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Life cycle management and professional management of equipment

The equipment management of industrial enterprises can be divided into a power equipment department (Equipment Department of mechanical and electrical equipment, locomotive, power equipment) professional management system based on the director; including planning development, planning, production, technology, financial, material, design, energy saving, environmental protection, quality, each main function department of safety, the whole system of whole equipment life cycle management system.

Professional equipment management is good, good use, repair equipment, give full play to the equipment efficiency, in the enterprise is essential. Equipment life cycle management is to realize the equipment efficiency, total efficiency, promote the production, quality, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and an important way of economic benefits of enterprises, which is one of the most powerful measures of enterprise the survival and development.

The whole life cycle management of the equipment and the professional management of equipment based on the equipment power department are in charge of the factory director, and the equipment management will achieve the best state

First, equipment life cycle management 

Life cycle management of equipment consists of three stages


Prophase management

The pre management of equipment includes planning decision-making, planning, research, design, manufacture, purchase, until installation, commissioning, commissioning of the whole process

Industrial enterprises under the condition of market economy, must participate in the competition of domestic and foreign markets, factories and enterprises marketable products, complete varieties, high quality and low price to occupy the market. At the same time, the products in the production process to comply with national security, environmental protection, energy conservation requirements. Enterprises purchase equipment in construction and planning, or for equipment renovation or expand the scale of production equipment, after determining the products and the direction of development, the purchase of equipment has become a key link.

Some enterprises through market research, investigation, decision, investment, advanced product quality, do the safety, environmental protection, energy saving and green production, enterprises increased rapidly. The purchase of equipment may not only by power equipment sector decision-making, enterprises need the highest level of decision-making, decision-making right from the investigation. Investigation and scientific analysis, involving planning development, plan, production, technology, design and other departments.

The economic analysis of life cycle cost analysis to the financial department, equipment; advanced, equipment reliability, maintainability analysis to production department equipment; equipment safety, environmental protection, energy saving analysis based on the relevant offices and equipment production department. So the equipment life cycle management, especially the management, must be the whole system of management by the director responsible for the various functional departments of the factory.


Operation and maintenance management

Including the daily maintenance of equipment to prevent deterioration of inspection, monitoring, diagnosis and repair, update management, its purpose is to ensure that equipment is always in a good condition in the operation process, and effectively reduce the maintenance cost.

In this stage, in addition to professional management, the whole enterprise should also cooperate with each department:

(1) the pre job training of equipment operators, maintenance workers to improve the skills and training of new technologies, as well as the introduction of foreign equipment, the training abroad, often by labor, education, foreign affairs and other departments organized or participated in the workshop.

(2) 5S activity is the basic work of equipment on-site management. Finishing, rectify, cleaning, cleaning, the quality of the specific content of the implementation, to improve product quality, improve work efficiency, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. This work needs to enterprise management, health, safety, environmental protection, equipment and other departments the production workshop efforts to do a good job.

(3) equipment life cycle management, the rationalization proposal advocated and the corresponding incentive mechanism, not only the work of equipment management, production, quality, safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other work needs. Some reasonable suggestions which relates to the improvement of equipment, improve the quality, efficiency, quality, safety and related production so, to be a production workshop, equipment, safety, quality, environmental protection, technology, technology and other relevant departments to work together, insist for a long time, continuous innovation, can play a huge role in the rationalization proposals.

(4) to the equipment management regulations, safety procedures, lubrication, safety warning to carry out visual management, by listing, publicity, charts, promote civilized and safe production, has an irreplaceable role, it mainly to production workshop, by many departments to carry out.

(5) appraisal inspection and examination equipment, is one of the effective means to promote the equipment management, the director supervisor responsible for the equipment, environmental protection equipment, production quality, safety, cost saving ideas and other departments, rewards and punishments on equipment management departments and personnel.

In equipment operation and maintenance process, can adopt the modern enterprise management ideas and methods, such as behavioral science, systems engineering, value engineering, management, information management and analysis, and cost analysis, use and maintenance of ABC statistical analysis, PDCA method, network technology, virtual technology, reliability and maintenance.


Scrap and renovation

Scrap processing equipment, industrial enterprises in power equipment department, as a professional management and work. Large equipment scrapped, through production, technology, finance and chief engineer and supervisor approval and report to the higher authorities to review.

Upgrading equipment in industrial enterprises and technological progress in power equipment department or departments. Enterprises will invest large amounts of funds and equipment renewal, pursuit is to expand the scale, improve quality, resulting in greater economic benefits. Therefore, also need to carry out the investigation, understanding, application of advanced equipment. The reliability, maintainability, economy, safety and environmental protection, energy saving and other properties.

The life cycle management of equipment is not only reflected in the three stages of equipment life management, it is also reflected in the modern enterprise management is an important and integral part, because in a large extent, enterprise equipment (equipment) determines the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, business leaders in the management of modern enterprises in ignore the equipment management work, and make the whole life cycle management and professional management combined.


