanding enterprises, not difficult to find, the beginning of the foundations, are excellent product quality, caring service in exchange for consumer praise. With the expansion of the scale, the increase of outsourcing projects, in addition to the competition for scraping market share, transnational corporations are also facing the risk of inefficient coordination of all aspects and unsound control of the entire industrial chain. This is a new challenge for companies after their expansion. After all, in the era of mobile Internet, the quality comparison between similar products has become unprecedentedly comprehensive and comprehensive. Enterprises relax if the product quality checks, is tantamount to “self-destruction martial arts.”


In 1995, Steve Jobs told the media: “Not to destroy the growth of Apple, but they become very greedy, they did not go along the original vision of the original track, that is, to make a product into a household appliance, and as far as possible More people to use, but to chase profits. “Business for nothing, but confused” this “is, sooner or later will be lost, eventually abandoned by the market. This may be the Samsung cell phone explosion, give us a little inspiration. Lean management consulting finishing forwarding. large machining

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