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[HR] refining and setting of assessment indicators (1) how to refine KPI index

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To determine the accurate and effective KPI index is the key to the successful implementation of the assessment. Then, KPI comes from where, how to extract and determine? Done before, we first need to think and answer the question. The characteristics of the business and jobs of different nature, we may have a specific method respectively. Then, excuse me: KPI index your company is how to refine the assessment work and determined? Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

Reference analysis:

KPI index is a refined technique work, but also a “debate” “negotiation” to work. Now, do not know how many times participated in such a “refined” work, what should abide by the principle of SMART, through the working process of PAST decomposition method, fishbone decomposition method, brainstorming and other refined indicators. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

There may be a part of a better understanding of my friends every day: learn to share, the theory of HR does not say much, but said more on the actual work in the practice of “how to refine KPI index” today I still insist that we in this land, whether private or state-owned institutions. The most suitable units, or “expert advice”, I use this method to simple share from top to bottom KPI index extraction:

1, refining KPI indicators at the company level

Through several companies, every year in the development of next year’s indicators and target with the boss, the most important is the net profit of the index, which is the most important “Gang”. The boss called the deputy general counsel, the boss above, some of the best friends, usually at weekends or after work in the evening, to cafe, hotel, restaurant, eat and drink and chat, to review the past few years has made achievements and lessons should be summarized and analyzed the domestic and foreign policy, the development of the industry, business opportunities, talent development, will eventually fall away from pure profit lead: how to do what the main thing in order to ensure the realization of the net profit? Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

Everyone in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, say you say me, say a lot of heart real ideas, that many of their own management experience, from product innovation, cost control, production efficiency, logistics control, pricing strategy, promotion, financial management, personnel management, security management, repeatedly explore various aspects social responsibility and so on, because these aspects have clear data and fresh in their minds. So, the discussion is thorough, carefully, every time to have a result.

After several more democratic consultation of experts, the boss’s secretary summary, the boss was modified, it is understood that the boss usually takes a few days and nights will have a result, according to him, the days and nights are his most calm is the most painful, if not less indicator to ensure the realization of profit, set more if we have emotions, of course, most people still wear each index target (not in today’s discussion list, later to Syria).

The boss had the first draft, and then call the department heads, vice president and other meeting to discuss together, the basic change is relatively small, but also a publicizing, after the finalization of office and HR departments jointly issued, and the company announced a prominent position. These indicators are: operating income, gross profit rate, reduce procurement costs, safety accident from the number, production efficiency, an important product market share, the number of new products, a market of labor costs, management evaluation, social donation and so on.

The above is not only the company’s KPI performance indicators, but also the general manager’s KPI performance indicators

2, the total KPI index refining. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

The company or the general manager of the KPI performance index, the deputy general in accordance with their respective responsibilities. It is easy to extract the performance index is generally HR department according to the general manager of the index, the decomposition to the deputy chief of the head, in addition to increasing responsibilities in charge of the Department of the index, and then find the deputy general consultation, a the general manager for approval, if the modifications according to the revised announcement. For example, after refining, vice president in charge of sales indicators: sales revenue, cost of sales, gross profit, an important market share of new products, market development, product promotion, personnel flow, staff training and so on. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

3, each department KPI index refining

According to HR department general manager, deputy general index, one by one down to various departments, and responsible for consultation with relevant departments, when necessary, will “quarrel” controversial place after the formation of the first draft was superior ruling, vice president in charge of the audit, approved by the general manager, if you need to modify, according to general manager views. For example HR KPI, Department of final index: cost control of human resources, recruitment attainment, employee turnover, employee satisfaction, safety accidents, social donation work, staff training and so on.

4, staff KPI index refining

Of course, the individual indicators of employees of various departments is decomposed according to various departments received index, and increase the job characteristics index. In general, it is by the Department responsible for the proposed draft, HR department, deputy general approval can be implemented, of course, in this process, the HR department is to give professional departments in a timely manner guidance and counseling, for example, if the number of quantitative indicators, indicators set right, the same, HR departments need to remind the departments responsible for refining the index required with the staff exchanges and communication, so as not to cause too much controversy. For example, the security personnel indicators are: vehicle import registration door factory rate of safety accidents, violations, courageous etc.; piecework employees index are: production reached rate, quality rate, attendance, violation of discipline, the rationalization proposal number. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

5, index refining of special positions

There was an exception, companies also have personnel, special positions such as: long live, legal counsel, temporary staff, interns. Of course, positive personnel are not included in the performance appraisal scope. Special personnel is the HR department according to the characteristics of their work, and all department heads together to discuss how to set up the index, and inform the assessment I, if there are other opinions, after consultation to modify or persuade. For example, the legal adviser of the indicators are: the implementation of the Advisory agreement, company documents to modify the consultation times, court time accuracy, the case in favor of legal, professional level.

