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Leaders hate these 13 performances of subordinates most!


Muddle along at work.

Refers to the duty, can mix mixed, do not make progress; to work irresponsible, do things carelessly; lack of enthusiasm, lack of administrative responsibility; do things delays pita, not efficiency, work effect, weakness, disorder, invalid. Leadership is over, absolutely impossible to cheat him. Personal awakening, or no chance, or older, or for the leadership.


In the front of the interests of the calculation.

Refers to a tiny bit of a dispute, the money is not spared. Especially in a unit, if always things make out, will form the same level of outrage surrounding the masses, will push everyone down the wall. Some master take natural attitude, there is also controversy is indisputable:.


Hurt your superiors emotionally.

Most people are subordinate relationship kidnapped, too heavy to see. Leadership is the first, human nature is not just touch. What the most easily dead enemies? One is behind the mischief making, even out of thin air said leaders of the second is to contradict, groundless talk; an affront to this, xiabulaitai. When the wrong is not important, the face is more important.


It is always self righteous when dealing with things.

It means that he thinks he is always right, he doesn’t accept others’ opinions, nor can he listen to the opinions of his superiors. Generally speaking, it is easy to take an old backbone with deep experience and wide knowledge.


When criticized heard of anger.

The smell is anger, refers to the criticism, points out the drawbacks of the fly error, and a touch jump. In fact, leaders generally do not criticize It is without rhyme or reason. their subordinates, always endure for a long time. A thing has its cause., better way, is both calm down, then slowly explained.


Lalacheche in interpersonal relationships.

Is to engage in non organized activities, pull a bunch of people against another group of people, even some employees in cliques. “The leaders of the masses” itself, dare to booing in front of the leadership; set the trap, let the leaders trapped trapped; making “soft strike”, let the leadership helpless and so on.


Talk in front of the leader.

Refers to the exaggerated false, unrealistic, and more or less, “singing” and “work”. Its drawbacks, one is not doing things, do not do; two is to confuse the public, creating confusion; three is sometimes misleading to the leader, leadership decision-making mistakes caused by four damage units; curry favour by claptrap. Pragmatic, pragmatic style. It is emphasized that these “empty”, nature is not necessarily bad.


There is a lack of self-discipline in the way of words and deeds.

Is a mistake, not live in your mouth, hands and feet. A “loose cannon”, talk irresponsible and reckless; hand stretched too long, petty. It’s wrong not to make mistakes, constantly, easy to take into account the image of the unit, the backside of the things left to the leadership.


In order to deal with the problems. The ultra vires



At a distance of higher Thursday.

Refers to deal with superiors alert three, man-made barriers. There is a subconscious, is at will. The concept of yourself, “with”, “is not a handout”, “proud”, “anti dare.”


The contradiction between the backlog, grudges,

Refers to deal with the higher leaders lack of tolerance, emotional, and accumulation of contradictions, unhappy for several years.


Lack of credit, breach of time in breach of contract

It means that we should not talk about what we say and do not work conscientiously and make people feel uncomfortable. But in fact, every unit is short of people and lacks reliable and competent. Once the image is taken root, the cost of redemption is very large.


Self Qucai, disgruntled

Is a good feeling, that a leader buried themselves. Indeed there will be underappreciated. But a person’s promotion, there will be a lot of variables, some have more background, some are more suitable for all kinds of restrictions and fetters, understanding is not enough, there is the overall clash. At this time only to vent useless, check and to make up for their shortcomings, may save the progress time.

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