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[HR] refining and setting of assessment indicators (four) functional department KPI design

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The performance appraisal of administrative, personnel, financial and other functional departments is relatively difficult to operate, because most of the work of these departments is not good, specific quantification, KPI index is difficult to refine and design, using qualitative indicators scoring evaluation is easy to make assessment become a mere formality: laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China.

1, have you conducted performance appraisal for functional departments?

2, how to better perform the KPI index design for functional departments?

Reference analysis:

KPI performance evaluation index quantification functions although a certain degree of difficulty, in addition to responsibilities and work content fixed, there will be many sudden, temporary work, such as: temporary employee relationship events, work-related injuries, the funding gap, but these things are not the functional departments in a department or about decision-making, many is the company or the company decision-making is directly related to the company executives can not come forward to deal directly with these work, it is difficult to avoid the need of functional departments in charge before, a lot of foreign processing, difficult work, including the community, government, to some extent, the leadership of the company to the work of the functional departments look in the eyes, remember the heart, but not because of the business sector, from a profit perspective, can not directly bring direct economic profits to the company, they have to let functional departments in public The chief position of the company. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

In the performance evaluation of this matter, the administrative personnel department is the first implementation of the Department, other departments can not be denied will stare at, including financial departments how to assess, therefore, for functional assessment, has its particularity, the administrative department of KPI and non KPI the main indicators of a comprehensive analysis next.

1, the design of KPI indicators of functional departments

Functional departments including administration, personnel, office, finance, audit, property, how to design their KPI index, suits the needs of company planning, departmental responsibilities, design of enterprise culture, to fully explain the problem, take “not evasive, not born” principle, to design the Treasury index KPI share as follows: laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

(1) should be set up which indicators: according to our administration department and the actual work, with reference to the previous experience, after discussion, decided to design the following administrative department: KPI index system to establish and perfect the document, written in accuracy, executive meeting minutes, administrative cost control, major activities, satisfaction, security incidents, internal and external complaints 7 indicators. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

(2) how to define quasi indicators:

  1. A) first of all, how to define “institutional improvement” as an example:
  2. A) assessment period: 1 month at 0:00 on the end of the last 1 days until 24. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China
  3. B) objectives: any disciplinary action per month and the number of times without system is less than or equal to 3 times
  4. C) plan: 2 points deducted more than 1 times, the end of this item, if the month is zero, plus 5 points
  5. D) weight: the weight is 18
  6. E) collection: the assessment data is collected by the personnel department (when the Ministry of Personnel issued the notice of punishment can not find the company’s provisions)
  7. B) and then take “internal and external complaints” as an example to define as follows:
  8. A) assessment period: 1 month at 0:00 on the end of the last 1 days until 24. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

(b) objectives: written, telephone and mail complaints within the scope of the administrative department, such as employees, government agencies, etc. within the assessment period, which are less than or equal to 3 months

(c) scheme: every 1 points deducted 1 points, after the end of this item, if the month is zero, add 4 points. If the media in television, newspapers, the network carries the information of the company’s image loss, this zero, according to the company’s relevant system processing

  1. D) weight: the weight is 7

E): collect assessment data by the Ministry of personnel, the administrative department, the leadership of the company will receive various complaints timely in general summary.

(3) other indicators: the design is not displayed here, the method is the same, but the specific data is different

2, the design of non KPI indicators of functional departments. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

Functional departments are often there will be a lot of temporary work, and daily work is also not easy to quantify, especially in the exchange of various departments of the company communicate functions, plays a central role in many work, the work without quantitative assessment, one does not embody the functional departments of the overall work the two is not convincing and easy to form, should also set some non KPI assessment indicators, we share briefly as follows:

(1) what indicators should be designed: in our unit, the non KPI indicators of the Ministry of administration are: teamwork, exemplary role, work obedience, comprehensive evaluation of 4 indicators of superiors

(2) how to define quasi indicators: here is the example of “model with function” to see how it is defined:

  1. A) assessment period: 1 month at 0:00 on the end of the last 1 days until 24.

(B) objective: the number of employees who have been punished by the company or the Department in writing within the period of assessment of the employees of the Department is less than or equal to 4 person times

  1. C) program: 1 points per person, 1 points, the end of this item, if the month is zero, plus 4 points
  2. D) weight: the weight is 6
  3. E) collection: the assessment data is collected by the personnel department (the punishment issued by the Ministry of personnel or the Ministry of administration will be punished)

(3) other indicators: in other indicators, say “superior leadership comprehensive score”, divided into 4 grades: excellent 8 points, good 7 points, general 5 points, poor or fail 4 points

3, functional departments to design indicators to remind:

Due to the particularity of the functional departments, we should pay attention to the following aspects when designing the evaluation indexes:

(1) the correct positioning of functional status. The functional departments are developed, many companies policy changes, release mechanism, in the process of corporation management, it plays a role as a bridge, but the general profit is very limited. So, in the departments themselves, do not think that a day in the side, leaders or bosses consciously a cut above others speak, unashamedly, not to other departments in the eye, is not the correct view; and for other business sector, our company is profitable sector, companies rely on our survival and development, is not much profit to other departments don’t even take the leadership of the company shout and wrangle, put in the eye, this is not correct the various departments of the company. Just a different division, who left who can live, are interdependent community. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

(2) all the assessment objectives should be quantified as much as possible. There is no need to narrate more, only a few of the one or two indicators can be narrated and evaluated by the leaders

(3) listen to the leadership of the examination opinions. Direct superiors, especially the vice president or general manager is very important for the Department of understanding or attitude, from the indirect perspective, but also their work reflects the side, even if the administrative department of dissatisfaction with other departments, their opinions or views. Other departments will not say too much.

(4) to provide leadership scoring space. I think, the administrative department of KPI and non KPI indicators, at least for the leadership of around 20 points, scoring a space, by the functional departments have a lot of temporary decision, two functional departments to grasp a lot of company secrets, three functional departments and many of the poor are decided by the company, four is a functional department for the company back a lot of blame. This requires enough comprehensive evaluation to the leadership in the hands of the score, but not to the feelings, it just embodies the functions of the department work characteristics, but need leadership, HR department to other departments patiently explain to them. To understand this arrangement.

Special functions, including work content, collaboration difficulty, personality stability, the importance, complexity of departments staff members know that leaders need to also need more awareness, through various channels to other departments to explain their respective duties, just not the same, all departments need to cooperate closely, have the problem first to find the problem, from their respective departments to find ways, not to blame each other, defeating each other, more persuasive, interpretation, communication work, because many jobs are not in place to communicate and appear. laser cutting accuracy Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

The KPI design of functional departments is the main content of performance appraisal, and the establishment of non KPI indicators should be taken into consideration. Only in this way can the work content of the functional departments be fully reflected, and the other departments can be convinced

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