6, appropriate non KPI index refining

I think that is important for the assessment of KPI index, but to fully reflect the company, each department, each employee’s performance, should also be appropriate to refine non KPI indicators, such as corporate culture, obedience, coordination, coordination and other indicators. Through the evaluation of superiors give examination, only a fraction of it too big, with no more than 20 points as well. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

7, indicators of special reminder

The above is the KPI index to extract with expert advice, because they are the most aware of the size of the work of the company, is the external advisory bodies, government experts to achieve. They in addition to the company is very understanding, also often participate in external trade exchanges, college education, and most have a university diploma, while also a middle-aged, middle-aged, mature, highly motivated, so they, this group of “enterprise practical experts” is the backbone of the enterprise, any time is a trustworthy company loyalty.

However, there are special power, even genius will have the knowledge or skills. In the KPI index based on the blind spot, we still need to pay attention to the following details.

(1) superiors are not subordinate indicators simply added

We have seen: ordinary employees KPI index of about 3, about 7 person in charge of the Department, deputy general around 10, to the general manager of index reached 20 or more. The general manager finally asked to review the index, higher than all the lower index sum shall be the sole responsibility of the index by the lower, the higher you not necessarily reflected in the index. Finally, departments responsible for the index dropped to 5, 7 vice president, general manager of the 10 or so. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

(2) KPI assessment indicators should not be more

Some people even think the Department is responsible for the boss, if the assessment indicators less, if employees are not active or not more comprehensive encourage employees to work hard, to a “comprehensive” design indicators, some indicators even close to repeat only express in different ways. This is unnecessary, if it is just the introduction of the appraisal system, but can not this is the result of perfection “,” picking up care for this and lose that “sesame lost watermelon”. The only way is the principle of “20/80” evaluation more suitable leaders: not afraid of lazy employees, to seize the main performance is good, other things later.

(3) each quarter can be negotiated and amended

KPI assessment is not fixed, it can not be changed, in the performance appraisal methods can be specified “indicators or assessment program can be adjusted quarterly or negotiated processing”. Especially in the job responsibilities change, adjust the post, Department duties and so on when the situation appears, KPI index is to be amended

(4) each KPI assessment index should be quantified and clear

Refined index is usually accompanied by the determination of the target, the target set, the need to quantify, only few can not be quantified to give each level of evaluation. As long as the brains, I think any indicators can be quantified, but you are willing or not, of course, some indicators do not necessarily quantitative assessment is good. For example: “obedience” such as “do not obey the arrangement number” to assess data collectors may increase the burden, may also be some leaders usually crowding under the tool, if the evaluation of 360 degrees will be objective.

(5) fully communicate with the subjects being examined

The job will have to do more color, more easily achieved, have the right to speak is in the position to the employee, and not his superiors or subordinates or other employees at the same level, because he contacted these work every day, no matter what the needs of resources, support, cooperation, the degree of difficulty, only he most clearly, but the work many tricky thing words cannot fully express. So, in the setting of assessment indicators, communicate with superiors must be assessed, how to set the index can reflect his achievements, at the same time to reflect his duties. This is a means to on the contrary, the assessment index is HR, refining department or superior leadership oriented work. Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

(6) bottom-up refining is highly likely to be rejected

Some companies take people to extract the index, and then the Department of refining, and finally the formation of KPI target, this bottom-up extraction method in practical work is not successful. Even if you want to take the extraction, the leadership of the company can only refer to your views on the surface, “democracy”, from the wisdom of the masses draw “inspiration”, finally, still will be the opinion boss or leadership, which is at least It is often seen. situation.

(7) the performance specialist is familiar with the business process

No matter is the index of KPI refining companies, or refining department, the staff of the Department’s performance indicators, HR Commissioner runs through them, from first to last working in coordination, interpretation, consultation, summary of the work. In the process, if the other departments of the company’s business processes are not familiar with the work requirements, results do not know, probably only silence can only act as a clerk record out, to put forward their own HR performance appraisal of the professional opinions. Therefore, performance evaluation and even HR departments all members should use all the time, more familiar with the various departments of the company, the contents of the work, the post process, etc., the only way to use the professional knowledge of HR. Living in the company have the right to speak.

(8) the HR department needs to provide professional advice

After all, the performance management covers a wide range and with highly specialized work, refined KPI index is the same, HR departments need to refine the index, index of the refined professional training management personnel at all levels of the company, including the sample table, index number, name, specification, goal setting, communication, such as examples to explain hand, must not allow each department free refining, still by the HR department to re organize and standardize, so this can avoid duplication of work, why don’t we prevent early? Professional Manufacturer of lathe manufacturers

The KPI index is just the first step in the refining performance management of the Long March, behind the goal

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