Two, equipment professional management

Advances in science and technology today, for more and more high technology content of the equipment, professional management must carry equipment. Professional management content of equipment can be found in < equipment Engineering Handbook > and other monographs. This paper mainly introduces the following enterprises linkup technology, to cause the equipment management personnel to the application of new technology of attention.


Computer aided equipment management

Now on the market, equipment management software low grades of high school. The software price in the yuan for low-grade software, with asset management (ledger), spare parts management, maintenance and cost management function; comprehensive analysis of information management software to increase the mid-range and high alarm function; file management software using intelligent remote control technology, with expert the system of assets, etc., fault diagnosis, lubrication, spare parts, maintenance costs, information resource sharing, comprehensive analysis (input data must be accurate and forecast).

This software is a powerful tool for equipment management, but the price of up to hundreds of thousands of yuan, enterprises can choose according to the actual situation of management software. Computer aided equipment management requirements in accordance with the provisions of the relevant information on time records (must be true) and entered into the computer, it also promotes the equipment management standardization and scientific.

For example, the fault types, causes, stop days, maintenance, cost and other relevant data in a timely manner into the computer, and the information analysis, the analysis results to take specific measures by the management department, the failure rate can be greatly decreased, significant benefits, many enterprises practices have shown that computer aided management effect.


Maintenance technology

Spraying, technology promotion and application of cold welding and surface engineering of some large shaft parts, body parts, the bed can no longer be scrapped, after the repair has a good effect, save repair cost. Because the CNC technology is complex, requires maintenance personnel to master the basic theory and knowledge, enterprises should cultivate professional CNC maintenance personnel, and constantly to improve the quality of personnel.

At the same time, social specialized CNC equipment repair enterprises are also emerging, growth, development, participation in competition, enterprise equipment outsourcing maintenance will also become a trend, maintenance will be market-oriented, professional collaboration road

Because the enterprise imported equipment increased, some equipment manufacturers do not provide repair information, the key technology of spare parts, caused after the warranty period, the enterprise long-term maintenance difficulties. These have become the research needs of professional equipment management under the new situation of the subject.


Lubrication technology

Most advanced enterprises attach great importance to the work of lubricating oil monitoring technology, the application of oil monitoring instrument, equipped with the corresponding time, to understand the development of the oil market, oil additives, the actual application results in the choice of oil, clean oil, monitoring and diagnosis, enough manpower, material resources, financial resources, achieve the obvious result.

The new lubrication technology and new oil products play a role in reducing failures, reducing maintenance, saving oil, reducing fuel consumption and saving maintenance costs, etc., and increase the efficiency of enterprises is very obvious, some tens of millions of yuan

Therefore in professional equipment management, to strengthen the management of lubricating oil, the application of new oil, additives and oil filtering equipment, regular testing for new oil filter, strengthen the cleaning work, from transport to warehousing, from the gas tank to filter clean, through layers of strict control, oil analysis, variable oil on a regular basis for quality by oil, personnel training the formation of teams, lubrication technology.


Diagnostic technique

With the development of high technology, high performance equipment increased, equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring technology is getting more and more important. The high-tech equipment, high degree of automation, high efficiency, high value, and then the original equipment diagnosis method (hear, see, smell, touch), apparently has not adapted. Equipment surveillance and diagnosis technology has been from the simple diagnosis to development comprehensive diagnosis of large-scale equipment, automation equipment.

In recent years, based on virtual technology, remote control technology, the new technology of intelligent expert system for equipment diagnosis equipment. According to the expert report, in the data acquisition monitoring and diagnosis, signal transfer pass under the basic premise, is now the main analysis technology is still need to continue to research, despite the intelligent expert system, but also to be further improved.

In the process industrial enterprises, in general the equipment management organization system, has added a research on monitoring and diagnosing equipment room, equipped with professional and technical personnel of diagnostic equipment, automation, high jingdaxi and valuable equipment to carry out key or popularity of equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis, and some have achieved significant results and economic benefits.

As a result of the equipment monitoring and diagnosis technology, to effectively prevent accidents, prevent and repair equipment caused serious losses across the board production losses, and to prevent the crash and explosion, fire and other malignant, the occurrence of major accidents, ensure the safety in production. So the equipment of professional management, should pay attention to equipment diagnosis work.

Equipment professional management (asset management), normative, technical is very strong, it is to promote enterprise production development and improve efficiency of one of the important management work

Three, Epilogue

The equipment management of the enterprise to promote the main life cycle management of the joint efforts of various departments and assist equipment. Equipment daily management can rely on professional power equipment department to do, but as a major decision-making enterprises, such as the purchase of what equipment, what equipment renovation, invest much capital; equipment management, how to the training and selection of talent; how to motivate the staff to study and the application of modern management methods and high technology, the director must pass the investigation to make correct decisions.

Equipment life cycle management requires enterprises to mobilize all, strive to do a good job of equipment life management. Chi Lianhua enterprises believe that we should advocate the whole life cycle management in factory based equipment, to cause the enterprise director of the equipment’s attention and concern, the relevant content and included in the schedule and director of the lieutenancy responsibility targets.

Strengthen equipment professional management, the key is to increase management and maintenance




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